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Late, Late Show Anthrax Scare Turns Out To Be Cornstarch

Thankfully Craig Ferguson’s anthrax scare on the Late, Late Show turned out to be just a hoax; if not we couldn’t make fun of it, and where’s the justice in that? Yesterday the show’s studio received an envelope of a unknown white substance. “Someone sent here an envelope packed with white powder. I said, I’ll test it for you if you want,” the last night joked during the show’s taping later that day. “I have a special test that I conducted between 1979 and 1992.” While two people were held temporarily after being exposed to the power, a hazardous materials team arrived and was able to determine right away that the substance was benign. Subsequently, we’d like to know what Craig’s tests come up with!

Today CBS confirms that anthrax was actually cornstarch sent to the show from a European address. “The LAPD and FBI are currently investigating the situation,” the network said in a statement. Oh, so clearly someone was just mailing their grandmother some souvenir cornstarch from Albania and it got lost in the mail. Alternately, someone be crazy!


Gerard Butler Gets Goofy At Dragon Premiere

Gerard Butler

Turns out Jennifer Aniston was making him mug less! Freed from having to play his Bounty Hunter co-star’s escort, Gerald Butler hammed up one unsexy storm at the How To Train Your Dragon premiere in Universal City. Joining in his goofery were co-stars America Ferrera, Jay Baruchel, Craig Ferguson and Jonah Hill. Hey, anyone notice that Butler (The Bounty Hunter), Ferrera (Our Family Wedding) and Baruchel (She’s Out Of My League) already had movies come out this month? They really should space this stuff out—don’t want to think about a month where you can’t see (or hear) Gerald in theaters. See his continued March movie madness in the gallery below.

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