Bow Down to the Man Responsible for Blake Lively’s Flawless Hair

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Some nights when I am alone, I’ll order seamless, read old messages from my ex and watch the entire first season of Gossip Girl drooling over how perfect Blake Lively is. I mean come on, she has the body, the sexiest bedroom eyes, and the BEST golden locks that have ever graced this Earth! Read more…

by (@emilyexton)

The Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Spawn Has Arrived

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds welcomed their first child over the holidays, Page Six reports. We can only imagine Lively’s BFF Martha Stewart was present in the delivery room to ensure all family members received beautifully assembled hospital snacks while they waited, and that the heir to the throne of gorgeousness was greeted with perfect maternity wing decor.  Read more…