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Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Channing Tatum, Patrick Swayze: Whose SNL Striptease Reigns Supreme?

You know how we know the folks at Saturday Night Live are proud of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s striptease opening monologue? It’s already behind the Hulu pay wall, and the only way to re-watch it for free now is via bootleg videos. Or you can settle for our lovely GIFs above (courtesy of our departing GIF Mistress Lauren Olson). We were pretty impressed ourselves with JGL’s skills — that push-up move was just, wow. Not that we expect him to be anything less than spectacular at everything he does these days. But of course, it immediately reminded us of two other great exotic dance skits on the show: Channing Tatum showing off the talent that made him Magic Mike (the “super-hero movie” that itself inspired JGL’s dance), and, of course, that legendary Chippendale’s dance-off between Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley. We hope those two are doing their best body rolls up in heaven right now. Take a peek at those skits and then tell us which of the three gets you most hot-and-bothered/clutching your sides with laughter.

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A Final Bow: River Phoenix Is The Latest Star To Release A Posthumous Film

In the words of music legends The Kinks, celluloid heroes never really die. Too many of the best actors and actress have been taken from us far too soon, but thankfully these stars live on in their films. And strangely, some of them continue to produce work even after they’ve gone to the big expensive trailer in the sky. Earlier this week it was announced that River Phoenix’s unfinished last film Dark Blood is finally getting a release eighteen years after his passing. Head to the gallery below for more departed thespians who’ve had films released after their death.

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