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Interstellar Is Epic But the McConaissance Hits a Speed Bump


Opening in theaters and IMAX this weekend is Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated sci-fi epic, Interstellar, starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and Jessica Chastain. The film, which has been shrouded in secrecy up until now, tells the story of a team of astronauts tasked with finding a suitable home for humans as life on Earth quickly deteriorates. The ambitious project is Nolan’s own interpretation of 2001: Space Odyssey that both soars and fails in comparison to the Stanley Kubrick classic.

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There Is Just No Way David Letterman Spoiled The Dark Knight Rises Last Night

Guys, David Letterman is a professional talk show host. He has been doing this job longer than some of you have been alive. Of course he didn’t accidentally spoil the ending of The Dark Knight Rises last night! If that had been the case, why hasn’t he been spoiler-ing movies this whole time? What, did he suddenly just go insane? “Of course, Batman is dead in the end,” Letterman joked during his interview with Anne Hathaway Thursday evening. “I just want you to know the wrath that you have just invited onto yourself,” Anne laughed, turning to the cameras and apologizing to director Christopher Nolan. “Chris, I had no part in it, I’m sorry.” When the Interwebs have been a buzz with rumors about his possible blunder, we’d like to point on some key factors that make us believe Dave’s faux pas was just a crack ‘em up joke:

  1. Dave is literally laughing when he says it.
  2. Anne reacts with an eye roll, rather than a look of complete shock and horror. Also, are we correct in thinking that the look she shoots Letterman is completely adorable? We watched the video thrice just to see her give him the most winsome stink eye.
  3. Dave immediately admits he’s joking and tells everyone to settle down, without looking at all stricken or guilty.
  4. Dave wants to continue to have guests on his show, and blowing up their film’s spot on national TV would definitely hurt that goal.

To be fair, the fact Letterman said Batman doesn’t die is also technically a spoiler, but we’re pretty sure Dave didn’t ruin anything for us. If we’re wrong, you can *spoiler alert* pick us up and break our backs over your knee like Bane does to Batman in the comics. Does it count as a spoiler if we remember it from childhood? You can’t spoiler the past, ya’ll!


Batman To Get A Movie Reboot Only One Year After Dark Knight Rises

And you thought the Spider-Man reboot came a little fast. While Warner Bros. is going to let Christopher Nolan wrap up his special little trilogy of artful Batman movies with The Dark Knight Rises in 2012 (he did give them one the biggest movies ever, after all), they won’t be sitting on such a popular character for long. Warner Bros. prez Jeff Robinov says Batman will appear in a 2013 Justice League movie that will team him with Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern and other popular DC Comics characters—and this Batman probably won’t be a gravelly Christian Bale.

There were actually plans for a Justice League movie in 2008, but the writers’ strike, followed by massive success of The Dark Knight, got execs worried about messing with Nolan’s popular vision of the hero. While there’s no promise that Rubinov’s plans will come to fruition (Green Lantern and the Henry Cavill-starring Superman reboot could flop, after all), it’s surprising they’d be willing to switch gears on Batman so quickly. Sure, Nolan is set to “produce” the next Bat-movie after Rises, but don’t forget Tim Burton “produced” Batman Forever and we still wound up with Chris O’Donnell and bat-nipples. One good thing that could happen: Armie Hammer was cast as Bruce Wayne for the previous crack at the Justice League, and his rising fame can’t hurt his chances at reclaiming the cowl for this one.

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The Top 5 Batman 3 Rumors

With The Dark Knight still in the Top 5 after making over $500 million dollars, it’s no surprise that everyone wants to give the scoop on what Warner Bros. has planned for the sequel. Here’s thing: nobody has a friggin’ clue who’s going to be in The Caped Crusader, or even if it’s even named The Caped Crusader. Here are five of Scandalist‘s favorite claims about the movie so far.

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