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A Girl’s Guide To Loving Jackass

Bad Grandpa

Johnny Knoxville and Jackson Nicoll in ‘Bad Grandpa.’

Gross-out humor. Lots of jokes about genitalia. Guys doing stupid stunts that put their lives in danger just to impress each other. There’s a lot in the whole Jackass franchise to make smart women shudder and look the other way. Not to buy entirely into stereotypes here — some of us are WAY into gross-out genitalia stunts, of course. But as a girly girl who’s been a fan of Johnny Knoxville and Co. for 13 years now, I’m here to tell you, shall we say, rom-com-loving ladies that there’s plenty for you to love in this body of work too. Allow me to walk you through it in seven easy steps.
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The Jackass Guys Sneak Preview Their Upcoming CCMA Parodies On Twitter

danger-wee-preston-500rnrnAs we countdown the days until the 2011 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards — which, as a reminder, will be airing live on VH1 on Friday, January 14 at 9pm — we’ve been paying particular attention to the Twitter feeds of the Jackass guys. Earlier today, we got a tip that they would be filming some promos for the Critics’ Choice show that parody some of this year’s most popular and nominated films. While we’re not exactly sure which films they are parodying in these shots — based on the lawyer getups, our best guess is The Social Network — we’ll be sure to share the finished spots with you as soon as they’re wrapped!rnrn

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