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Chris Jericho Plays Matchmaker For Pia Toscano And Mark Ballas

So everyone was shocked when Pia Toscano was tossed out of American Idol so much so that Pia fans want Stefano Langone to either voluntarily resign or get booted off by Fox. Which — and we’re going to go out and say it at the risk of getting slammed — is just stupid. Firstly, that’s not going to happen guys, so y’all need to chill. Secondly, Pia’s doing just fine post elimination. Girlfriend kept her eye on a different prize and it came in the fine shape of one Mark Ballas. Pia got DWTS contestant Chris Jericho to pimp her out because “she had a crush” on Mark and the wrestler did his wingman thing!

It worked because Ballas was totally game and the two met for a date at Gulfstream (a restaurant) in Century City. We smell a hook-up! Question is…will they last? There are also murmurings that Pia is this close to inking a record deal with Interscope. So like we said, relax people. She’s raking it in!

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New Dancing With The Stars Cast Revealed

Another season of Dancing With The Stars is upon us! And of course that means another rag-tag group of “stars,” consisting of reality show vets, athletes, washed-up actors, models you’ve never heard of, and Disney Channel stars. We’ll break up the season 12 contestants into two groups, the first being the ones we think are viable contenders (i.e. all the athletes, and the actors who have taken on physically demanding roles) consisting of the following:  football player Hines Ward, boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, Karate Kid Ralph Macchio, wrestler Chris Jericho, model Petra Nemcova (she’s the one we’re pegging to be surprisingly athletic), and singer Romeo, who surely has some dance moves in his back pocket.

The second group is the batch of contestants we’re going to assume will be fun to watch but will be the first to go. No offense, y’all! They include Girl Next Door Kendra Wilkinson, talk show host Wendy Williams, barefoot actress Kirstie Alley, Disney star Chelsea Kane, and radio personality Mike Catherwood (who could be the greatest dancer in the world, unfortunately we’ve just never heard of him). What do you think of the new lineup? Care to divulge your early favorites? The new season premieres on March 21 on ABC.


Mickey Rourke Punches Chris Jericho At Wrestlemania 25

mickey rourke & chris jericho

A lot of fans thought—or at least hoped—Mickey Rourke wouldn’t actually appear on Wrestlemania 25 last weekend. That some handler or agent would remind Mickey that it’s absurd crap like his feud with wrestler Chris Jericho that probably kept him from winning that Oscar. But Mickey will never be Sean Penn—Mickey is mickey. And Mickey not only made an appearance at the event, but stepped in the ring and knocked Jericho out with only a few punches, to the delight of Ric Flair.

Check out the brutal “beating” Rourke delivered after the jump.

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Wrestler Chris Jericho Punches Woman In Post-Match Brawl

Looks like Mickey Rourke isn’t the only person Chris Jericho wants to beat up. The wrestler was leaving a WWE RAW Live show in Victoria, B.C. on Saturday, when a group of fans blocked his exit from the parking lot. published a first-hand account of the violent brawl that followed.

Chris Jericho opened the door to his vehicle in the middle of the road, and the fan shut the door back on him. Jericho then got out of the vehicle completely, and punched the fan in the face! This prompted another fan to jump in (he was friends with the first) and attack Jericho, who scuffled with the second guy. At this point, a woman who knew the second guy who attacked Jericho, started to jump in and get in Jericho’s face (because he was fighting her friend).

This is where the Save on Foods Rent-A-Security Guards…stepped in to separate Jericho and the woman, who was shoving him. Looking at Jericho’s face he was obviously ready to explode and was restraining himself…but then the shit storm happened…

He spat in the girl’s face, and called her a “f—ing bitch.” The woman spat in Jericho’s face. Jericho started cursing out the woman some more, and was getting ready to go back into his vehicle (as all of this is still happening in the middle of the road). While he was turning to go into his vehicle, one of the guys he was fighting shoved Jericho against his car. Another guy then shoved Jericho, and that time he bumped his head on the top of his vehicle. This was where Jericho seriously snapped.

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Mickey Rourke Will Probably Not Wrestle Chris Jericho After All

Mickey Rourke‘s spokesperson has denied claims that the Wrestler actor will take on Chris Jericho at the upcoming WrestleMania 25.

Mickey was very honored to be asked, as he has the greatest respect for WWE. However, he will not be participating in WrestleMania. He is focusing entirely on his acting career.

The irony is that the story came not from the usual unnamed source but from Rourke himself, who challenged Jericho at the SAG Awards on Sunday, saying he’d throw the pro “around the ring like a tossed salad.” The pair duked it out verbally on Larry King Live Tuesday night, with Rourke passing on a wrestling match, but trumpeting his career as a boxer. “[Wresting is] not my world, I was a professional fighter. Would I box him in a boxing ring or a bare-knuckle match? Yeah.” Jericho was not amused, and offered to fight any way, anywhere: “You offended me, and that’s the last thing you wanna do…I don’t have respect for you…I’ll be waiting.”

Some wonder if this is all just hype for the April 5th event—and who knows? By that time Rourke will know whether or not he’s won an Oscar, and can go back to making an ass out of himself in public without worrying it cost him the nod.

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