Oscar Men: Pharrell, Uggie And Other Guys Who Stepped It Up

“She’s so gorgeous!” “She’s too thin!” “I love her hair! “Is she pregnant?” “What was her stylist thinking?” Yes, most of our commentary about Oscar fashion revolves around the women in attendance. The lovely ladies of Hollywood always steal the show on the red carpet, but we want to give the men a chance to shine. While some guys just slap on a penguin suit and call it a day, a few put a little extra thought into their attire, and for that, we applaud them.

Keeping the swag level high, P.Diddy told us he went for a custom-made suit from London. Interior designer/talk-show host Nate Berkus has impeccable taste that clearly translates to his sense of fashion. And Nate was kind enough to let us in on the reasoning behind his fashion splurge: “When you’re 5-8″, you don’t go for a tuxedo from a store ’cause then you look 5’8″ … Don’t I look 5’9″?” Pharrell Williams served as the night’s musical director, so he knew his sartorial choice would be on the screen a whole lot. He was looking fresh to death in a Lanvin tuxedo, complete with waistcoat. “I’m clean baby! This what it’s all about right here!”

From the Oscar veterans like the velvet-loving Christopher Plummer to the newcomers like Jonah Hill, there were plenty of other men rocking a suit like a GQ photo shoot. Check out our gallery below and tell us who your faves were.

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The Top 10 Most Awkward Oscar Moments Of 2012

Tonight, the 2012 Oscars rewarded the talented, entertained the masses and reminded us all about the impeachable hotness of Jennifer Lopez. Seriously. Yikes. They also made us wince with humiliation on more than one occasion. In fact, our top 10 most embarrassing moments were…

10) Bradley Cooper‘s mustache: Bradley was looking a little like a male stripper this evening. Not that that’s the worst way for him to look…
9) Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz’s booty shot: “Just take a chance!” Cammie laughed as she and JLo turned their bums to the audience during their Best Makeup presentation. We get it, ladies. There’s not a chance we weren’t going to love your butts.
8 ) Cirque de Soleil dancer biffs it hard: One unfortunate performer bit it during the troupe’s acrobatic dance performance. Unless his fall was intentional? You can never tell with those French Canadians…
7) Billy Crystal ripping on Christopher Plummer’s age: Crystal snarked that the 82-year-old Best Supporting Actor winner might “wander off” the stage. You know, ’cause he’s old!
6) That weird buzzing feedback: It was like someone’s phone was going off in the third row. For three hours.
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10 Bold Colors That Perked Up The SAG Awards Red Carpet

There’s been a whole lot of neutral and black going on this awards season, and that rather works to the advantage of the stars who chose the path less traveled and wore bold colors to the SAG Awards. They stand out all the more with their blues, pinks, greens and reds. From Emily Blunt’s bright green Oscar de la Renta to Jessica Chastain’s delicious blue Calvin Klein collection, the rainbow of gowns was all the more brilliant by the sun shining during the arrivals. Thank you, brave actors for making us sit up and take notice of you before you go off to congratulate yourselves for being brave actors.

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SAG Awards: Ladies’ Night With The Help And Mo(o)re

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20 Oscar Nominees’ Least Award-Winning Roles: From Halloween II To Hannibal

Oscar nominations are pretty much the be-all and end-all when it comes to determining whether actors and actresses have “made it.” Still, it’s good to remember that all those potential Academy Award winners had to start off at the same place: the bottom (and many of them take trips back down there, for nostalgic reasons, we assume). The truth is, whether you’re Jonah Hill or Melissa McCarthy or especially Gary Oldman, you’re bound to have a few embarrassing movie skeletons in your closet. Check out the 2012 Oscar nominees’ least award-winning roles and remember: if Octavia Spencer could go from Halloween II to Academy Award nominee in two years, then maybe you can too! Well, not you specifically. But definitely somebody.

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Oscar Nominees Brad Pitt, Melissa McCarthy Celebrate With Pancakes, Joy

Oscar nominations are in for the 2012 Academy Awards, which means it’s time to celebrate a job well done! Whether it’s with breakfast foods, low-cut gowns or just a deep abiding love for Ryan Gosling, check out what our future Oscar winners (and losers!) have to squee about their nominations:

  • “It’s gonna be pancakes for everyone this morning!” Best Actor nominee Brad Pitt squealed to the Today show this morning. The Moneyball star also gave a shout-out to his direct competitor George Clooney, because Brad Pitt is nothing if not a class act. “It’s more fun to have a friend there, and no one does it better than George,” Pitt gushed about The Descendants star. “I say give him all the trophies, and when you run out of trophies, make some new ones and give him those, too.”
  • ”I didn’t get up or anything. I just did not expect that. AT ALL! Hopefully I’m not nuts.” Best Supporting Actress nominee Melissa McCarthy raved to EW. The Bridesmaids star excitedly concluded, “At some point today, I’m having champagne, dammit!”
  • “I didn’t think I was in it and then they said my name and it was just a sigh of relief,” Best Support Actress nominee Octavia Spencer sighed to People. Luckily The Help star has a few weeks before the Oscars to focus on the bigger picture, i.e. how her girls will look on the red carpet. “It’s just about accentuating the positives and blurring the negatives,” Spencer declared. “I want to accentuate the positive which would be cleavage – even though it’s saggy cleavage, it’s cleavage! – and give myself an hourglass.” Read more…

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Michael Fassbender’s On-Camera Pee, And Other Oscar Roundtable Moments

Whether they’re peeing in front of a camera, talking about their bat nipples or discussing people slicing off their toes, celebrities truly are just like us. And by us, we mean giant weirdos. When Newsweek assembled George Clooney, Tilda Swinton, Viola Davis, Charlize Theron, Christopher Plummer and Michael Fassbender for their Oscar roundtable, plenty of creepy stories and awkward moments started to emerge. “I did actually pee on-camera, ” Fassbender admits about his starring role in Shame, explaining that he got it done in three takes. “Hard to stop, isn’t it?” Clooney blurts gleefully. Other delightfully off-putting moments that cropped up during the stars’ discussion included:

  • Clooney’s depressing shoe salesman years. “There was a whole generation of women who had a toe cut off to fit in tight pumps,” he…jokes?
  • Charlize Theron commanding that Viola Davis recognize, “You’re hot as sh–!”
  • Clooney’s defense of the Batman sequels, which gets derailed by Tilda Swinton’s memory of his prominent rubber batsuit nipples. “Had I known they were going to put nipples on the thing, I would have rethought it,” George sighs.
  • Christopher Plummer’s very real beef with Tree of Life director Terrence Malick, saying of his experience making Malick’s film The New World, “I gave him sh–. I’ll never work with him again.”
  • Charlize’s amazing impression of Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids.

So … can we give all of them an Oscar for all this riffing? Or just to Tilda Swinton for uttering the phrase, “There are laws about erections now, aren’t there?” We don’t need all those short film Oscars. Just swap one of them out and no one will be the wiser.

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Critics’ Choice Movie Awards: Our Favorite Speeches, Toasts And Deaths

For some people, an awards show is all about who wins and who’s snubbed. For those people, we have this list. For others, however, it’s about all of those other moments in-between — the awkward speeches, the hilarious skits, the cutaways to the tipsy A-listers sitting at tables full of empties. Here’s a list of our favorites from the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards (in chronological order):

» Octavia Spencer began her Best Supporting Actress speech with a flustered, “Well I’m not prepared, I wasn’t a Girl Scout.” But then she pulled it together and quite elegantly thanked a whole lot of people.

» Christopher Plummer in his pink shirt, said he was “completely turned on” by his Supporting Actor win. “At my age, I need all the help I can get in that department.”
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Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Winners List

Whew! We’re winding down the evening here after the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, but you know awards season 2012 has just begun. The winners here have a preeeetty good chance of taking home Oscar gold, so as you peruse this list and gallery, let us know if you think they got it right this year!

Best Picture: The Artist

Best Actor: George Clooney, The Descendants

Best Actress: Viola Davis, The Help

Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer, Beginners

Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer, The Help

Best Young Actor/Actress: Thomas Horn, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
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2012 Golden Globe Nominees’ Least Award-Worthy Moments: Mickey Mouse Club To She-Devil

As soon as the 69th annual Golden Globe nominations were announced this morning, industry folks like Variety began noting how many movie stars (as opposed to fancy ahctorrrs, we guess) are nominated: George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling aren’t exactly slouches in the acting department, but they don’t turn their noses down at a good romantic comedy heist film either. On the other hand, the more we think about it, the more we think maybe they should have turned down a few gigs. Well, no regrets, Meryl and Glenn and Leo. You turned out OK. Just forgive us for laughing with you at some of the skeletons in your closet/IMDb page!

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FABLife’s DVD Pick Of The Week

The Last Station

On the one hand, this is an old-fashioned costume drama complete with stiff collars and an impressive amount of facial furniture. Station tells the story of Leo Tolstoy, the Russian author of War & Peace whose philosophy of passive resistance inspired Gandhi and Martin Luther King. On the other, Station is a tale of skullduggery and dirty tricks, as Tolstoy’s wife spars with the followers hoping to profit from the dying writer’s final testament. Sporting a beard that resembles Niagara Falls, Christopher Plummer is splendid as the noble Russian who enjoyed playing dress-up as a peasant, while Helen Mirren nearly acts her corset off as Mrs. T. Both were nominated for Oscars. James McAvoy watches the old pros from the sidelines and takes notes. The twinkly Atonement star strikes some memorable sparks of his own off a comely Tolstoy disciple, played by real-life wife Anne-Marie Duff.

Extras: Plummer and Mirren appear on the commentary track with writer-director Michael Hoffman (Soapdish). Outtakes and a documentary on Plummer’s career, a wild ride from The Sound of Music to the present.

– By C. Bottomley

Check out our exclusive DVD bonus clip above!