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Cheryl Burke Opens Up About Childhood Sexual Abuse

Unfortunately for us, not all celebrity gossip can be as happy-making as Betty White nudes or fictional vampire brides. In her new memoir, Dancing With The StarsCheryl Burke reveals that she was molested as a child. In the upcoming book Dancing Lessons, Burke recounts how her family’s handyman and sometimes child care provider began molesting her at five, abuse that only stopped once he was arrested for assaulting Burke’s half-sister and her friend. Cheryl recounts the terrifying ordeal of testifying against the man at age six, calling it, “the hardest thing I’ve ever done … I saw his face and lawyers were asking me these questions and I was like, ‘What am I doing? Did he even do anything wrong?'” Is your face frozen on the “Complete Horror” setting? Yeah, us too.

Ever since Burke’s abuser was released from prison after being sentenced to over 20 years in jail, Cheryl can’t help but look over her shoulder. “My worst nightmare is to run into him. Not until he dies will I be able not to worry,” Burke says. The dancer hopes discussing her traumatic experience will help others who are going through the same thing. “If I can help just one person for me that’s all that matters,” Cheryl says. A million hugs for the dancer and good luck in the upcoming season of DWTS that begins in March. Our understanding of karma says she’s earned it.

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Dancing With The Stars Celebrates 200 Cringe-Worthy Episodes

Dozens of almost forgotten B-listers turned out last night to pay tribute to the reason they’re still relevant. Dancing With The Stars celebrated it’s 200th episode last night with a party at Boulevard 3 in Hollywood, and all of your favorite hot-to-trot familiar faces were on hand!

Old alums John O’Hurley, Cheryl Burke, Stacy Keibler and newly-lipped Lisa Rinna strutted their dancing shoes across the red carpet, and current contestants Bristol Palin, Florence Henderson and Jennifer Grey were also in attendance. It’s amazing to think that only five years ago, seeing out-of-work actors tango and awkwardly force sexual chemistry on TV was just a dream. Now it puts the harsh reality in “reality television.”

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Cheryl Burke: Another Star Cares What The Internet Thinks

What’s with celebrities these days? First Kim Kardashian freaks out when commenters on her website called her 27-inch waist laugh, and now Dancing with the Stars diva Cheryl Burke is having a meltdown because bloggers have been sniping about her weight. Cheryl admits to gaining five pounds or so, but maintains shock at the harshness of the attacks.”I know I’m not fat, but when people keep telling you that you have to think about it,” said Burke. “It is hard. I’ve always had that naturally curvy body since I was 11 years old.”

Burke also confessed that the criticism made her cry, which is understandable – except when we remember that she makes a crapload of money dancing around on the most popular TV show in the world, and the people criticizing her are some freaks typing in a basement that smells like kitty litter and Hot Pockets. Seriously Cheryl, get over it and get off the scale. Try weighing your millions instead, it’ll make you a feel a whole lot better.  [Photo: WireImage]