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The 5 Craziest Parts Of Charlie Sheen’s Meltdown Confirm His Admission That He Wasn’t “Winning”

It was about this time last year that America was caught up in the tiger-blod-soaked, warlock-populated insanity that was Charlie Sheen‘s extremely public meltdown. While the man has fortunately moved on, even landing new show Anger Management, the actor obviously  hasn’t forgotten The Dark Times either. “Clearly, a guy gets fired, his relationships are in the toilet, he’s off on some f—ing tour, there’s nothing ‘winning’ about any of that,” Sheen told this month’s Rolling Stone. “I mean, how does a guy who’s obviously quicksanded, how does he consider any of it a victory? I was in total denial.” He took the words right out of our mouth! Of course, Charlie’s dismissal from Two and a Half Men and divorce from Brooke Mueller were only a few of the shocking parts of his crash, and nowhere near the craziest. The five most jaw-dropping moments of his breakdown (as we remember it) would have to be:

1. That coke-fueled hotel room trashing: The first and perhaps the most conspicuous event in Charlie’s months-long meltdown was his October 2010 rampage through New York’s Plaza Hotel, during which he ransacked his room and allegedly held porn star Capri Anderson against her will. If only we could have foreseen the absurdity to follow…
2. Jon Cryer beef: Sheen called his Two and a Half Men costar a “a troll” for a host of perceived slights. A completely uncalled for insult, but on the other hand, lol. Read more…

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Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards And Their Brood Get Away To A Mystery Locale

Where are they exactly? This photograph could be at any number of beachy, tropical resorts, but they’re not telling. Charlie Sheen, his ex-wife Denise Richards and their kids Sam and Lola and Denise’s adopted six month old baby girl Eloise are all enjoying themselves at a secret location right now. His other ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, is currently in rehab after being arrested for assault and drug possession, FYI. It’s nice to see Charlie and Denise getting along because it got quite acrimonious — not to mention dysfunctional — there in the middle. The actor just tweeted this photograph, pictured above, of the family, that read, “what’s better than a modern family vacation!?! love spending winter break w/ denise richards & my kids!” Whatever works, right?

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Brooke Mueller Arrested For Drug Possession And Assault

Brooke Mueller’s troubles with the law and with drugs are far from over. Charlie Sheen‘s ex was arrested in Aspen as the weekend rolled in, on counts of suspicion of felony cocaine possession and misdemeanor third-degree assault. She allegedly assaulted a woman at a nearby bar, and then carried on to a nightclub (ironically called Escobar) to party. That’s where cops found her and dragged her out. Brooke was released on $11,000 bond the next day, which Sheen supposedly coughed up. Does this mean another round of rehab?

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Charlie Sheen Spots Brooke Mueller’s Rehab Tab

Remember when  Brooke Mueller jetted to a Mexican rehab center last month? Turns out she only ended up spending 12 hours across the border before being scooped up by her ex, Charlie Sheen, who brought her back to the States via private jet. Confused? Yeah, so are we. This isn’t exactly ex-husbandly behavior, but he’s doing it anyway. In efforts to help her get clean, Charlie’s spotting Brooke’s new rehab treatment tab and it’s the same one he went through a couple of months ago when his Two and a Half Men swansong had begun.

Apparently, Charlie was uncomfortable with Brooke’s Mexican getting-clean program since it’s so controversial, which is why he intervened. Brooke’s is already at the facility and Charlie’s monitoring and paying for the whole thing. Hey, they may not be together, but they do have children. If this mutual support system works even though they’re not a couple any more,well, more power to them.

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Brooke Mueller Heads To Mexican Rehab

Brooke Mueller is off to rehab in Cancun, Mexico. She was spotted leaving L.A International Airport yesterday, after being discharged from a hospital on Monday post her alleged on-flight altercation last week. She was accompanied by her personal physician who’s coming with her for the program which isn’t a plush, celebrity holiday, as most soujourns in Cancun are. Brooke’s determined to kick her drug habit for good this time round and is even willing to try out something called “ibogaine”, which is illegal in the U.S,  for that purpose. That’s the reason why she has to go across the border.

Ibogaine is an experimental treatment that is supposed to stop drug cravings. Here’s the irony though — ibogaine itself is a hallucinogen. Her physician will be overseeing everything though, and it’s been approved in Canada and other countries as well. A source reveals that, “Brooke is absolutely desperate. She wants to be sober, and she thinks that this could be just the thing that will do it. Brooke is aware of the dangers of ibogaine, but she is going to proceed anyway.” Mueller’s going to be in rehab for a week. We wish her well and hope it works out for her! Desperate times lead to desperate measures but you never know what’ll do the trick. Her kids are being watched by their aunt and nanny, in case you were wondering.


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Brooke Mueller Allegedly Fights On Plane, Talks It Out With Charlie Sheen

They say every cloud has a silver lining, but who would have thought that lining would consist of a healthier relationship with Charlie Sheen? Let’s discuss the cloud part first , shall we? Earlier this week Sheen’s ex Brooke Mueller got into a fight with the crew on a flight from L.A. to Cancun; the battle began when a flight attendant told Mueller she couldn’t use the bathroom during takeoff. It’s not certain whether Mueller was kicked off the plane or left of her own volition, but one thing is clear: a belligerent Brooke Mueller trying desperately to get into a bathroom isn’t a good look, if you get our drift.

In less depressing news, sources say Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are allegedly on speaking terms again, after months of dramatic declarations and near custody battles.  “They’re not together, they’re not hanging out regularly, but they have been talking,” a source told E! “Brooke went over to his house once and they talked about everything, mainly the kids. They are back on talking terms, that’s it. They are not back together in any sense other than sharing kids together.” As long as Charlie doesn’t stop Brooke from using the facilities, we bet these two will stay on decent terms. Oh, who are we kidding? That whole mansion must be like one giant bathroom, if you’re picking up what we’re putting down.

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Brooke Mueller Photographed Acting Sketchy Again In Maui

Remember how Charlie Sheen‘s ex-wife Brooke Mueller went back to rehab in April after she was spotted pawning jewelry in California? Well, Mueller and twins Bob and Max are on vacation in Maui this week, and TMZ has photos of Brooke wandering around alone in a cap and sweats, chatting outside of cars driven by skeevy young men, with a wad of cash in her hand. While it’s circumstantial evidence at best, if we’d just left rehab after a custody battle with a famous sitcom star, we’d probably avoid providing the paparazzi with photos that look a whole lot like a drug deal.

Sheen and Mueller just hashed out a joint custody agreement of the twins (who thankfully weren’t present for mommy’s cash transaction) this month, but if Brooke doesn’t come out with a good excuse for these photos, it seems likely Charlie might take another crack at gaining full custody of the kids. Sure, he’s got a storied history of drug abuse himself (not to mention a misdemeanor assault conviction following a fight with Mueller), but if he was doing public drug buys—or anything that could be construed as one—we’re pretty sure we’d hear about it. And hey,we’re sure Denise Richards would be happy to babysit!

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Charlie Sheen And Brooke Mueller Agree To Joint Custody

Thank heaven for teeny, tiny favors. It looks like Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are agreeing to share custody of their twin sons Max and Bob. Neither Sheen or his ex-wife were present in court, but TMZ reports his lawyer Mark Gross and Mueller’s attorney Lori Howe presented a judge with the written agreement splitting physical and legal custody between the two. Considering what we already know about Brooke Mueller’s drug problems and Charlie Sheen’s custody threats, we can’t imagine the kind of horrible details that would bubble to the surface during an all-out legal brawl. Apparently neither could Charlie and Brooke, as their agreement wasn’t filed with the court and the case was taken off the court’s calendar, pretty much guaranteeing we won’t find out the extent of their relationship dysfunction. Well, beyond what we’ve learn from Sheen’s twitter and Brooke Mueller’s Paris Hilton show cameo, all of which is…deeply upsetting.

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Paris Hilton’s Family Attends Her Premiere Party, Brooke Mueller Doesn’t

Paris Hilton held a premiere party for her new Oxygen reality show, The World According To Paris, in LA last night. The shindig was full of Hilton relatives like Nicky Hilton, Kathy Hilton aunts Kim & Kyle Richards…even Paris’ boyfriend Cy Waits showed up! Ok, there were a few people outside her immediate family there: David Arquette, the drummer from Velvet Revolver, some Real Housewives pals of the Richards ladies. But one noticeable absence was Brooke Mueller, former wife of Charlie Sheen and allegedly one of Paris’ “closest friends,” who’s set to play a big role on the new show.

Odds are Mueller’s still in rehab after last month’s jewelry-pawning meltdown, but that hasn’t stopped Hilton from telling the world how the show will feature plenty of Mueller’s struggle, with Brooke actually coming to Paris for advice. “I’ve been through a lot so I know how it is,” Paris recently told Ryan Seacrest, to which we can only say ‘O RLY?’ Wonder whose controversy Hilton will offer her wisdom on if Mueller doesn’t show up for season two…assuming this show even has one.

See photos of Hilton and her entourage in the gallery below.

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