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Remembering The Friends Finale 10 Years Later: Which Star Is On Top Now?

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It’s been a decade since the series finale of Friends, and we’ve still failed to find a show that’s as hilarious or as enthusiastic about celebrating Thanksgiving. (How I Met Your Mother came close, and ABC never gave Happy Endings a real chance to succeed.) In the 10 years since the finale, many a TV writer has embarked on a quest to recreate that Friends magic. Turns out, it’s harder than it looks.

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Lightning Strikes Twice: 20 Actors Who Have 2 Iconic TV Roles Under Their Belt

Actors with two iconic TV roles

Having a starring role on a successful TV show can be a double-edged sword. While it’s great  to be popular (and the steady work can’t hurt), many actors find it hard to escape the long shadow cast by their most famous role. Once the series ends, it can be a slippery slope towards type-casting, and then finally a permanent stay in a town called “Has-Been”.

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500 Years Later, David Arquette Finally Files For Divorce

David Arquette Files For Divorce From Courteney Cox

You might find this news unfathomable, but it’s true: David Arquette and Courteney Cox are still legally married, despite having separated all the way back in October 2010. That’s like being separated for a millennium in HMT (Hollywood Marriage Time)! Factoring in Arquette’s erratic appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last month, intermittent rumors about Cox getting it on with her Cougar Town costar Josh Hopkins and mutual overshares with Howard Stern last year, it’s a wonder it took until now for David Arquette to officially file divorce papers. Do you think he literally forgot he was married? We would honestly not put it past the man…

According to TMZ, Arquette cited “irreconcilable differences” on the filing he submitted last Friday; he is asking for joint legal and physical custody of the couple’s daughter Coco, and did not request spousal or child support. Overall, looks like a quiet end to a crazy…wait, what’s that? Arquette is representing himself in the divorce? He’s not getting a lawyer? Plus the papers he filed are dated March 23, implying that he just sat on them for three months? Oh boy. Well, we look forward to finding out the outcome of their divorce. Or rather, we look forward to our great-great-grandchildren finding out the outcome of their divorce, seeing as how we’ll be dead and gone for any number of decades at that point.

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The Alternate Reality Friends Cast Will Blow Your TV-Loving Mind

It’s impossible to imagine watching an episode of Friends without seeing the familiar faces of Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow and Matt Leblanc. The chemistry generated between the gang made it one of the most iconic lineups in TV history. Hell, they’re like the Beatles of situation comedies! John, Paul, George and Kevin just doesn’t have the same ring to it, y’know? So by the same token, it’s a little jarring to see the original casting choices for the legendary show.

The news comes to us from the folks at Vanity Fair, who are running an “oral history” of the series in their latest issue. It’s definitely fascinating to see how television history might have turned out. Could Jon Cryer have been a snarkier Chandler? Would Tea Leoni have made a better Rachel? Tantalizing questions indeed! Click under the jump to see which celebs almost played your favorite Friends!

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The 100 Hottest Celeb Bikini Pics Of 2011

It’s that time of year again when we reflect on everything we’ve accomplished, as well as the things we probably could have done better (like eating a few less slices of pumpkin pie) and make heartfelt resolutions for the new year.  After all of the indulgences of the holiday season, we normally include the plan to live a healthier lifestyle at the very top of our list.  If you need motivation to get fit in 2012,  look no further than our collection of the 100 hottest bikini photos of 2011. It’s sure to inspire you to finally use that gym membership!

We’ve ranked the top 10 hottest bikini clad ladies, and included another 90 wildly sexy bikini shots, in no particular order. Enjoy!

1. Halle Berry

Move over Miranda Kerr (Miranda was crowned our hottest bikini bod in 2009 and 2010), Halle Berry wins this year! Peep more Halle Berry bikini pics.

2. Alessandra Ambrosio

See sexy shots of Alessandra Ambrosio and her fellow Victoria’s Secret Angels in this 2011 Victoria’s Secret fashion show mega gallery!

Check out more bikini beauties after the jump!

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Report: Jennifer Aniston Throwing Meet-My-BF Parties For Justin Theroux

While some people are going to great lengths to shut down rumors of a Jennifer Aniston-Justin Theroux romance—especially the mother of his alleged current girlfriend, stylist Heidi Bivens—the gossip doesn’t appear to be going away. In fact, People is confident to say that Aniston even threw a party with Courteney Cox and Chelsea Handler to introduce her friends to the Tropic Thunder scripter/Your Highness star. “They all had a great time and enjoyed Justin’s company,” says their source.  “They’re doing great. He’s edgier than the guys Jen usually dates. She really likes him!”

Ironically, Us Magazine says Cox and Aniston are fighting over Courteney’s cavalier treatment of husband David Arquette during their separation, with her beach vacation with Josh Hopkins allegedly giving Jen some bad Brangelina flashbacks. Hey, if that’s true, how does Courteney feel about Jennifer swiping Justin from that stylist? Huh? If only we could work a Matthew Perry double-take into this Friends drama…assuming any of it’s even remotely true.

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Brad Pitt & Courteney Cox Manage To Chat Politely At Hollywood Dinner

Looks like someone’s shown their true colors! While any true friend of Jennifer Aniston would throw a drink in Brad Pitt‘s face if given the chance and demand to know how he could run off with some objectivist hussy while America’s Sweetheart becomes an old maid, Courteney Cox did no such thing when the pair both attended a birthday party for their manager Cynthia Pett-Dante. “They hugged and kissed when they greeted each other,” a witness told People. “They talked for a while.”

“They both seemed happy and totally relaxed, very at ease,” described the source, who somehow restrained themself from screaming “Judas!” “They were both smiling the entire time. It didn’t seem awkward at all.” It’s not that surprising, considering Pitt and Cox previously caught up at a Chris Cornell concert two years ago, allegedly “chatting away all night” (what, you expected them to watch a Chris Cornell solo concert instead? Zzz). Could it really be that all these people are over the six-year-old crimes of passion that birthed Brangelina? It’s just hard for gossip mongers to accept that.

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90’s Flashback! Classic Fashion From Scream Premieres Past

While everyone from Matthew Lillard to Emma Roberts attended this week’s Scream 4 premiere, it still felt like something was missing. It wasn’t until we checked out photos from the olden days that we realized what was wrong. Sure, they’d found all the old stars, but where was their wild nineties fashion! We don’t want David Arquette in a sharp suit—we want him dressed like a “pop-punk-ska” bass player! There were no trenchcoats worn with short skirts, no parachute pants, and not a single cornrowed Melissa Joan Hart to be found anywhere. They don’t just make Scream movies like they used to, they don’t make premieres like they used to!

See photos of fine ’90s fashion from your favorite Scream stars—plus celebrity pals like Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and The Artist Formerly Known As Puff Daddy—in the gallery below.

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