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Justin Timberlake’s Sci-Fi In Time Trailer Looks Confusing, Amazing

We’re not going to lie: we had to watch the In Time trailer starring Justin Timberlake twice to fully understand what was going on. In case you don’t have the time (see what we did there? because it’s about a future dystopia where time is money?), let us break down the most important points that stood out to us. First of all, everyone in this trailer, which premiered yesterday at the San Diego Comic-Con,  is 25 years old, since in Future America everyone is given a quarter century before you have to beg, borrow and, from the looks of it, murder to get more time. The only downside: your grandma might end up looking a teeny tiny bit hotter than you.

Second of all, seeing as how the Friends with Benefits actor costars alongside Amanda Seyfried, Alex Pettyfer and the always villainous Cillian Murphy, everyone in the future is also really, really, really ridiculously good looking. The film doesn’t explicitly say why, but since it 2099 AD, we have assume it’s result of some sort of hottiebommbalottie laser. Maybe a literal babe magnet, if we’ve mastered the technology.

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Cool Britannia: The BAFTA Awards Take LA

The British are coming, and they look fabulous. The Los Angeles chapter of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts held their annual awards gala last night at the Hyatt Regency hotel, and  some of England’s finest talent turned out. A surprisingly cheerful Carey Mulligan, Michael Sheen and his show-stopping mustache, and comedy legend Stephen Fry all did Her Majesty proud as they strolled across the regal red carpet. Marion Cotillard rep’ed the continent in a shimmering gray cocktail dress, and Irishman Cillian Murphy looked as cool as his icy blue eyes.

But America fought back with some of its own biggest stars, including Jeff Bridges, Dakota Fanning, Olivia Wilde, and Kevin Spacey, who showed off his new honorary Commander of the British Empire medal recently given to him by the Queen for services to drama! We don’t know what any of that means (he’s still American, right?), but we imagine if the Queen ever gives you anything at all, you take it. No questions asked.

And of course, it’s not a party until Betty White shows up. Check it out in the gallery below!

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