The 10 Best Comic Book Movie Sequels

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier comes out tomorrow. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters next month. Comic book movie sequels are all the rage right now, and they have been for quite some time. They’re pretty much a guaranteed profit machine for the production studios, and when the right amount of attention is given to their development, they often turn out to be awesome films on their own accord.

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7 Hilariously Nihilistic Quotes From Chris Evans’ Recent HuffPo Interview

Chris Evans Gives Depressing HuffPo Interview

Well, we are officially obsessed with Chris Evans now. Not that we didn’t respect the Captain America star as a talented actor and consummate babe before, but his delightfully candid interview with The Huffington Post’s Mike Ryan at the Toronto International Film Festival about Evans’ new film The Iceman really sealed the deal. “Well, I became a d—, so get ready,” he warns his two-time interviewer Ryan, before launching into what has to be the funniest, most honest and (let’s be real here) comically depressing rants about being an actor we’ve read in a long time. Maybe ever? Get ready to fall in love…all over again:

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Minka Kelly Allegedly Lands Chris Evans, Establishes Herself As The Female John Mayer

Minka Kelly Allegedly Dating Chris Evans

Is anyone else getting the vibe that Minka Kelly is slowly transforming into the female John Mayer (minus the rambling overshares)? Take, for example, the fact Minka Kelly has allegedly reeled in Chris Evans…yet again. “She did a number on him back then,” a source told Us Magazine about the reuniting couple, who dated briefly in 2007. “He’s still a little insecure, so he’s being cautious.” Of course, Captain America is only the latest of Minka’s conquests. There’s also Wilmer Valderama, Derek Jeter, John Mayer himself. Wait a minute…wow, maybe the ability to date anyone you want is sexually transmitted after all?

Let’s put it another way. Remember how shocked you were when John Mayer broke up with Taylor Swift? Or Katy Perry? Or any number of gorgeous, successful women? Last year, Minka allegedly rejected Jake Gyllenhaal. Jake. Effing. Gyllenhaal. Not that Minka couldn’t date any man on the planet, but you would think that number would definitely include Jake G. As if that wasn’t proof enough, Kelly and Mayer also kind of have the same hair. If we start seeing Minka wearing tragically unflattering hats, we’ll know the transformation is complete…then we’ll steal the hats and burn them, because someone has to do something!

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Cobie Smulders Talks About Those Wild Nights With The Avengers Cast

The cast of The Avengers reads like our dream dinner party guest list. From Robert Downey Jr. and Jeremy Renner to Scarlett Johansson and Chris Hemsworth,  the whole crew seems like the coolest (and sexiest!) gang that a person could ask for. And according to costar Cobie Smulders, they’re super fun, too! The lovely Ms. Smulders caught up with VH1 News at The Avengers premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, and she insisted that the cast got along together great both onscreen and off.

“It was really cool. It could have been a disastrous movie,” she admitted. “It was huge actors, huge characters, and I think it all comes back to Joss Whedon who wrote such an amazing script and it gave everybody their moment, you know.” But although they worked hard, Cobie says that they definitely made time to party hard as well. “I mean, we were in Albuquerque for awhile. There were a few nights, wild nights. Which I can’t really remember. But um, but it was a lot of fun. Everyone was super cool.” Damn, it makes us wish we’d been cast!
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More Like Her Author Would Cast Rachel McAdams As Perfectly Imperfect Heroine

We’re not sure we can be objective about More Like Her, the new novel from author Liza Palmer. That’s because she’s family — a writer for VH1′s Pop Up Video. So rather than review the book, we invited her to write a guest blog about it, the world of celebrity and which celebrities she dreams of casting in the movie adaptation.

I’ve been writing books for almost 10 years and wrote for the first season of VH1′s Pop Up Video in 2011. My books, like my life, have explored the idea of identity and being comfortable with who you are, warts and all. What is this “normal” we’re all reaching for? Clearly, after four books, I’m still trying to figure it out. But, with More Like Her I wanted to raise the stakes a bit. I wanted something to happen that couldn’t be taken back with an apology or a conversation.

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Liza’s fantasy casting for More Like Her.

We all know celebrities are airbrushed, both their photos and their lives. And yet, we keep striving for it: that same Photoshopped perfection. We imagine there’s some green room awaiting us with everything Gwyneth Paltrow promises on Goop, a tablescape by Martha Stewart and an outfit from J. Crew that will look better on us than it does on the first lady.

But perfection doesn’t exist. And we know it. That doesn’t stop us from scrambling for it day in and day out. What are we all hiding? To answer this question, here are just a couple of the comments left after gossip blogs posted a photo of Scarlett Johansson wearing a bikini while on vacation in Hawaii:

“Ugh… spotty knees, hair can be seen on her right calf area!!”
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Celebrities Storm The Avengers Red Carpet, The Men Win This Round

Remember how Scarlett Johansson told Flare magazine that she was the “only girl in the film,” and that she is “obviously going to be more aware that I’m surrounded by a bunch of suits. Everybody is going to be wearing black and grey and it will be nice to add femininity and some female sex appeal to the lineup. I think I’ll steer clear of the tuxedo”? She was talking, of course, about her film The Avengers, which premiered last night in L.A. And no matter how much “female sex appeal” she brought, the men were the clear winners of this round.

Scarlett herself wore a little black dress by Versace which we’re still trying to love, but all eyes were on the dudes. Robert Downey Jr. was flamboyant in an eggplant suit while Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner were all sharp in different shades of gray. Alexander Skarsgard looked totally hot in a black suit, sans tie and white shirt and was accompanied by his father, Stellan Skarsgard. Samuel L. Jackson brought on his A-game in white. A smattering of other celebrities attended as well, and to see what Aisha Tyler, Mark Ruffalo, Dominic Monaghan and such wore, take a look at our gallery below.

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