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Sir Kenneth Branagh Calls Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Star Chris Pine A “Natural Gentleman”

jack ryan Sir Kenneth Branagh isn’t just squaring off against Chris Pine in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit; he’s also the film’s director. The legendary Shakespearean actor and respected film director opened up to us about adapting Tom Clancy‘s cold war hero for the modern age, why Chris Pine is perfect to follow in the footsteps of Harrison Ford and Alec Baldwin and why he goes out of his way to work with actors like Tom Hiddleston before they’re big stars. Read more…

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The Most Bromantic Moments Between Chris Pine And Zachary Quinto

Chris Pine Zachary Quinto

The PR blitz ahead of the release of Star Trek Into The Darkness means one thing: The bromance of Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. The two stars are incredibly adorable around each other, showing just how great friends they are at press junkets and interviews. If only it was something more… But at least you can enjoy all their moments together over the past few weeks.

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10 Reasons Why Star Trek Into Darkness’ Zoe Saldana Dresses Better Than You

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana’s too beautiful to be believed. Zoe Saldana’s starring in a sure-to-be blockbuster (Star Trek Into The Darkness, opening this Friday). Zoe Saldana’s red carpet game is next level amazing. We hate this woman! Kidding. But in honor of her sick style, we’ve ranked her ten hottest ensembles of the year.

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Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Trailer Makes Us Squee With Delight

You have no idea how long we’ve been waiting for the new Star Trek movie. And now we’re one step closer because the teaser trailer is out and it is all sorts of boss. All the usual suspects are in there reprising their roles: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, Anton Yelchin, Simon Pegg and John Cho. New additions include Alice Eve and one totally baller Benedict Cumberbatch. Sherlock fans will know why we’re so stoked. And he’s the bad guy, which is even cooler. The trailer starts with his gravelly voice threatening, “You think your world is safe. It is an illusion. A comforting lie told to protect you. Enjoy these final moments of peace. For I have returned to have my vengeance.” And then everything explodes in the coolest way. Of course there’s the obligatory close-up shot of Pine’s face with his baby blues looking intent. Makes us melt every single time. There’s also one clip of Alice screaming in abject terror, so you know Cumberbatch is bringing it. The movies’s only releasing next year in May, which is a huge bummer, but if they keep serving slices of trailer goodness, we won’t complain. Not too much, at least.

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Jessica Chastain And Salma Hayek Go Glam, Shia LaBeouf And Tom Hardy Go Grunge This Weekend At Cannes

As weekend hit the 65th annual Cannes Film Festival, it seems like the gals and the guys took very different approached to the dress code. Starlets like Jessica Chastain, Mia Wasikowska and Cheryl Cole stepped out in gorgeous floor-sweeping gowns, and A-list actresses like Salma Hayek and Diane Kruger hit the red carpet in bosom-bearing low cut couture that left photographers screaming for more. The guys, on the other hand, seemed to take significantly less care on their appearance. Shia LaBeouf looked scruffy with a half-beard and his long unruly mane slicked back, while Gerard Butler also shared the five-o’clock-five-days-later shadow. But the king of the WTF fashion this weekend was Tom Hardy, who took grizzly to new heights with greasy-looking hair, unabomber beard, and a thousand-yard-stare that makes us wonder if he swam the Atlantic to attend the festival. Check out more glitz, glam and grunge in the gallery below!

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