Alyssa Milano’s Pregnant Belly Steals Another Movie Premiere

Alyssa Milano‘s pregnant belly already upstaged her co-stars at the Hall Pass premiere—now she’s taking over events for movies she didn’t even star in! Stars Bradley Cooper, Robert DeNiro and Abbie Cornish were all in attendance at the premiere of their upcoming drama Limitless, but surprise guest Milano took plenty of the camera time, posing with her hands under her stomach—just in case you forgot she was expecting. Is it too late to digitally add her to the movie?

Check out photos of Milano and the other stars in the gallery below.

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Bradley Cooper Says No Hangover Part II For Bill Clinton, Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen might be riding high on all the attention he’s getting recently (in addition to Riding The Snake), but it looks like he won’t be showing his mug in at least one medium any time soon, Major League 3 excluded. According an E! interview with Bradley Cooper, Charlie Sheen and Bill Clinton will not appear in The Hangover Part II, despite numerous rumors to the contrary. “Bill Clinton, we saw him give a speech in Bangkok,” Cooper went on to explain. “Me and Zachie [Galifianakis] and Todd [Phillips]…were honored enough to have dinner with him.” Despite their evening with the former president, Clinton clearly has more important things to do, like helping create some sort of defense plan in case Sheen’s warlock army finally makes it to the surface.

While the Two And A Half Men star will probably miss out on the chance to appear on the big screen in 2011, Sheen’s media presence is still expanding with SpikeTV’s animated special Charlie Sheen’s Winningest Moments. Teaming up with Taiwanese media company NWA, SpikeTV will present a fine selection of Sheen’s most over-the-top moments rendered in CGI. Charlie already owns the internet so hard, it was only a matter of time before the computers got together and made a homage to their new leader #cyberwinning.

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Ginnifer Goodwin Pulls A Giraffe Gaffe At Tom Ford Opening In Beverly Hills

Fashion Week is in New York, right? Then why exactly are all the stars on the other side of the country in Beverly Hills? That’s because Tom Ford called—and is as sexy as ever, BTW—and when he throws a ‘do, everyone shows up. Ford opened his flagship store in Beverly Hills yesterday, and it turned out to be a mini fashion week in it’s own right, as expected.

The love of our life, Colin Firth was there with the love of his life, wife Livia. Rosario Dawson teemed up her little black dress with a pair of leopard print pumps, while Eva Longoria went slinky in a pair of sequined black pants. Milla Jovovich was risque in a plunging sheer black blouson, hiding her modesty with a houndstooth suit. We were kinda disappointed by two men who normally make us drool every time we see them. Alexander Skarsgard and Bradley Cooper, to be precise. Skarsgard looked strangely parboiled with a weirdish, uneven tan — like he had sunglasses on while the rest of his face ended up getting sunburnt. Cooper had these creepy old man sunglasses on which were a little too Jack Nicholson for us. Adrien Brody, on the other hand, didn’t disappoint sticking to his usual lounge lizard style.

The most unusual outfit of the evening went to Ginnifer Goodwin. While her pant suit looked normal (and kinda boring, to be honest) from the front, turn around and bam… giraffes! For more mega celebrity action —including the always adorable Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson and a heavily preggers Rachel Zoe — check out the gallery below. [Photos: Getty Images]

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The Amazing Hangover Part II Teaser Trailer Drops, Stars Monkey In A Vest

Strap on your satchels and locate your infants; The Hangover Part II teaser trailer is here! Featuring Ed Helms with a Tyson-esque face tattoo and Bradley Cooper smeared with filth, this sneak peek at the gent’s trip to the seedy underbelly of Bangkok for Stu’s wedding is exactly what we dream about when we take our little tiger snooze.

The film, which hits theaters on May 26, looks like it’s in great shape after the whole Mel Gibson being replaced with Liam Neeson Hangover debacle. Other guest stars include Juliette Lewis, Mamie Van Doren and Bill Clinton, as well as Community’s Ken Jeong reprising his role as Mr. Chow. The question in our mind, of course, is which furry, hilarious creature is going to steal the movie this time: Zach Galifianakis or that adorable monkey wearing human clothes? Its little pants are camo!

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Sad News To Report: Bradley Cooper’s Father Passes Away


Two familiar faces were missing on Sunday night at the Golden Globes. Unfortunately the reason they were MIA was because of a family tragedy. Bradley Cooper‘s father, Charles, passed away, at the age of 71, after a long illness. Brad’s girlfriend Renee Zellweger also missed the ceremony so that she could be with Brad and his family. Our condolences go out to them.

This has been a pretty horrible week for the couple. A fire broke out at Bradley’s mother’s Philadelphia house on Sunday night. The actor and Zellweger were at the house with family members, apparently. An official reveals, “It was not a very major fire. We didn’t have to use hoses. It was out within a few minutes. Pretty much the fireplace got a little out of control.” No one was hurt fortunately, but adding to the tragedy of losing his father, this must have been pretty traumatic.

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TheFABLife’s 50 Hottest Fashion Moments Of 2010

Is it just us, or do there seem to be more and more televised award shows each year? That means one thing (and it has nothing to do with awards)—there’s more red carpet fashion than ever. When we compiled our list of favorite fashion moments from 2010, we had quite a crop to choose from. Gone are the days where the only shows worth mentioning were the Emmys, Grammys and Oscars. This year’s style compilation comes to you courtesy of the Creative Arts Emmys, the SAG Awards, and even the ESPYs. Oh, and a couple dozen film premieres, too. Check out who made our cut for best dressed celebs of 2010 in the gallery below—including just about everyone from Mad Men, a very GOOP-y celeb we love to hate, and the most famous half-vampire couple ever.

50. You Can Ring My Bell

49. Hop In My Mini Cooper

48. Glambert

47. Be-Jewel-ed

46. A Toast To This Douchebag

45. Carey On

44. Kim’s Kar-Dazzling

43. Yes, We Cannes

42. Zoe’s Glowy

41. Katie Shows Her Stripes

40. Taylor Lautner: GQ Werewolf

39. She Whips Her Hair

38. The Hills Are Alive

37. Sexy Sookie

36. My So-Called Sparkles

35. Hot Mama

34. Lookin’ Liveley

33. The Last Action Heroes

32. With Honors

31. Black And White And Greene All Over

30. Emma Roberts, Goth n’ Glam

29. The Unborn Identity

28. Glee-n With Envy

27. Berry Sparkly

26. Christina’s World

25. Ready, Set, Chloe

24. Kelly, Re-Born

23. Pretty Peggy

22. Gwyneth’s White-Out

21. Pretty On Pink

20. Mila Dollar Baby

19. Red Hot Rihanna

18. Venus On The Court

17. Morning Glorious

16. She’s Got A Hatha-Way About Her

15. Katie Got Back

14. Leighton Up

13. Nevermind The Bullocks

12. Bewitching Emma

11. Dashing Don

10. Swift N’ Sparkly

9. The Black Swan Herself

8. Ryan And Child

7. A Rose By Any Other Name

6. Mr. And Mrs. Brand

5. Keri Is So Very

4. Angelina: Eyes On The Thighs

3. Stone-Cold Style

2. Selita’s Fashion Is A Runaway Hit

1. Robsten Eclipses All Others

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FABlife’s DVD Picks Of The Week

The A-Team & The Other Guys

Call it the A-Team and the B-Team. Smokin’ Aces director Joe Carnahan‘s big-screen reboot of the ’80s action TV series has all the elements present and correct: cigar, that theme tune, “I love it when a plan comes together,” and knuckles tattooed with the words “pity” and “fool.” Beneath the effort to revive a past-it franchise is an action movie which aspires to be Mission: Impossible with a whoopee cushion. Liam Neeson utters every line with the robocall conviction he brought to Taken. As Face, Bradley Cooper takes his shirt off a lot. Some UFC brawler is Mr. T, and District 9‘s Sharlto Copley runs off with the movie by playing “Howlin’ Mad” Murdock as if he were one therapy session away from Hannibal Lecter. At its best, A-Team is choc-a-bloc with cracking action sequences that range from our heroes flying a tank to swiping a pair of money-printing plates from beneath the noses of the Fedayeen. Clocking in at two massive hours, the film outstays its welcome, but much of it is a fun ride.

The Other Guys also has a brilliantly original set-up, with nerdy Will Ferrell and hot-tempered Mark Wahlberg as stooges who clean up after NYPD supercops Samuel L. Jackson and The Rock. The premise literally takes a dive, and the rest of the movie is an excuse for a series of bizarro gags featuring pop culture ephemera like the Little River Band, Wahlberg executing passable ballet moves and Ferrell using his mother-in-law to talk dirty to hot wife Eva Mendes. As with every Ferrell flick, not everything works and everyone looks a little old in the tooth for this sort of madcap thing. In a weak year for comedy, however, The Other Guys brings a desperately needed pile o’ funny.

Extras: Both films feature extended, unrated cuts. A-Team has more deleted scenes and commentary from Carnahan. Guys boasts an advertisement featurette about Michael Keaton‘s character moonlighting at a certain home furnishing store.

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The A-Team Limps To Paris, Bringing Their Lovers For Support

The A-Team

You know what must suck for actors? Not being able to run from a flop. Though the A-Team made less than half as much money in its first week as The Karate Kid (four badasses don’t remotely equal one Jaden Smith, apparently), the film still requires some international promotion, explaining the forced grins of Bradley Cooper, Jessica Biel and all the other not-likely-to-see-a-sequel actors by the Eiffel Tower in Paris yesterday (the laughing-or-shrieking Bradley even did a modest reprise of his Hollywood premiere shtick, showing up in a jeep instead of a tank).

Whether The A-Team is really an A-Team, Paris is really Paris, meaning the stars didn’t have a hard time getting their loved ones to come along for the trip. Jessica was spotted at dinner with Justin Timberlake, while Bradley’s girlfriend Renee Zellwegger got her jog on nearby. See photos of all the stars in the gallery below.

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A-Team Premiere Brings Out The Bad And The Beautiful

Adrien Brody, Bradley Cooper & Jessica Biel

While wish Mr. T replacement Quinton “Rampage” Jackson seemed a tad more badass in the trailer, the sight of Bradley Cooper shooting planes from a tank on a parachute is enough to get us excited for the new A-Team movie, which celebrated its premiere in Hollywood last night with Cooper showing up in a tank. Co-stars Jessica Biel, Liam Neeson and Patrick Wilson were there as well, joined by such well-wishers as Jon Hamm, Kristen Bell and Adrien Brody, who actually tied his tie right! Too bad his slick fedora and vest made him look like Justin Timberlake‘s forgotten older brother Lenny. See more photos of the celebs (and that tank!) in the gallery below.

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Bradley Cooper’s Hair Goes Wild! Love It Or Hate It?

Bradley Cooper‘s busy filming The Dark Fields in NYC, and it looks like they’ve reached the “sloppy hippie” pages of the techno-thriller’s script. How do you feel about his unusually unkempt hairstyle? Do you miss his slicked-back, suave short hair or think he should keep it wild and hit the road with the Kings Of Leon? Let us know what you think in our TheFABLife poll.

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