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We Could Not Be More Excited About Chris Tucker’s Silver Linings Playbook Comeback

Chris Tucker Stars In The Silver Linings Playbook

Chris Tucker is back, y’all! We hope to God! It’s hard to believe the actor and comedian hasn’t been in a movie since 2007 (Rush Hour 3) or that he has been in only three movies since 1997 (just the Rush Hour series!), but unless IMDb is run by a pack of liars, we’re forced to accept it as truth. Luckily, Tucker is finally making his big screen comeback in this week’s Silver Linings Playbook. In case you weren’t sure how to feel yet, you should be very. Very. Very. Excited.

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The Top 25 Fictional Stoners In Cinematic History

While the negative effects of smoking marijuana have been portrayed on film for over seventy years, the current age of stoner-friendly cinema can largely be credited to one Judd Apatow. As the unofficial ringleader of the Frat Pack, he wrote, directed and produced a veritable bumper crop of pro-Mary Jane films over the last half-dozen years or so. Films like Knocked Up, Pineapple Express and Superbad worked very hard to smash the stigma that the Reagan administration attached to the cannabis plant, and their tremendous success at the box office unquestionably played a role (albeit, likely, a minor one) in the “Legalize It” movement that is slowly gaining steam in both Red and Blue states.

Although Apatow had nothing to do with this weekend’s release of the latest entrant in the stoner-friendly canon, the medieval fantasy Your Highness (get it?), we here at TheFABLife figured now is as good a time as any to countdown our all-time, Top 25 fictional stoners in cinematic history. From the trailblazing likes of Cheech Marin to the nonsense-spewing Jay of Clerks fame, from the highly paranoid/confessional behavior of Nicole Kidman’s character in Eyes Wide Shut to the perpetually buzzed Wooderson in Dazed and Confused, we hope you enjoy this look at cinema’s most baked characters, maaaaaan!

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Chris Tucker In Talks For First Non-Rush Hour Role Since 1997!

Chris Tucker

Believe it or not, the last time Chris Tucker made a movie without Jackie Chan was Jackie Brown. Variety says that Tucker, who has only made the three Rush Hour movies since 1998, may star in The Rabbit, an upcoming action flick about a Vegas magician hired by the CIA to find a Russian counterfeit artist. Keeping away from more obscene movies (like the Friday sequels) after becoming a born-again Christian in the late ’90s, Tucker’s previously been in talks to make Agent Double-O Soul (basically an Undercover Brother before Undercover Brother) in the late ’90s, and a movie about Frank Sinatra‘s valet in 2007. But aside from appearing in Michael Jackson‘s “You Rock My World” video, Tucker’s only role has been Det. James Carter of the LAPD. We’d love to see him play Ruby Rhod again, though—any market for The Sixth Element?

Between his charity work and TV appearances (who could forget his face after Kanye West slammed Bush at the Katrina benefit?), a lot of you probably never realized Chris was just barely keeping up his career as a movie star. See what’s up with four other comedy semi-recluses in the gallery below. Can you think of any other funny people you’d like to see get out of their mansions more?

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