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Casting Fail: Kim Kardashian’s Ex-Husband To Appear On X Factor With Khloe Kardashian

Damon Thomas joins the cast of X Factor with ex-sister-in-law Khloe Kardashian

It’s no surprise that Simon Cowell is big on the drama. Whether it’s between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, or even with himself and young Demi Lovato, the master media maker knows that nothing gets viewers like a big brawl. And it looks like there’s another storm brewing soon, as reports surface that Cowell hired music producer Damon Thomas  to appear on X Factor, along side Khloe Kardashian. What’s the big deal? He used to be married to Khloe’s sister, Kim. Ooof. Clever casting, or serious slip up? You be the judge.

Kim’s other ex has not exactly been keeping up with the Kardashian’s over the years, repeatedly slamming them in interviews. “She can’t write or sing or dance, so she does harmful things in order to validate herself in the media,” he said to In Touch 2010. And now that he’s going to be appearing as a mentor on the reality show with his former sister-in-law, we’re expecting the fists to fly. Or at least some seriously icy glares. “We’re sure Simon is going to have great fun with this,” an insider told RadarOnline. “You know the tension is going to be unbelievable between Khloe and Damon.” Let’s get ready to rumble…

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Kim Kardashian’s Ex-Husband Calls Her a Fame Whore


Kim Kardashian spoke of her abusive marriage with ex-husband, music producer Damon Thomas last week.  Their divorce papers (the split happened in 2003) were recently leaked and Kardashian say’s she was physically and emotionally abused during their three year marriage. She was too scared to to go the police, and claimed Thomas hit her after growing suspicious about who she was paging, “He became enraged and punched me in the face. My face was bruised and swollen as a result,” she said. “I thought about calling the police but was afraid and decided not to do so.”  She added, “Damon decided what we would do and when we would do it. He was very much the ‘King of the castle,'” she said. “He said he wanted to know where I was at all times.”

“It’s just absolutely not true,” says her ex to In Touch magazine. Thomas claims she’s just trying to get “a lot of money” out of him and isn’t really telling the truth. He stated he’s the one who filed for divorce after he apprently discoveredthat Kardashian was cheating on him with a bunch of guys. He also claims she convinced him to foot her massive shopping bills and plastic surgery. “She wanted to have that lifestyle. She wanted to be what she ultimately became.”

The music producer says he ended things when he saw her with J.Lo’s ex-husband Cris Judd. “I saw my wife with another man, wearing the clothes that we had just bought after her lipo. It was not something as a husband you ever wanted to see.”

And his final blow? “Kim is obsessed with fame,” he said. “She can’t write or sing or dance, so she does harmful things in order to validate herself in the media. That’s a fame-whore to me. It’s just not cool at all.”

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Car Company Tells Kim Kardashian’s Ex To Pay Up

It appears being married to Kim Kardashian for four years left producer Damon Thomas in such a daze he forgot to pay his bills.  TMZ reports that Elegante Leasing Limited is claiming Damon owes $475,000 on three luxury cars he leased from them in 2007 – a 2002 Ferrari 360 Spyder, a 2005 Bentley GT coupe and a 2005 Lamborghini Murcielago roadster.  Elegante filed a lawsuit with Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday insisting that the Tush’s ex pay up ASAP. [Photo:Getty Images]