Carla Bruni Pregnant, Says Nicolas Sarkozy’s Father

The Obamas may be awfully glamorous for an American President & First Lady, but the French definitely have us beat. Not only is Carla Bruni continuing her music career and appearing in Woody Allen‘s Midnight In Paris, the 43-year-old is reportedly pregnant! Pal Sarkozy, father of French president Nicolas Sarkozy, confirmed to a German newspaper that the pair are expecting. “Neither wants to know the gender beforehand,” said the elder Sarkozy, “but I’m certain it will be a girl, and beautiful like Carla.” The alleged parents-to-be have declined to comment as yet.

While the child would be Bruni and Sarkozy’s first together, the former model has a 10-year-old son from an earlier relationship to then-married professor Raphael Enthoven. Meanwhile, 56-year-old Sarkozy—who recently became a grandfather—has three sons from two previous marriages. With the French prez dealing with record lows in popularity, could this news help his re-election chances next year?

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Homeless Man Turns Down Carla Bruni


A Paris homeless man has reportedly rejected French first lady Carla Bruni‘s attempt to get him off the streets. Denis, 53, says Carla has befriended him and has been taking quite good care of him, even buying him a “military-type duvet.”

“She asks after me, she gives me one or two fifty or 100 euro notes,” he says. When Carla offered to put him up in a local hotel, however, Denis refused. “It’s not that I enjoy being in the street but I’ve got my habits,” he says. “People say it’s cold. That’s true, but I’m well covered up.”

Carla mentioned Denis in an interview for Macadam, a magazine sold by the homeless. Then he was interviewed by Closer magazine. Do we smell a reality show next? Even if offered, Denis would probably refuse, as he seems content with his street life – with a little help from the former model of course.  [Source: BBC;Photo: Splash News Online]