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James Van Der Beek Joins Other Celebs Who’ve Played “Demented” Versions Of Themselves

James Van Der Beek Talks Don't Talk To The B In Apartment 23

James Van Der Beek might be playing “James Van Der Beek” in Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23, but he’s not, you know, playing James Van Der Beek. “It’s funny, people say, ‘He’s playing himself,’ and I think, Well, I’m playing this demented version of — I don’t know what. It has echoes of me in maybe, like, my worst day ever,” the Dawson’s Creek star laughs in his new Vulture interview. “But most of it is just completely made up with little kernels of truth: behavior I’ve seen from other actors, or some of the writers have seen.” Personally, we absolutely love when celebs play weird or awful version of themselves; it shows that they have a sense of humor about themselves. Luckily James joins a cadre of excellent celebs who have lampooned themselves on TV, such as…

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Vintage Video Alert: Watch Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul Go Insane On The Price Is Right

Jesse Pinkman, come on down! Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul stopped by Jay Leno’s Tonight Show last night to gear up for the 5th season premiere of TV’s most anxiety-producing show. But in between talk of BB, Jay confronted the Emmy winner with a not-so-glamorous piece of his Hollywood past: an appearance on The Price Is Right! We were going to make a “The price is wrong, B–TCH!” joke right here, but Adam Sandler beat us to it.

Soon after arriving in LA in 1998, the then-19 year old actor showed up on the classic game show, looking incredibly -possibly unnaturally- pumped to be there! Did he do a few lines of Heisenberg’s potent Blue Sky beforehand? “You’re the man Bob! You’re my idol!” he shrieked at host Bob Barker. Thank god he got to be there during it’s pre-Drew Carey glory days.

This isn’t the first time Paul has opened up about his taste of greatness on TPIS. According to a 2010 interview in the Huffington Post, he did pretty well for himself. For a while, at least. “I made it to Showcase Showdown. I was going against a woman who was in the Marines, and I bid $132 over,” Nooooo! “So I lost, and she went over as well, so neither of us won anything.” Sadly he missed out on snagging an Apple computer, Camero and $1000 cash, but the story does have a happy ending. His friend also appeared on the show…and won! The grand prize included a trip to New Orleans, and he took Aaron along for the ride. And we’re sure the vacation was THE BOMB! Check out the full vid down below the jump.

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Bob Barker Talks Boobs, Porn On Today Show

bob barker

Meredith Viera‘s interview with longtime The Price Is Right host Bob Barker was a little more sex-obsessed then you might have expected. Barker not only described a contestant’s breasts falling out of her tube top (“she came on down and they came on out!”), he confessed to almost taking a role in porn while working as a model/radio DJ in Florida.

I went to see a photographer [in Hollywood], he said “I have no work for you, but a fella down on Santa Monica Boulevard, he may have some work for you.” So I went down there, and…this fellow, he worded it carefully…and gradually it dawned on me that he was offering me a job in a pornographic movie! I assured him this was not my thing, and I got out of there, but I couldn’t get wait to tell my wife…I said, “Dorothy Jo, I got offered a job in a pornographic movie!” She said, “did you take it?”

Despite the easy segue (“maybe your wife knew you liked to…”), the multiple sexual harassment suits brought by former employees and Price models failed to come up. With Barker even signaling the size of his girth (to Al Roker‘s horror), we couldn’t help but do a double-take when “ANN & AL…COME ON DOWN!” flashed on the screen. Huh huh huh, “ann & al.”

Video after the jump.

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Celebrities Try To Keep Zoo From Giving Elephants More Room

Ok, that’s not totally fair. Animal activists like Bob Barker and Halle Berry may be fighting the planned six-acre “Pachyderm Forest” expansion at the Los Angeles Zoo, but it’s not because they want the beasts to stay in a cage—they want them out of the zoo entirely.

Seems elephants have a tendency to die young when they’re locked up, and despite the accolades the LA Zoo is getting from zoological institutions, some feel that all the artificial waterfalls and mudholes in the world won’t keep Billy, the zoo’s last remaining elephant, from feeling cramped. “It’s a lot of elephants’ deaths, and it points to something really wrong going on there,” Melya Kaplan of Voice Of The Animals told the Chicago Sun-Times. “We can’t ignore that.”

Even without taking angry celebs like Goldie Hawn into consideration, the $42 million bill may be too much for the local budget. If the planned City Council vote today brings the project to a close, debates over whether Billy bobs his head because he’s stressed or because he wants food will be entirely irrelephant (yes, we went there).

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