The Biggest Troublemakers of 2014

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Whether they were commenting on current events, lashing out at other stars, or trying hard to extend their 15 minutes of fame, plenty of people got into hot water this year. So who were 2014’s biggest troublemakers?

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by (@katespencer)

Charles Barkley – DUI Party in Arizona!


We know someone who’s going to be toasting the New Year with some nonalcoholic champagne – basketball legend Charles Barkley. The legendary b-baller was busted for drunk driving after he ran a stop sign in Scottsdale, Arizona, at around 1:30 AM last night. Barkley declined a breathalyzer test, so cops nailed him with a blood test, and he was subsequently arrested.

Barkley announced in the fall that he plans on running for Governor of his home state of Alabama in 2014. It seems like a pretty boneheaded move for someone planning on plunging into politics – or perhaps he’s just trying to fit in with his future political peers? [People. Photo: Splash News Online]