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Blowing Up Pretty Little Liars‘ Lucy Hale’s Spot On Twitter? Chris Zylka, Please Check Yourself

Chris Zylka Talks About Lucy Hale Break Up On Twitter

We’re going to apologize now if our wagging finger whips up a giant shame tornado in the middle of Brooklyn, but we haven’t been able to lower our index finder or unpurse our lips since we read that Chris Zylka discussed his breakup with Pretty Little Liars‘ Lucy Hale on Twitter…unfavorably. “Don’t have a girlfriend — she decided she was too good,” Zylka fumed to a fan who happened to praised Hale. Yesterday the Secret Circle actor added, “If you all even knew :(” and “Never any disrespect towards anyone. Only if you say what you say you should stick to it. If you say you love then love.” To be fair, Lucy Hale also took to Twitter to slam her ex. Haha, just kidding! Lucy Hale would never do that.

As if that didn’t start our eyes a-rolling, Chris was also apparently cut from American Horror Story: Asylum recently due to his reluctance to shave his head. Boy, don’t you know that’s why they have wigs? Oh, did we mention he had been cast as Daniel, a character referred to as the “most beautiful boy in the world”? Look, everyone acts the fool over breakups sometimes, but to lose the opportunity to act along side Jessica Lange? Have you gone completely mad, Chris? She might not be in the same league as your Piranha 3DD costars Gary Busey and David Hasselhoff, but come on.

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The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer: 10 Moments That Make Our Senses Tingle

The Amazing Spider-Man trailer premiered online overnight, everyone. And we have lots to say about it. Comic book movies walk a fine line: Not only do they have to appeal to the finicky, very-observant comic book geeks, but if they’re going to get butts in seats, they’ve got to reel in (sorry) the people who think comics are synonymous with Sunday morning “Garfield” strips. Humor, big-name actors and lots of fancy special effects go a long way to grab nongeeks. Also sex appeal. That last Spider-Man series recognized as much when they came up with that hot and heavy upside down kiss between Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. Now, let’s take a look at how Andrew Garfield and real-life girlfriend Emma Stone will live up to — or surpass — their legacy. Here’s a top 10 countdown:

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