Is Kylie Jenner Jealous Of Kendall?

Kylie Jenner wants to step out of her sisters’ shadows. She reportedly wants distance from Kendall, who’s heating up the fashion world. What should Kylie do to stand out? Above, The Gossip Table dishes the latest, while fans can check out Kendall Jenner’s hottest looks in the gallery below (sorry, Kylie).

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Bethenny Frankel Gets Naughty At New York’s Angel Ball

Bethenny Frankel may be stirring the gossip pot ahead of returning to The Real Housewives Of New York. She attended the Angel Ball, a fundraiser for cancer research, and took the opportunity to cause a scene. Watch the clip above to find out how Frankel stole the show.

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Bethenny Frankel Is Returning To Real Housewives, But Is She Happy To Be Back?

Bethenny Frankel is headed back to reality television. The former talk show host will only have a part-time role on The Real Housewives Of New York’s upcoming season, but sources say Frankel begrudgingly took the gig. Why is the Skinny Girl maven dismayed about RHONY? Also, will the reality show’s cast members warmly welcome back Frankel? The Gossip Table has the scoop.

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Reality TV Stars Who Can’t Stop Being on Reality TV


It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County first premiered on MTV. What’s crazier to think about is that America’s Next Top Model has been on air for 21 cycles, The Real Housewives franchise has expanded from Orange County to six other cities in the U.S. alone, and New York no longer refers to the city or state. Over the past decade, these reality shows have produced a number of stars who have built a career around being on reality TV. Just look at Bethenny Frankel, who first got started on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart before becoming a household name on The Real Housewives of New York.

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Cash Money! The 10 Most Successful Reality Stars Turned Business Moguls

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Was Snooki drunk when she “wrote” her books? Will my butt look like Kim‘s in the Kardashian Kollection? Will Skinny Girl help us shred a few? They may have gotten into a few bar fights, pulled each other’s hair, or cursed America out on national TV, but these stars sure did take advantage of their broadcast leverage and turned their 15 minutes of reality fame into multimillion dollar fortunes. While we  once may have mercilessly laughed at them, these numbers are no joke.

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Celebrities Have Got A Lot To Say About Hurricane Sandy, We Found 10 Tweets We’d Like To Reply To

Celebrities Tweet About Hurricane Sandy

East Coast peeps, we hope you’re safe, stocked up and dry. Hurricane Sandy’s been causing all kinds of a mess but we’re staying put and waiting for it to … blow over. This too shall pass, right? So, to keep you distracted and entertained at the same time, through the Frankenstorm, we thought we’d take a gander over at celebrityville and see what the word on Twitter is. Worked for us, because we found at least 10 H’wood tweets that made us crack up in different ways. For instance, while Ricky Gervais‘ tweet made us crack up laughing, Lindsay Lohan‘s made us crack out heads against a wall. And since we can’t banter with them in person, we still got some repartee to dish out. So, we’ll just do it the best way we can — right here!

1. Ricky Gervais: Now we’re calling Sandy “Kandy” now, thanks to you, Ricky. Repping the “K”!

Ricky Gervais tweets about Hurricane Sandy

2. Lindsay Lohan: Right, because it’s really not that serious, L.L? World, do not take disaster advice from L.L. EVER.

Lindsay Lohan tweets about Hurricane Sandy

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