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Condoleezza Rice Guest Starring On 30 Rock…As Alec Baldwin’s Ex?

Plenty of sitcoms have brought in a main character’s old flame just to shake things up, but they’re rarely portrayed by a former U.S. Secretary of State. Yesterday on NPR’s Leonard Lopate show, Tina Fey spilled the beans that Condoleezza Rice will guest star on 30 Rock before the end of this season. Rice will be playing the “high-ranking African-American member of the Bush Administration” that Alec Baldwin‘s John Donaghy claimed to have dated in season one, episode eight “The Break-Up.” Sadly, Baldwin and his lady love split before the audience a chance to see her, in part due to an alleged flirtation with Vladimir Putin. The episode even insinuated Jack’s “neocon inamorata” enjoyed phone sex. Look, if Condi is willing to go there during her cameo, we are willing to overlook some of the Bush Administration. Like, the first two weeks.

This isn’t the first surprising 30 Rock celebrity cameo the show has pulled out it’s bag of tricks; everyone from Aaron Sorkin to Pee-Wee Herman have stopped to visit Liz and the gang. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin even had a romance with Liz’s mom! What are the odds Condi could soon pull a reverse-Reagan and go from politics to acting in real life? A reverse-Reagan also sounds like something Rice and Donaghy would be discussing during their late-night phone calls.  See, this episode is writing itself!


Birth Dating: Who’s Older? Condoleezza Rice Or Yanni?

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