The Hangover Part III Is Already Being Written

Considering The Hangover Part II had been optioned before the first was even released, it’s not shocking to discover that Craig Mazin, who co-scripted the sequel, has been signed to write a third film. While there’s been some conjecture about the Wolf Pack heading to Amsterdam, we’re only into that concept if the trio run into Harold & Kumar for a mutual trilogy closer. But considering Warner Bros. exec Jeff Robinov announcing that he has dreams about a fourth Hangover movie, it doesn’t seem likely the new film will be quite so final—even if director Todd Phillips has suggested he’d like it to be.

While Ken Jeong is definitely up for another go-round (“Those guys are like family to me, so it doesn’t matter—big part or small part…Well, I guess I know a thing or two about small parts”), the primary trio have yet to announce their excitement. Will Ed Helms, Zack Galifianakis and Bradley Cooper all be into another run, or will someone get choosy/greedy? Will a third movie be radically different in tone or another wedding-related adventure in an exotic locale? As long as the box office doesn’t drop precipitously after Part II‘s blockbuster Memorial Day weekend, we should find out sooner than later.


Bradley Cooper Scores Another “Dinner Date”: Olivia Wilde!

Bradley Cooper needs to stop being such a dinner slut—gossipmongers can’t keep up with all the beautiful stars he dares to spend time in public with. According to Life & Style, Olivia Wilde has joined Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Biel in Brad’s Rolodex, with the pair getting close at the Hangover Part II premiere party and after last weekend’s SNL! “Olivia was Bradley’s date,” says their source about the Hangover jam. “He was always taking her hand or putting his hand on her lower back, it was really sweet. He took care of her all night.” What about Stacey from Cannes, though? Who took care of her?

If you’re thinking “hey, Justin Timberlake hosted SNL last week…and I thought he was dating Olivia Wilde!”…a) you sure know a lot of ridiculous gossip crap, and b) yeah, it sounds like that after-jam must have been quite the Biel-infuriating cuddle-fest. Hmm…Justin chasing Olivia, Bradley chasing Olivia…maybe Brad should have sang “3-Way (Golden Rule)” with JT on the show.

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Celebrities Roll In For The Hangover Part II Screening And After-Party

They all came in droves to watch the The Hangover Part II! And by “they” we mean every type of celebrity. The supermodels showed up—Selita Ebanks and Alessandra Ambrosio. The fashion designer showed up—Calvin Klein. Even figure skater Johnny Weir turned up! The screening was  held at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema in New York City, with an after party at The Top of The Standard.

The cast—Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianaki —held court with director, Todd Phillips. They were probably quite pleased with the mixed bag crowd who showed up, including the likes of Zach Braff, James van der Beek, CiaraIvanka Trump and Russell Simmons. For the full 411 on who was there, check out our gallery below.

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Kristen Bell Makes Out With A Lady (Monkey) At The Hangover II Premiere

Every bro must be jealous of Dax Shepard right now…his fiancee is such a freak she’ll make out with another lady on the red carpet! Baller! Granted, Kristen Bell was tongued by monkey named Crystal who stars in The Hangover II, but it’s still pretty awesome. Other awesome sights at the film’s premiere last night in LA were a happy Robert Downey Jr., a pregnant Alyssa Milano, and Ken Jeong‘s wife, the subject of his unsurprisingly insane, surprisingly touching “Best WTF Moment” MTV Movie Award speech. After all, if it wasn’t for her brave battle with cancer, we never would have seen his wee penis in the first movie.

See photos from the premiere in the gallery below.

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Bill Clinton Wants A Cameo In A-Team 2, Says Bradley Cooper

We aren’t experts on this kind of thing, but it seems like a Bill Clinton A-Team 2 cameo is just the former president’s way of experiencing the perks of being back in office: helicopter rides, staring down despots, all the cigars you could possibly want. As Hangover Part II‘s Bradley Cooper tells Entertainment Weekly, when Clinton stopped by the set, getting a photo op with Zach Galifianakis was the last thing on his mind. “The first thing he said when he sat down was, ‘Is there going to be an A-Team 2–and can I be in it?,’” Cooper laughs. “I was like,’‘This is a joke, right?’” Do you remember this man’s presidency, Cooper? Virtually the only difference will be the number of gold chains his cabinet has on.

While Bill Clinton’s Hangover Part II cameo is unfortunately just a rumor, we are completely on board with Bill stopping by or, hell, even starring in the film. After all, if he’s a terrible actor, they can just fire him. The man’s been impeached; there’s not a lot that would throw him for a loop.

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Is Bradley Cooper Ditching The Crow To Play The Devil In Paradise Lost?

Sounds like somebody wants an image change. Last month, we heard that Bradley Cooper was aching to play The Crow in a rebooting of the undead superhero franchise, and now Variety reports that Cooper is looking to sign on with a 3D adaptation of John Milton‘s epic poem Paradise Lost (you know, that one Donald Sutherland was nattering about in Animal House). Cooper, naturally, would be playing the devil—having already rocked horns as Bill Zebub in a NSFW Stella sketch pictured above, back when Brad was just glad to get a recurring role on Alias (that’s Julie Bowen licking him, FYI).

Paradise Lost will be directed by Alex Proyas, who previously directed Know1ng (which figures) and the original Crow movie that Bradley would be remaking. Considering Proyas called the plans for a new Crow film “ridiculous” in 2009, it’d be impressive if Cooper manages to score such juicy roles with both projects. Then again, far stranger things have happen in Hollywood—like multiple Snow White movies, for one thing.

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New Hangover Part II Character Posters Look Like Sweaty, Regrettable Fun

If the Hangover Part II trailer didn’t give you enough of a sense of what the sequel, opening May 26, will be like, the new Hangover Part II character posters really convey the grimy, panicky good times in store for the Wolfpack. In the promo ads, Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Justin Bartha, Ken Jeong and Zach Galifiankis are joined by the film’s break-out star, an adorable monkey in a jean vest. Add to these photos the fact that director Todd Phillips commissioned an original Hangover Part II song from Glenn Danzig, plus the news that The Notebook director Nick Cassavetes is replacing Liam Neeson in the role of a grody tattoo artist, and we’re counting on the movie being one filthy, nearly hallucinatory good time.

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Rumor We Love: Jennifer Aniston “In Contact” With Bradley Cooper—Oooh!

Are two former co-stars the paparazzi once spotted getting a meal daring to try again two years later? Sexy times! People is all aflutter over news that Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Aniston are acknowledging each other’s existence. After all, Cooper has split with Renee Zellweger and Jennifer is so eligible magazines act like they’re worried she won’t give them grandchildren. “Jen always had a soft spot for Bradley, and she thinks he is very attractive and charming. Jen appreciates that Bradley is low-key, loves dogs and is focused on his movie career.” Hey, we like all those things about him too—that must mean we’re dating Bradley Cooper!

Sure, Bradley said she was “simply, simply, just a friend,” after they were spotted after dinner in June 2009. “She’s someone who is super, super known. If someone says hello to her, it’s given that he’s fallen in love with her. So, no. No. She’s a very, very interesting woman, but she’s simply a friend.” But if People‘s source says he “plans to spend time” with her again, he obviously must have changed his mind and realized they were meant for each other. Either that or he wants to make He’s Still Just Not That Into You.

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Bradley Cooper To Play The Crow?

And you thought Mark Wahlberg was an odd choice for the gothest superhero of all. Though Marky decided Max Payne was more than enough dark-winged fun for one career, The Hollywood Reporter says that Bradley Cooper is aching to star in a remake of The Crow, having already met with director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo in Spain, where they “hit it off and shared a vision of the film.” Was that vision spray-tanned, cocky and wearing a sharp suit? Because otherwise we can’t picture it.

Of course, that might be exactly why Cooper wants the role—if he can pass as an undead spirit of vengeance, we might not just see him as an east coast Matthew McConaughey. While fans might resist Cooper taking the role originated by the late Brandon Lee, who tragically died in an on-set accident, Batman fans couldn’t picture Michael Keaton in that role twenty-plus years ago, and Daniel Craig got plenty of crap as the prospective James Bond. Besides, after cheap sequels starring Vincent Perez, Eric Mabius and Edward Furlong, it’s not like the franchise is sacred anyway.

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The Hangover Part II Trailer, Now With More Weenis

Okay, yes, the Hangover Part II trailer seems to confirm what the Hangover II teaser trailer merely suggested: the sequel is essentially the same film all over again. Having traveled to Thailand for yet another wedding, the gang manages to lose Stu’s young future brother-in-law Teddy, played by Mason Lee. Did they check the roof? No, seriously, someone check it right now.

If you thought that we would care one iota about the plot, however, you have deeply underestimated our love of Zach Galifianakis. Ken Jeong’s maniacal Mr. Chow also returns, and the men seem to have accidentally gained custody of an elderly man in Teddy’s clothes, an adorable call-back to Heather Graham‘s baby in the original. While we haven’t caught a glimpse of him yet, we’re excited to see if Liam Neeson’s role in the Hangover II can rival Mike Tyson‘s in the first…and, well, undoubtedly the second. Between battling Buddhist monks, escaping gangsters and watching Galifianakis give the most inappropriate wedding toast of all time, we fell in love all over again. “When a monkey nibbles on a weenis, it’s funny in any language,” Zach says with child-like glee. So is this, Zach. So is this all.