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Katherine Webb Gets Gig As A Super Bowl Correspondent, Here Are 15 Reasons Why She’ll Win The Big Game

Katherine Webb gets job as a Super Bowl commentator

A little over a week ago, Katherine Webb was just a super hot former Miss Alabama with a famous college quarterback boyfriend and a decent job at Chick-Fil-A. And now she’s got a gig at the Super Bowl! OK, her life wasn’t exactly crappy before, but things are definitely looking up for the 23-year-old beauty queen and girlfriend of A.J. McCarron. On Tuesday it was revealed that she was tapped to appear in Sports Illustrated’s iconic Swimsuit Edition, and now she’s being asked to be Super Bowl correspondent for Inside Edition!

Her popularity skyrocketed during the BSC Championship Title game when ESPN commentator Brent Musburger singled her out of a crowd and proceeded to semi-charmingly/semi-creepily compliment her undeniable beauty. In the days that followed she gained over 250,000 Twitter followers (growing more every moment, we’re sure) and was asked to judge Miss America personally by beauty pageant baron Donald Trump. 

Her latest gig on Inside Edition is set to start on January 28th, just in time for the pre-Super Bowl XLVII lead-up. The lovely Ms. Webb calls the new post “an honor and a dream come true,” and promises to “give fans an insider’s look at what goes on as the teams prepare to battle and as the fans get ready to cheer on their favorites.” Does Beyonce have some competition as the hottest part of the Big Game? We sure thing so! Check out the gallery below and see what we mean!

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