Actors Whose Careers Tanked After Winning an Oscar

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-Courtney Enlow

For some, an Oscar is a ticket to a whole new realm of opportunity. For others, not so much. Read more…

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Crime In The Summertime: 14 Celebs Who Behaved Badly (And Got Caught) This Summer

While many celebs spent the warmer months gallivanting in the Hamptons, yachting in the Mediterrean or hitting up [the VIP sections of] music festivals, some were making questionable decisions like staging a protest in Costco, brawling in bars, driving like maniacs and “servicing” themselves in movie theaters. The summer temps brought out “the naughty” in stars ranging from The Biebs to Randy Travis to Fred Willard. Here are 14 celebrities who got arrested, barely slipped by or at the least induced major facepalms this summer.

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In Case You’re Wondering What He’s Been Up To: Cuba Gooding Jr. Wanted For Arrest Over Shoving Bartender

Cuba Gooding Jr. Wanted Over Bar BrawlWe interrupt your heart-warming, drool-inducing Olympic coverage for a story that will bring tears to your eyes in a different way. In the bad way, is what we’re saying. Academy Award-winner Cuba Gooding Jr. currently has a warrant out for his arrest for “municipal battery”; the charge is due to an alleged altercation early this morning between Gooding and a New Orleans bartender. “He was apparently getting rowdy when people were trying to take photos, and he got aggravated,” NOPD Director of Public Affairs Remi Braden told Celebuzz. “The bartender tried to calm him down, at which time he allegedly pushed her, and before he left the bar he pushed her again.” So we guess that answers what Cuba’s been up to lately. We don’t mean to be glib, but we honestly blame Snow Dogs for this. And Boat Trip. And Radio. And…

Gooding might currently be a wanted man, but we doubt it’ll be too difficult for the authorities to track hm down. He’s currently in the Big Easy filming Lee Daniels‘ history drama The Butler with Oprah, Forest Whitaker, Nicole Kidman and just about every other A-lister in Hollywood. This is going to make conversation around the craft services table just a teensy bit awkward this week. Hopefully Cuba will turn himself in soon and we can all get back to some good old floor routines! Look, over here! Forget about that Oscar-winner-about-to-be-arrested stuff! Floor routines!

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Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Julianna Margulies Make A Literal Splash At Cosmopolis Premiere

Kristen Stewart, Tom Sturridge, Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, Julianna Margulies at the Cannes premiere of Cosmopolis

From what we can tell, David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis is not the side-splitting comedy of the summer. And yet, the photos coming out of the photocall and premiere of the film at Cannes make it seem like the fest’s funniest event yet. Maybe that’s due to star Robert Pattinson’s relentless red-carpet face-making. Or due to the fact that it was pouring at the premiere, and the celebrities in attendance, like Julianna Margulies, could do nothing but laugh at how drenched their gorgeous gowns were getting.

Other random celebs mugging for the cameras at the premiere included Cuba Gooding Jr., Bonnie Wright and Kelly Rutherford. Model Natasha Poly showed the most daring amount of skin at the event, but she had a surprising rival in the side-boob game: none other than Kristen Stewart, in a plunging red Reem Acra stunner. She arrived ahead of her boyfriend and was instead on the arm of pal (and her On the Road co-star) Tom Sturridge.

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Rihanna, Tom Felton Join The Wave Of Holiday Beach Vacays

Given that our first instinct is to slather them with SPF 75 and follow them around with a golf umbrella, it’s probably better that we’re just catching a glimpse of all these celebrity beach vacations, rather than actually being on those trips ourselves. Off the coast of Maui, Ben Stiller opted for paddle boarding this week, while Brooke Burns swam and Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon canoed off the same island. Meanwhile, Marc Jacobs and ex-boyfriend Lorenze Martone lounged on St. Barts, Cuba Gooding Jr. laughed with friends poolside, Tom Felton partied in Miami and Rihanna tweeted her fans from Barbados. Seeing how happy they all are, we guess we can temporarily ignore the potential for celebrity sunburn. Plus, think about how much vitamin D they’re getting right now! So, so much!

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Even Cuba Gooding Jr. Knows Boat Trip Was A Bad Movie

So, this happened. When asking Cuba Gooding Jr. what scary movie made him scream (we were at the Scream Awards, after all) he responded by making fun of Boat Trip, a comedy flop he made in 2003 that currently has a 7% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Yes, it’s terrible, and even Cuba knows it. The Oscar winner was accompanied by his Red Tails co-stars Nate Parker and Elijah Kelley, and his answer made everyone in the entire room go nuts with laughter. Everyone, that is, but Red Tails writer/producer/Hollywood mega-legend George Lucas.

Guys, George Lucas was there!

I should add, the entire crew spoke passionately about their work on Red Tails, which tells the story of the Tuskegee Airmen of World War II. Check out the trailer and go see it. And maybe give Boat Trip a rent, too. For Cuba’s sake.


I’m Not An A-List Actor, But I Play One On TV


For years, the show Entourage has confused us. Main character Vincent Chase and his lovable gang of loser sidekicks hang around in L.A., living off of Vinnie’s multi-million dollar salary because he is the Leo DiCaprio of this fictional world, the A-list actor everyone loves. And yet Adrian Grenier, the actor who plays the perpetually laid-back and unshaven Vinnie, is not. Grenier is B-list or maybe even C-list when it comes to his fame, not even coming close to the superhero roles Vinnie gets (remember the time he was Anne Hathaway‘s boyfriend in The Devil Wears Prada? We barely do either!) I mean, how bad is it that the guy playing his agent is more famous than he is in real life?

So with the premiere of the new season of Entourage and poor Adrian/Vinnie as our inspiration, we thought of ten other actors who sadly are not nearly as famous as the roles they play on TV and in the movies. We have hope that some of them will someday make it to the big time, but unfortunately, for some others, the time seems to have passed. Click through our gallery to see the actors who wish they were their on-screen counterparts.

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Celebs Celebrate July 4th In Malibu


Celebrities flocked to Malibu this weekend to celebrate their independence. Fun in the sun consisted of long walks on the beach, boogie boarding, playing with babies and pups, and cuddling. Check out our gallery of Jessica Alba, Shia Labeouf, Adrian Grenier, Jenny McCarthy and others relaxing over the holiday weekend. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Top Ten Outrageous Oscar Moments

The Academy Awards ceremonies of years past have been littered with memorable outrageous moments. Some are heartfelt, like Cuba Gooding, Jr‘s energetic acceptance speech in 1999. Some are shocking, like when Angelina Jolie made jaws drop by smooching her brother James Haven. Some make your stomach turn, like a sex-scandal plagued Rob Lowe doing a duet with Snow White. Ugh – the horror! Check out our gallery of the top ten most outrageous Oscar moments of all time.

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