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Lily Collins In Talks For New Evil Dead Role

Horror movie remakes? Yawn. Horror movies remade with gender reversals? That sounds a little more interesting. Horror movie remakes with gender reversals starring a genuine up-and-coming talent with a script revised by a lady who knows how not to write smart girl roles? Yes, please! That’s why we’re intrigued by the report from that Lily Collins is in talks to star in the new Evil Dead movie, in the role that’s kind of based on the character Ash originated by Bruce Campbell in the Sam Raimi flicks.

And yeah, that’s the very same Evil Dead, due out in April 2013, whose script was recently revised by Diablo Cody. According to Bloody Disgusting, Lily would play Mia, a girl who’s staying in a remote cabin with friends who are helping her detox after a recent drug overdose. “She begins acting insane, so it comes as no surprise that nobody believes her crazy claims of coyote dogs and trees attacking her!” B-D reports. What’s actually happening, of course, is that a demonic force has been unleashed from a Book of the Dead in the house. Oops!

We like the idea of how diverse Lily’s career is looking so far. From Abduction to Mirror, Mirror to The Mortal Instruments to Evil Dead. We’re just crossing our fingers that filming for this one doesn’t interfere with the first TMI movie, City of Bones, which should begin sometime later this year.

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Eric Bana Joins The List Of Really Random Actors Who Have Played Elvis Presley

All hail the king! Over 30 years after his death, Elvis Presley remains perhaps the most iconic entertainment figure of all time. Considering his legendary status, you’d think that A-listers would be lining up to play him in a biopic-to-end-all-biopics. But weirdly, the role of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll has generally been relegated to a motley crew of supporting actors, off-kilter comedians, retro-musicians and brooding models. In fact, the best that fans can hope for is the occasional mid-level celeb staring in a TV movie. And now this puzzling trend continues as Eric Bana signs on to portray Presley in the upcoming film Elvis & Nixon. How will The Hulk do as Mr. Hips? Will he outdo Bruce Campbell’s stellar interpretation in the 2002 classic Bubba Ho-Tep? Only time will tell. Until we can see it for ourselves, check out the gallery below to see other head-scratchingly random dudes who have played Elvis. And as a little hint to casting directors, Best Week Ever has a list of five actors who might be more appropriate for the job.

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