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Guys Are Hotter in Sweatpants and That’s All There Is To It

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Thank GOD Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes were joking about not liking sweatpants, because I was about to hurt someone. Everyone knows the male species look their best in sweatpants, and there are many reasons as to why. Read more…


10 Things Channing Tatum Does Better Than You | Infomaniacs – Ep. 1

Sexy actor Channing Tatum is obviously one smokin’ hot piece of meat, but did you know that he can also cook an actual piece of meat? He’s a chef. And a restaurant owner. What a renaissance guy. Cooking is just one of the 10 things Channing Tatum can do better than you—or me—or any of us. To find out more about Channing’s sexiness, beatboxing, and his love of The Goonies, check out Infomaniacs!

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