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Brittany Murphy’s Most Iconic Roles, From Clueless Tai To Sinful Shellie

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While it remains to be seen what comes out of Lifetime’s TV version of Brittany Murphy’s career and personal story, one thing is clear: the beloved actress had a number of iconic roles despite her short-lived career. Everyone from Clueless Tai to Shellie from Sin City is here as we look back on the most iconic Murphy roles we hope get covered in her Lifetime story.

In the words of Cher’s best friend slash makeover challenge, these roles were totally “doable.”

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Brittany Murphy’s Final Movie Is Complete, But We’ll Always Remember Her 5 Finest Roles

Brittany Muphy's Last Movie Completed

How has it only been three years since Brittany Murphy passed away? It seems like it’s been forever, which is why we were shocked to hear that her final film, “suspense thriller” Something Wicked, is currently looking for a distributor. We hope the movie gets picked up, because we’d love to watch the Clueless star onscreen on last time. How can we not, when she gave us some truly great performances?

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Brittany Murphy? Oxycodone? Dancing With The Stars? The Situation Is Getting Real About Rehab

The Situation Discusses Rehab

Between the intervention of his family and the pain of detox, we already thought The Situation’s struggle with addiction sounded devastating enough. Turns out, we didn’t know the half of it. First of all, the Jersey Shore cast member now reveals that he had become addicted to the narcotic painkiller Oxycodone. “They gave me energy,” the Sitch admits in an interview with InTouch. “I felt euphoric.” We also find out when the Situation started taking said pills: after injuring himself while on Dancing With The Stars in fall 2010. Oh no. Look, we love DWTS as much as the next Midwestern mom, but having Tom Bergeron and Bruno look on as you spiral into addiction? That is simply cosmically unjust.

As if that wasn’t sad enough (and it was), at his lowest moment the reality star caught a glimpse of what his fate would look like if he didn’t get help. “All of the sudden, I was like, ‘Wait, didn’t she die on prescription painkillers?’” the Situation realized while watching a Brittany Murphy movie. Murphy died in 2009, and medication played a part in her death. “‘That could be me. Am I going to be that guy that was so awesome on the Jersey Shore and then … that’s it?’,” he mused. Click through the jump to see the in-depth interview the Situation gave MTV when he left rehab in May. Personally, we are incredibly grateful that the Situation got treatment, not just for himself, but for us. We literally could not handle writing a tragic post about his death. We could not.

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A Final Bow: River Phoenix Is The Latest Star To Release A Posthumous Film

In the words of music legends The Kinks, celluloid heroes never really die. Too many of the best actors and actress have been taken from us far too soon, but thankfully these stars live on in their films. And strangely, some of them continue to produce work even after they’ve gone to the big expensive trailer in the sky. Earlier this week it was announced that River Phoenix’s unfinished last film Dark Blood is finally getting a release eighteen years after his passing. Head to the gallery below for more departed thespians who’ve had films released after their death.

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Brittany Murphy’s Mom To Pen A Tell-All Book


Brittany Murphy would’ve been 33 years old today. Tragically, the star passed away late last year; six months later her husband Simon Monjack died as well.

We’re going to hear a lot about their lives though, because according to TMZ, Brit’s mother Sharon Murphy is writing a tell-all book about her actress-daughter’s life. An official statement reads, “This book will be my way of celebrating and honoring her extraordinary life and career.”  Our eyebrows are raised, but Sharon reiterates that the memoir-of-sorts will be an, “accurate account about my daughter, her life, loves, and career.”

We’ll only know what the intent of the book is once it surfaces. We’re hoping it really is a celebration of Brittany’s life and not just some excuse to air dirty laundry or secrets (though we’d probably read it either way).

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Secret’s Out! Simon Monjack Had Two Children


Brittany Murphy‘s husband, Simon Monjack, had a secret that he carried to the grave.  A laptop has unearthed evidence that Monjack had two children! Simon’s mother, brother and therapist stayed at Simon’s home last week with Sharon MurphyBrittany Murphy‘s mom – and apparently took the laptop when they left.

While going through the computer’s files, they found emails from two women who wanted money from Monjack for child support.  It seems he had a son by one woman and a daughter by another. Files for wire transfers for chunks of money were also found, as  large as $ 48,000 in one go. He was also sending cash to lawyers, as well as to somebody in Europe for some sort of settlement deal. It just gets more and more mysterious. (And sad. And creepy.)

Simon’s immediate family strongly felt the coroner should have the computer and handed it over, and the office is currently reviewing the contents. Sharon has angrily filed a theft report with the police.

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Simon Monjack Denies That He And Brittany Murphy’s Mom Are Dating

Simon Monjack And Sharon Murphy Portrait Session

It’s sad that this is even an issue, but Brittany Murphy‘s widowed husband Simon Monjack has had to fend off rumors recently that he is now involve romantically with Brittany’s mother Sharon Murphy. Unfortunately, Monjack’s wording and general skeeviness don’t really create a convincing argument that makes us take his denial seriously. Monjack told The Sun that though the two live together, they aren’t involved, saying “We don’t have sex, number one. Number two, she is a woman that has toxic neuropathy, which means she can barely walk. I live downstairs, she lives upstairs.” Also making things confusing (for us, anyway) is the fact that both plan to move to New York this year.

Another thing that makes this issue even weirder is the portrait session the two sat for in January (during which the photo above was taken). The two pose together in intentionally sad poses and appear extremely familiar with each other. Is this just the best mother-in-law relationship ever, or did these two actually, creepily, come together in grief? And if so, how long until it becomes a Lifetime movie? [Photos: Getty Images]

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Piper Perabo’s Brittany Murphy Impersonation: Too Soon


As we mentioned earlier, a bunch of celebs and has-beens got together last night at the USA Network’s Character Approved Awards (again, we say: WTF?). The scariest-looking of these stars was Piper Perabo, who has transformed herself into the ghost of Brittany Murphy. Surely you see it too: the tight, chemical-filled skin, the freshly pinched cheeks, the balloon lips, the glassy gaze in her out-of-it eyes. The resemblance is uncanny, and it’s a creepy tribute to the deceased star. It’s as if Piper wants to remind us that, like Brittany, her career has also died.

Warning: the photos below may make you gag or leave you with a general sense of being creeped out.

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