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She Got Legs! The 10 Most Gorgeous Gams of 2013

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It’s undeniable that butts had a huge year — but honestly? Legs got a ton of shine in 2013, too. It seemed like the hottest starlets swanning down red carpets and heating up industry parties had one thing in common: mile-long, endless, taut and toned gams. Whether they were bronzed up and sparkly (a’la Jennifer Lopez and Lea Michele) or model-esque and lanky (like Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift), legs were the years’s sexiest accessory. We even learned that Kristen Stewart had a fabulous — if a slightly moody and grumpy — pair of stems.

Thanks to the popularity of tiny rompers, itsy-bitsy shorts — and those sparkly leotards favored by international pop stars on stage — legs were front and center more than ever. Here, check out the top ten leggiest looks of 2013.

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A-List Amazons: The 10 Tallest Women In All Of Celebdom

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A lot of focus is always put on how short men in Hollywood are. It’s like the ultimate optical illusion, right? They seem so larger-than-life on screen, but in real life they’re itty-bitty Lilliputs with lifts in their shoes (we’re looking at you, Tom Cruise). The awkward part of the equation? There are a ton of super-tall female stars in celebdom! Pairing Amazonian beauties with legs up to their chins with tiny guys only makes the dudes look smaller — and the women look enormous.

Hence, the lowkey platform man-shoes. And kitten heels for the women. As Nicole Kidman famously quipped on David Letterman, shortly after her divorce, “I can finally wear high heels again!”

Seems unfair. Women should be able to flaunt their height for the sexy-as-hell asset that it is — Napoleon-esque dudes, be damned. From Liv Tyler to Ciara, these 10 lusciously leggy superstars do exactly that. They’re the tallest women in celebdom, and they own it! In unrelated news, we’d like to come back in our next life as Charlize Theron.

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A Cut Above: The 15 Best Celebrity Cosmetic Surgeries

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Not every plastic surgery is a disaster! Sure, we have the cautionary tales of Michael Jackson, Lindsay Lohan and “The Lion Lady,” but some people actually look, uh, kind of better after they’ve been under then knife. Blake Lively‘s nose job pushed her from pretty girl to glamour goddess, and while Jennifer Aniston claims she got her nose job for medical reasons, it doesn’t hurt that it gave her movie star looks.

These 15 celebrities got a little help from nature and a lot of help from a brilliant plastic surgeon (or dentist).

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Did Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Have A Secret Wedding, Just Like These 20 Celebrity Couples?

20 Celebrities Who Were Married In Secret

Earlier this week, we told you about how Miley Cyrus referred to her boyfriend/fiance/superstud Liam Hemsworth as her “hubby” in an interview with Cosmopolitan. The quote sparked an untold number of rumors suggestion that the power-couple have already tied the knot without us catching on. Well, it turns out we missed a crucial part of the interview: She actually straight up said she was married, y’all! “I’m happy I don’t have to date anyone,” she said within the pages. And later on while telling an anecdote she dropped another glaring hint nugget: “‘I’m so happy I’m married, because you guys are so cruel!’”

OK, so she might have just taken a conversational short cut, and what she meant to say was “I’m so happy that I’m about to get married in the very near future.” But that’s kind of a mouthful, no? A rep for Hemsworth strenuously denied the wedding bell buzz to People, saying that they are ”definitely NOT married.”

But hey, reps deny stuff all the time. And it doesn’t explain those Twitpics from Christmas that showed Miley and Liam wearing matching rings. And it really doesn’t explain why those same photos mysteriously vanished soon after being posted! Did Miley and Liam get married in secret? It wouldn’t be the first time in Hollywood history. Head on down to the gallery below and see 20 other famous couples who got hitched on the super DL!

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Diddy, Blake Lively, Olivia Wilde And More Turn Up For 121212 Benefit Concert

Celebrities At 12.12.12 Hurricane Sandy Benefit Concert

We’ve already seen Kristen Stewart doing her thing and speaking on stage to support 121212, a concert benefiting the Robin Hood Relief Fund to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, held at Madison Square Garden in New York City yesterday. But she wasn’t the only celebrity who turned up to lend their voices. Like Blake Lively, who looked lovely in an orange Isabel Marant dress with caged Christian Louboutin ankle booties and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry. Diddy was there too, as was Olivia Wilde, who wore skinny jeans and an awesome pair of red studded pumps. We’re guessing those are Louboutins too.

Celebrities At 12.12.12 Hurricane Sandy Benefit Concert

Katie Holmes showed up in head-to-toe Tom Ford in a pretty interesting cut-velvet, electric violet dress. Susan Sarandon was age-defying as usual, in all black, with a snazzy fitted zippered jacket. Martha Stewart even wore leather pants! Zosia Mamet puzzles us. She’s one of our favorite characters on Girls and seems hysterically funny but is always so taciturn in photographs. Like, this is a great cause … lighten up and smile a little! It’s okay that your pants don’t fit and your shirt’s making us drowsy. Chelsea Clinton was on the other side of the spectrum, looking polished and with a smile that didn’t leave her face, just like Gina Gershon, only the latter stuck to her usual rock chic and bedhead. She does work it, though! Read more…

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Aren’t Chanel Events Meant To Be Well-Dressed? Not Exactly, Say Hollywood’s Ladies

Chanel celebrated the 80th anniversary of Mademoiselle Chanel's jewelry collection

I grew up thinking that Chanel was the epitome of elegance that I had to inspire to. The day I bought my first Chanel lipstick, I also bought a cake to celebrate. The day I got my first Chanel bag, I went home and pretty much fainted with joy. Thats the thing about the brand — you think tweed, and pearls and couture that makes the world go round. So when I heard about the do celebrating Chanel Fine Jewelry’s 80th anniversary of the ‘Bijoux De Diamants’ collection in New York City, I knew we were going to hit the fashion jackpot. Instead, we hit the crackpot. But first, the least offending looks. Blake Lively, you are f— gorgeous so what is your deal with bad dresses. I do not understand why she wore something that resembles a night-gown? The dress is from Chanel’s Fall 2012 Couture collection and she wore it with pewter Christian Louboutin pumps. But she still looks amazing right? I keep looking at her face and hair and can’t help but sigh. My big peeve is that satin wrinkles horribly and this outfit has fallen prey to some major creases. As did January Jones‘ gown. Love the red lip and the Chanel braclets, but her black-and-white gown needs a serious iron. Jessica Paré rescued us from creasing hell with a suit that looks tweedy and demure enough to be Chanel’s steez, so thank you Jessica. Anyone else here thinks she could have done something more exciting with hair and makeup?

Chanel Fine Jewelry’s 80th anniversary of the ‘Bijoux De Diamants’ collection

Now let’s get to the more …. experimental looks. Diane Kruger’s black-and-blue metallic strapless shift is from the Chanel Spring 2013 collection. But it’s ill-fitting and her breasts look like they’re being squeezed to death. No harm in more alterations, guys. Then we get to the crazy that is Rose Byrne. I can’t even. What is that? Three-quarters, sheer, fringes … just, NO, Rose. And Elle Fanning, you are adorable. But you aren’t Amish.

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Blake Lively Pregnant? The Shocking Clues Sparking This Rumor

Blake Lively

Soapbox time, folks. Today’s New York Post has a “spy” quoted as saying Blake Lively is “glowing” now that she’s back on the Gossip Girl set, following her surprise (to us) wedding to Ryan Reynolds earlier this month. And everyone is on “bump-watch.” You know why they’re on bump watch? Because Blake is usually really careful about what she eats, but since her wedding, she seems to be eating a lot more.”

Hold on a second. Could she also be “glowing” because she just got back from a honeymoon? Could she be eating more because she’s no longer under the stress of planning a wedding, which tends to zap many a bride-to-be’s appetite? Sorry, since getting married almost 10 years ago, I’ve been hounded by people’s jokes that I’m pregnant literally every time I get sick. And once I did finally decide to have a kid, no one guessed it at all. People love to pretend they know everything that’s going on in another lady’s womb, don’t they? If she is pregnant, great for her! She’s all set with a new hubby and a house in the suburbs. But how’s about we let Blake enjoy a meal or two before we start with this stuff.

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Blake Lively’s Allure Cover Comes Right On The Heels Of Her Wedding

Blake Lively Allure October Cover

As far as timing goes, this Allure October cover of Blake Lively has it nailed. It comes right on the heels of her wedding to Ryan Reynolds. The lady is looking absolutely glorious too, and the cover shoot is all soft and glowing and everything a new bride would want to look like. The interview was done a month and a half ago but her nesting instincts really came out when she was questioned. ”I’m a very shy person. I can be outgoing, but I’m also very private, ” Lively says, adding, ” I’ve always wanted a big family.” Kids? Hells yes, she replied, saying, “Oh, I’d love 30 if I could.” The dress she’s wearing in the shot is by Marchesa, FYI. Also fortuitous, because guess who designed her wedding gown — Marchesa! Then there’s the part we’re jealous about. She’s talking about her food habits which totally belie her slender frame.  Does she exercise? Diet? Not really. She explains, ”I wish I could lie and say that I do something, but …I obviously have plenty of imperfections on my body, but I’d rather have a little bit of cellulite and go do a food trip and try every ice cream place in the South.” South … like South Carolina? We’re making a not-so subtle reference to Charleston, which is where she got married. Nicely done, Allure. Quite a coup!

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