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Watch Twilight’s Bronson Pelletier Do Things Other Than Pee In The Airport

Actually, what we meant to say was, watch Bronson Pelletier pee in the airport, because that is fascinating — really, he pees for an impressively long time, while the security guard and cops don’t really want to get caught in the stream — and THEN consider erasing that image from your mind with other videos of the 27-year-old Canadian actor being a little less intoxicated and a little more adorable/sexy wolf like.

For instance, here he is in a low res clip from his first big role, on the Canadian TV show (2004-2008). Read more…

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Twilight‘s Bronson Pelletier Denies Getting Too Drunk To Fly And Peeing In Public, Claims He Was Set Up!

Bronson Pelletier denies airport pee incident

Calling all Twilight conspiracy theorists! Get your thinking hats on because we’ve got a tough case to crack. As you know, Twi-Werewolf Bronson Pelletier was arrested on Monday for being too intoxicated to fly and drunkenly peeing in public while at LAX airport. Most bit part-ers would gladly lay claim to such a ridiculous tale of Hollywood debauchery, but Bronson is claiming that he’s been FRAMED! You read that right, the actor has vehemently denied that things went down like that, pleading his case to TMZ yesterday afternoon.

The site’s camera crew caught up with Bronson on the streets of LA, where he quickly went on the defensive.  Tried to clear up the story by insisting that “some guy” started buying him drinks at an airport bar, and it was this same dude who got him thrown off the plane later. “No peeing … peeing did not happen,” he told the website, directly contradicting their earlier report. He believes that the guy who set him up is a deranged fan. Hmmm, a fan buying their idol a drink or two doesn’t seem that deranged to us, although the thought of anyone being a Bronson Pelletier super-fan does seem a tad off.

Things got weird when the folks from TMZ asked Pelletier about his past conviction for meth and cocaine possession. “That situation was … uh, yeah, no … that did not happen.” This is strange, because that most certainly did happen earlier this month, and Bronson is due back in court in January. “Deny ’til you die” isn’t the best legal defense, bro.

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Twilight Werewolf Bronson Pelletier Arrested For Drunk Peeing In Airport

Bronson Pelletier was arrested at LAX for allegedly peeing in public

Sam’s gonna have your hide for this one, Jared: Twilight wolfpack member Bronson Pelletier was arrested at LAX yesterday and charged with misdemeanor public transportation, TMZ reports. According to the site, the 25-year-old actor was removed from a plane by police yesterday morning after it was determined he was too intoxicated to fly. He was then asked to wait in the terminal for a later flight, and the police left. Until, that is, he was found urinating by the gate. He was arrested at 2 p.m. and then released.
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Breaking Dawn Star Gets Beat Up By Drunken Hooligans At Twilight Convention

bronson-pelletier-550rnrnWe have never stepped foot into a Twilight convention, but having braved the red carpet at the premiere of Eclipse this summer, we know how passionate and intense Twi-Hards can be about the stars of this awesome series. Which is why we were stunned to learn this morning that Bronson Pelletier, the actor who plays werewolf tribe member Jared, was assaulted while attending a Twilight convention over in Knifecrime Island (aka England).rnrnLest you think that he was beaten up by a gaggle of screaming, autograph-seeking fanatics, Radar Online reports that Pelletier ran afoul of four drunken men staying at the hotel where the event was being held. Fortunately, Pelletier was not seriously injured, but he did end up suffering a broken nose after the tossers repeatedly attacked him with headbutts. No motive was given for the crime, but we can only assume that the guys were card-carrying members of Team Edward.rnrn[Photo: Getty Images]