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This Is 45! Celebrate Judd Apatow’s Birthday By Counting Down The 15 Greatest Man-Children He Brought To The Screen

Judd Apatow's 15 greatest man-children of all time

If you had to call comedy another name, you could call it “Judd Apatow.” The multi-talented writer/director/producer has dominated the face of funny over theĀ  past decade, and he’s responsible for some of the best laugh-out-loud films ever made. From his early features like (our childhood must-see) Heavyweights to small screen gems like Freaks and Geeks, and all the way through to box office busters like Superbad and Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy, his movies have defined comedy to a generation of people, and we’re thankful for all that laughs he’s given us over the years.

But we’re not the only people who should be thankful. Some of the biggest comedy stars in the world today got their big breaks by featuring in Judd’s movies. From James Franco to Seth Rogen and Jason Segel, Mr. Apatow can spot a career-making hit a mile off. What is the deal with his insane success rate? How is he able to produce such memorable characters that propel the actors into the mega-successful stratosphere?

The answer is simple: The Man-Child. Judd Apatow is the king of the emotionally stunted, delightfully immature, hilariously inept and maladjusted male who just can’t be a functional adult no matter how hard he tries. It’s a hallmark of all of his work. Whether it’s Steve Carell’s wax agony in The 40 Year Old Virgin, Seth Rogen staring down theĀ  barrel of fatherhood in Knocked Up, or Jason Segel’s nude and heartbroken misery in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, we laugh so hard at these folks because we see our own faults in their complete and utter dysfunction. So in honor of Judd’s big day, we counted down our 15 favorite man children that he brought to the screen. We hope you enjoy it!

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Movie 43 Trailer: Which A-Lister Is Most Hilariously Offensive?

There are so many hilariously offensive lines and scenarios in the trailer for Movie 43, we’re having a hard time imagining how many more will fit into the full-length movie. It’s a veritable Scary Movie for the PC crowd. After watching it a couple of times, we’re a little more immune to the shock. Our innocent ears can now fully embrace the humor. Here, for your cataloging pleasure, is a list of all the terrible (amazing) things these stars do and say:

  • Anna Faris asks real-life husband Chris Pratt, “Will you poop on me?”
  • Emma Stone asks Kieran Culkin, “How’s your HPV?”
  • Halle Berry blows out a blind kid’s birthday candles on a dare.

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McLovin Turns Heads At Starlet-Filled Ronson Party

Paris, McLovin, Nicole

There were a ridiculous amount of hotties at Charlotte Ronson‘s Spring Cocktail Jam in LA last night: Paris, Nicky, Nikki, Nicole, Mischa, Devon, Shenae, Stephanie, Brittany, Peaches, Olivia, even Slash! So hopefully one of these ladies got her hooks into Christopher Mintz-Plasse (better known as McLovin), who strode mightily to the event in an all-black ensemble perfect for backstage tech work, a spontaneous bongo jam on the campus quad in 1955 or night prowling. Dude should start rocking between-jobs goatees, if he’s physically capable of growing facial hair. Get a look at LA’s finest party people—those who can attend a Samantha Ronson acoustic performance without getting violent, at least—in the gallery below.

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Nicolas Cage Brings His Beautiful Blond Self To The LA Kick-Ass Premiere

Nicolas Cage

You want to make fun of Nicolas Cage‘s money problems? Fine. His “frat house bordello” mansion sold for mere millions? That’s fine, too. Still laughing at those Wicker Man clips? Go right ahead, buddy. But never forget that Nic is awesome, too awesome to let his miserable finances keep him showing off his dynamic new blond mane at the LA premiere of his new film Kick-Ass.

Joining Cage in the freak parade were co-stars like Christopher “McLovin” Mintz-Plasse and 13-year-old pottymouth Chloe Moretz, as well as celebrity guests like Eli Roth, Nicky Hilton, Jon Voight (guess Mr. “Obama Rapes The Nation” isn’t offended by the teen violence!) and Cole & Dylan Sprouse—you know, Zack & Cody! Will there be enough adults—or older teenagers like the Sprouse brothers—interested in watching the underage swear and pummel to make the R-rated action-fest a hit? Hey, a high school cast didn’t keep Superbad from making millions. See these stars and more in the gallery below.

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Brad Pitt Flies Solo At Kick-Ass Premiere

Brad Pitt

You just know Maddox is pissed about this. Kick-Ass looks like the perfect movie for Brangelina’s bad-ass son, who was gifted his first set of knives at the age of seven. Unfortunately, the film’s brutal violence and profanity (underage actors saying the c-wordest of c-words? Yeah, that will get you an R) means Brad Pitt wasn’t able to take his flock to see the highly buzzed teen super-hero flick, attending the film’s UK premiere today all by his lonesome.

Frankly, Dad looked a little sheepish standing around with nothing but his creepy hippie beard for company (and we’re not referring to Angelina Joliehiyo!). Will the film’s mix of young heroes and adult material lead to similar awkwardness at the box office? We’ll find out when Kick-Ass hits American theaters in April. As for Maddox, well, he can wait until it comes out on Blu-Ray.

See Pitt, a very pregnant Claudia Schiffer and other stars in the red carpet gallery below.

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Thanks For The Mammaries

Universal came up with a very interesting – and fun – way to advertise the new Paul Rudd flick Role Models, where Paul and co-star Seann William Scott play trouble-making pals who get sentenced to 150 hours of community service mentoring kids. Play “Mammary,” a humorous variation of the classic card game “Memory” that tests your cleavage IQ!