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Alexander Skarsgard, Adam Brody, Joseph Gordon-Levitt & More: The Male Eye Candy Of Sundance

Adam Brody, Ricky Whittle, Daniel Dae Kim and Alexander Skarsgard at Sundance

As the 2013 Sundance Film Festival enters its homestretch, we’ve noticed one thing about it: This year seems more about the films than the star-studded, super-sponsored A-list parties. Which, um, we’re pretty sure is what Robert Redford wants from his Utah fest. Lucky enough for those of us living vicariously through our friends (and photographers) in Park City, there has still been no shortage of eye candy. Here, we’re taking a moment to point out the lovely array of actors who put on their best puffy jackets and risked some great hat-hair to premiere their artsy movies. From Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Alexander Skarsgard, Adam Brody to Chris Noth, there were plenty of familiar faces at the festival, along with some relative newcomers like Austenland’s Ricky Whittle. We even gave Matthew McConaughey an honorary spot in this gallery, because even though his drastic weight loss for Dallas Buyers Club has sapped his conventional beauty, he’s looking kinda weird hot as he packs the pounds back on. And if there’s anything that’s appropriate for Sundance, it’s definitely the phrase “weird hot.”

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Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Top Another Forbes List Basically Calculated Just For Them

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, and Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum top Forbes on-screen box office earners

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are #1! Well, of course, you knew that already, but the latest way they’re on top is a rather convoluted (are there any other kind) list from Forbes: “Hollywood’s Highest-Grossing Romantic Couples.” To come up with this list, the magazine calculated domestic box-office grosses from romantic movies in the past three years. That meant that the Twilight stars were the only ones with more than one movie in the mix. (Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth landed at #4 with only the second Sex and the City movie counted.)

So, yeah, the numbers feel a little awkward, but Twilight’s $3 billion gross (in more than the past three years) was bound to trump the others no matter how you twist things. Plus, it’s a fun list to look at. Here are the rankings:

1. Rob and Kristen, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2, $1.17 billion
2. Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams, The Vow, $125 million
3. Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, Just Go With It, $103 million
4. Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth, Sex and the City 2, $95 million
5. Julianne Moore and Steve Carell, Crazy, Stupid, Love., $84 million
6. Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried, Dear John, $80 million
7. Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher, No Strings Attached, $71 million
8. Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus, The Last Song, $63 million
9. Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling, The Lucky One, $60 million
10. Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon, Water for Elephants, $59 million.

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Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Robsten Top Another List, Because Why Not?

The folks at Forbes certainly know what they’re doing. Usually, we turn to them for the big lists, like the Celebrity 100, the World’s Most Powerful Women or the Hip-Hop Cash Kings. But those take a lot of work, and sometimes, they just need something fast and easy (we’re just assuming here, ’cause you know, we’d never be so gratuitous about our lists). So, they do things like this week’s Hollywood’s Top-Earning On-Screen Couples, which is topped by Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, followed by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

We’re very happy to see the Harry Potter and Twilight stars at the top of the list, natch. But it does feel a bit like the editors sat down and said, “What kind of list can we do that will feature the stars of Harry Potter and Twilight, and maybe also Pirates of the Caribbean and Transformers?” They admit themselves that the whole thing is based on numbers from Box Office Mojo (the total earnings from movies with the stars as a couple from the last five years).

Still, here we are, looking at the list. So they’ve hooked us again! We’ll give you the full list below, but also we want to come up with some kind of challenge for the Forbes editors, just to make sure they stay on top of their game. Maybe the next feature should be something like America’s Highest-Grossing Puppet Shows or Top-Earning Subway Mariachi Groups. That‘ll take a little shoe leather.
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Chris Noth Is Engaged! For Real!

chris noth & tara wilson

Law & Order star Chris Noth has announced his engagement to girlfriend Tara Lynn Wilson less than a month after denying their impending nuptials. Entertainment Tonight Canada made the announcement this weekend, but after the brouhaha over September’s rumors (“I have not said I am engaged. Until I do it’s all BS,” Noth told Gossip Cop), confirmation was definitely necessary. Whether Mr. Big was fibbing about his relationship status last month or if the gossip mill was indeed getting ahead of itself, we’re just glad things worked out.

Noth and Wilson, together for over seven years, had a son, Orion, in January 2008. Check out the adorable couple in the gallery below.

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Sex And The City Madness: SJP’s Anti-Aging Hair, Big Should Be Less Big


We’re well aware that since the second Sex and the City film started shooting last week, we’ve all gone bananas again for Carrie and co. Whether it’s mobbing the SATC stars in the street or freaking out about an 80’s flashback hairdo, we’re all obsessed with what the ladies are up to (whether we really want to see this movie or not). And it seems they are too. Britain’s Grazia magazine has reported that not only is Sarah Jessica Parker determined to dress like a fashion freak, she’s also concerned with looking young, way beyond the usual skin-and-fitness-regimens.

“She wants to make sure she gets all the help she needs to look young and fresh. She’s consulted hair guru John Freida [and stylist Serge Normant]. Between them they’ve come up with the perfect anti-aging hair shade,” it reports.

WTF? As far as we can tell, “anti-aging” hair  means it’s not permed and not gray. Even juicier, it seems weight concerns aren’t only limited to the ladies (about time too), as reportedly Chris Noth was instructed to lose 14 pounds at a Brazilian detox spa before filming started. “Both Chris and Steve [Eisenberg] were given personal trainers before shooting began…it’s believed [Chris] has only lost 5lb so far,” claims a source.

Oh happy madness. And there’s months left before the film comes out next May – hurrah! [Photo: Splash News Online]


Sex And The City Mayhem


For all those people who didn’t think a Sex and the City movie sequel was necessary, there are the mobs of fans that exist to offer up a dissenting opinion. In fact, the fans who have been crashing the set of the movie, currently filming in Manhattan, have gotten so numerous that extra security detail had to be added to the film set to ward them off.

One witness to the madness said of the added bodyguards “They looked more like they were protecting the President than Sarah Jessica Parker.” Apparently though, the security was a bit too rough with the onlookers and both SJP and co-star Chris Noth asked them to take it easy on the fans. Could the SATC set be our generation’s Altamont, the famed 1969 concert where the Hells Angels served as security and killed a fan? It wouldn’t surprise us — people are crazy for Carrie. [Photo: Getty Images]


Birth Dating: Who’s Older? Whoopi Goldberg Or Chris Noth?

In 1990, Whoopi Goldberg won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for Ghost. NBC’s Law & Order made its series debut that same year, starring then-unknown actor Chris Noth—who has since appeared on Sex & The City and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Both stars were born on November 13th. Which one is older? Find the answer after the jump.

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