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Demi Lovato, Elijah Wood Scream For Joy At Universal’s Halloween Nights

I scream, you scream, we all scream because there are hideous freaks surrounding Demi Lovato! Luckily those mutants happen to be friendly freaks, or else the “Skyscraper” singer would probably be having second thoughts about visiting Universal Studio’s Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights. Joining Demi and Universal’s motley crew of demonic beasts was a host of other celebs, including Wilmer Valderrama, Chad Michael Murray and an extremely skittish Elijah Wood. Though really, is there any other kind of Elijah Wood? Meanwhile, you know David Arquette suspected he was going to go out like that all along…

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Another One [Tree Hill Marriage] Bites The Dust

One Tree Hill star Jana Kramer is divorcing husband Johnathon Schaech after one month of marriage. While normally, a month-long marriage is news in itself (hey, we have piles of dirty laundry sitting at home that are older than that), the fact is, this is the latest in a long line of One Tree Hill actors whose nuptials weren’t cut out for the long haul.

Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush who both appear on the show were married for just five months. James Van Der Beek appeared on the show in 2009, the same year he and his ex-wife Heather Ann McComb called it quits. Hilarie Burton was divorced in 2008 (although she has been involved with Jeffrey Dean Morgan since last year and just had a baby with him). Paul Johansson divorced in 2005. And special guest star Kevin Federline who appeared on the show in 2008 might just be the most famous divorceé of all.

Is there a divorce curse on this show or what? It sure seems like it. The same way people kept dying and creepy things would happen on the set of The Exorcist, One Tree Hill seems cursed to bring mayhem to all those around it (er, ok, maybe just divorce lawyers). To the rest of the cast and any future guest stars of  this show, don’t say we didn’t warn you: you might want to consider a pre-nup to go with your acting contract.


One Tree Hill Love Triangle Confirmed By Chad Michael Murray

Rumors have swarmed around One Tree Hill stars Sophia Bush and James Lafferty for a while now, but it took a slip from co-star (and ex-husband of Bush) Chad Michael Murray during an interview with CW Morning News to confirm their relationship.

Now it’s just easy, you know you’re just friends and she’s got James and James and I are friends, so it’s like one of those things…

Yeah, one of those things where you marry your co-worker, annul the marriage five months later, and then—a couple years later—accidentally (or not?) out your ex’s months-long secret relationship with another co-worker. Who hasn’t been in that kind of situation?

Meanwhile, signs point to One Tree Hill gearing up for a seventh season. Maybe Bush can sink her teeth into Lee Norris before the inexplicably long-lived show finally goes off the air. Mmmmm…Lee Norris.

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