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We Genuinely Don’t Understand How The Pacific Rim Trailer Looks As Good As It Does

It just doesn’t make sense. We feel like we’re watching the Jack the Giant Slayer trailer all over again! The new trailer for upcoming monster flick Pacific Rim has a multitude of elements that suggest it should be one hot sloppy Transformers 8-looking mess. The monsters are called “the Kaiju”? Uh…huh. The giant robots are called “Jaegers? Yikes. The government sends bipedal robo-soldiers to fight alien beasts when humans are probably the easiest things in the world to push over? Think about it! Why don’t they just bomb them? Despite all these issues and more, Pacific Rim somehow looks logic-defyingly excellent. We knew there had to be a good reason the movie studios don’t ask us to vet their film ideas. Now we know. Occasionally, we would be wrong.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the excellent Charlie Day and Christopher Meloni co-star in the film. And yes, we know director Guillermo del Toro is a boss from films like Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy. Hopefully del Toro has the same magic touch on his upcoming Incredible Hulk TV show. We cannot even begin to tell you how that won’t work. First of all, Bruce Banner’s hair always looks so dumb when he switches to the Hulk. Second of all…

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OK, We Totally Get Christopher Meloni On True Blood Now

Valentina Cervi and Christopher Meloni on True Blood

True Blood fan confession time: When I got my copy of Entertainment Weekly a couple of weeks ago, and it turned out that of 11 possible covers, I got the Christopher Meloni one, I was bummed. Why would I some crusty old Vampire Authority guy from Law & Order: SVU when I could have had Joe Manganiello or Alexander Skarsgard? This is obviously because I’ve never really watched SVU, nor did I catch Meloni as the bisexual sociopathic murderer on Oz. Because now that we’ve gotten over the tedious politics and religion of his debut as Roman on last week’s episode and returned to what we love about True Blood (sex and violence), I am please to report that I totally get it.

It almost would have been enough to see Roman’s nuanced handling of Eric and Bill’s betrayal and pledge to find Russell Edgington, nor his sexy bossman order to Steve Newlin. But it was the fact it is basically impossible to imagine Salome (Valentina Servi) wanting to get it on with a third partner after seducing both Bill and Eric. Who could live up to such a task? But yet, as Roman started to strip off his perfectly tailored suit and undo his cufflinks, while talking passionately of his mainstreaming movement, it was easy enough to get the picture. This guy might even be able to go pec for pec up against Alcide. We screencapped his sexiest looks from the “Whatever I Am, You Made Me” episode — with bonus Andy and Eric butt shots, for good measure, in the gallery below.

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Tom Cruise, Mark Wahlberg And Christopher Meloni Satisfy Your Thirst For Hunks

Tom Cruises Poses for W Magazine

Your work day is over: time to kick back, relax and enjoy a piping hot bowls of hunks. Hunks like Tom Cruise, Mark Wahlberg and Christopher Meloni, to be exact. Now, clearly all these hunks deserve their own post, but to achieve critical hunk mass we fused them together into one super hunk post. It’s sort of like the end of David Cronenberg‘s The Fly, but not gross and with more hunks! Man, now we wish Jeff Goldblum was in this hunk round-up. Maybe next time!

Tom Cruise posed for this month’s W Magazine while channeling his Rock of Ages character, hair metal singer Stacee Jaxx. Now, we know some of those abs have to be Photoshopped (please compare to Tom’s other shirtless Staceee Jaxx photo immediately. Immediately.) and of course those tattoos aren’t real and, yes, maybe something weird is going on in his brow area, but still…the man is turning 50 this year and looks like he was carved out of well-moisturized granite. Even if it might make you uncomfortable to admit it, Tom Cruise is still a bona fide hunk. Accept him. Embrace him as you would any other hunk.

Mark Wahlberg Shirtless Filming Pain And Gain

Remember in the early ’90s when Mark Wahlberg used to model underwear for a living? Now he’s hanging out in Miami filming Michael Bay‘s Pain and Gain and, well, basically modeling underwear for a living. If we knew what brand those were, we’d buy some and keep them on us at all times in case we met a worthy hunk. We would tell you to say hello to your mother for him, but she’s already seen these photos and she knows. She knows he says hello.

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Christopher Meloni To Leave Law & Order: SVU After 12 Years On The Force

Is the Law & Order era coming to an end? The flagship show was shut down episodes away from becoming the longest running prime-time drama ever, and the LA version was canceled after one season, despite signing big names like Terrence Howard, Alfred Molina and…Skeet Ulrich (there’s the rub). Now Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is headed for its first major shake-up, with Christopher Meloni leaving after 12 years(!) as the show’s male lead. No word on what made negotiations fall apart, but we have to imagine its hard to work up righteous indignation over stories ripped from the headlines year after year after year after year. And it’s not like the residuals will be going away anytime soon…we’re just amazed they haven’t made a L&O channel yet.

Season 13 was already set to be a risky one for the show, with Meloni’s partner Mariska Hargitay set to take a more “supervisory” role half way through. Jennifer Love Hewitt was rumored to be replacing Mariska as the show’s female lead, but with Meloni already out the door, creator Dick Wolf and the gang might want to think really hard about which actors they choose—or just letting Richard Belzer & Ice-T run the ship like a pair of Lenny Briscoes. Let Skeet be a teachable experience.

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Sharon Stone Rollin’ On At Law & Order: SVU

Sharon Stone

If Sharon Stone feels awkward about appearing Law & Order: SVU, the one-time superstar hides it well, snapping her fingers and bouncing around the set in hair rollers and tights. Sadly, Stone will play a police office turned lawyer on her four-episode arc, rather than a potentially murderous bisexual author in need of some serious interrogation by Christopher Meloni—though we can’t imagine there won’t be just a little erotic intrigue. See photos of unkempt underwear-phobe in the gallery below.

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