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Whitney Houston’s Will Leaves Everything To Daughter Bobbi Kristina

The details of Whitney Houston’s will were just released and all the proceeds of her rumored $20 million estate go to one sole beneficiary — her daughter, Bobbi Kristina.  The paperwork was filed yesterday, but apparently, Whitney put the document together in 1993, one month before she gave birth to baby Bobbi. The word is that while the will doesn’t break down the assets, it does state that everything single penny and piece should go to her daughter, including jewelry, cars, household items etc.

Bobbi is currently 19 years old and doesn’t have access to all of it just yet. The money is to be put in a trust fund, and she will access some of it once she turns 21, then another portion when she turns 25 and then finally, the whole amount at 30. This doesn’t make Whitney’s passing any less of a tragedy, but you have to admire how she took charge of her affairs so that her daughter could be secure for the rest of her life. It’s going to be a tearjerker, but we know a lot of great stories about their very close relationship will emerge when Bobbi sits down with Oprah on Sunday.

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The Trailer For Oprah’s Bobbi Kristina Brown Interview Will Devastate You

The sneak peak for Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, has just hit the Web. Although it doesn’t give too much away, it definitely promises to be sadder than The Bodyguard. And that’s pretty damn sad. According to the press release, Bobbi Kristina will share “personal memories of her mom and how she would like the iconic superstar to be remembered.”

It was announced earlier this week that the late soul diva’s only daughter would break her silence on Oprah’s Next Chapter with an interview that will air this Sunday at 9. According to TMZ, the 18-year-old chose to talk to Oprah because she was very “loyal” to her mother. The media titan attended Whitney’s funeral last month, and was apparently one of the first people to offer comfort to Bobbi Kristina after Whitney’s tragic passing. “She never did my mother wrong, or made her look bad. She always looked out for my mom.” She will be joined by Whitney’s manager/sister-in-law, Patricia Houston, as well as her brother Gary.

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Oprah Set To Interview Whitney Houston’s Daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown

Less than a month after the tragic passing of her superstar mother Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina Brown has agreed to her first formal interview. Despite being hospitalized for anxiety and depression in the wake of her mother’s death, the 18 year-old is set to sit down with Oprah Winfrey on March 11th to discuss “personal memories of her mom and how she would like the iconic superstar to be remembered.”  The one hour special will air as part of Oprah’s Next Chapter on the media Queen’s own private OWN network.  Also scheduled to appear on the show is Whitney’s manager/sister-in-law Patricia Houston, as well as her brother Gary.

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Whitney Houston Funeral To Be Private, And Bobby Brown Is Invited

Contrary to previous reports that Whitney Houston’s funeral would be a public event at the Prudential Center, the service will be a private one, according to The Associated Press. The funeral will take place on Saturday at New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, which holds 1,500 people, Whigham Funeral Home told reporters. Gospel singer and Houston family friend Marvin Winans will deliver the eulogy.

Meanwhile, a source close to Bobby Brown denied TMZ’s story that Whitney’s family was preventing Bobby Brown from seeing daughter Bobbi Kristina and from attending the funeral. While Houston’s family is in New Jersey, her 18-year-old daughter remains in California with her father and Brown’s other children, ABC News reports.
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Janet Jackson Offers Bobbi Kristina Advice About Whitney Houston’s Passing

Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson were both wildly famous African-American pop stars who died under tragic circumstances. It was only a matter of time before someone made the comparison. That the person comparing them happens to be Janet Jackson is somewhat of a surprise; that her advice for Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina will make you cry is not. “You have to come to terms at some point. You have to actually give it up to God,” Jackson tells Anderson Cooper during an Anderson interview set to air Monday. “It sounds so mean, but you have to move on. You can’t hold onto that because it can be very devastating.” No, mean isn’t the word for it, Janet.  “Devastating,” maybe? “Sob-inducing”?

Bobbi Kristina allegedly had a “nervous breakdown” following her mother’s death on Saturday, getting admitted to the hospital twice before returning to the care of father Bobby Brown for recuperation. In her interview, Janet Jackson takes great pains to explain why Whitney Houston‘s death might feel significantly different than MJ’s passing. “I lost my brother, she lost her mother. There’s a difference. I don’t know what that’s like being so young,” Jackson admits, finally concluding, “There’s never a day, not one day has gone by where I don’t think about my brother.” Oh, yup, we were right. Bring on the slow, steady weeping!

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Bobbi Kristina Home After “Nervous Breakdown” Following Whitney Houston’s Death

Whitney Houston’s death brought tears to our eyes on Saturday, and we only know her through the radio. It’s completely understandable, then, that those closest to her are taking the news much harder; daughter Bobbi Kristina in particular is allegedly struggling with the news. “My daughter did visit with doctors at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles,” dad Bobby Brown said in a statement this afternoon. “She has been released and is presently with my family including her siblings.” Bobbi Kristina was allegedly rushed to the hospital both Saturday night,and Sunday morning following news of her mother’s death. Said Brown, “Obviously the death of her mother is affecting her. However we will get through this tragedy as a family.”

While her father offered scant explanation for Bobbi’s multiple emergencies, another relative was more willing to fill in the blanks. “Everything [was] stressful,” Billy Watson, brother of Whitney’s sister-in-law Patricia Houston and her bodyguard Ray Watson, told Us Weekly. “Her mama died, so she broke down. Nobody expected her to pass as quickly as she did. [Bobbi Kristina] had a nervous breakdown.” Luckily, Watson adds, “She’s alright.” We hope it’s some solace to Bobbi and the family that literally millions of people are tearing up to “The Greatest Love of All” right this second…and probably will be for a long time to come.

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Bobbi Kristina Brown, Daughter Of Whitney Houston And Bobby Brown, Rushed To The Hospital

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Whitney Houston Died From Prescription Drug, Alcohol Mix: Report

The L.A. County Coroner’s office told Whitney Houston’s family that the singer did not drown on Saturday, but appears to have died from a mix of prescription drugs, including Xanax, and alcohol, according to TMZ. There was not enough water in Houston’s lungs for her to have drowned, and she may have passed away before her head was submerged. A source also told the site that it was Houston’s aunt, Mary Jones, who found her in the bathtub after leaving her alone for half an hour.

Because there is no evidence of foul play, the coroner can release Houston’s body to her family, and her mother, Cissy Houston, has arranged for it to be flown to Atlanta as early as tomorrow, TMZ reports.

The site is also reporting that Houston’s 18-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina, had a similar bathtub scare the day before her mother died. A friend had to get security to open the door to her hotel room when she wouldn’t respond to knocking, and she was found asleep in the tub. Bobbi Kristina was admitted to the hospital on Sunday for undisclosed reasons and released later that night.

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