Dan Aykroyd Will Not Work With Unknown Young Actors

When we read this interview with Dan Aykroyd, we thought for sure it was a joke; but there’s no element of sarcasm in it, no wink to the audience to show he’s playing around. The Blues Brothers actor told the AP, “I will walk out the door for the paycheck I deserve and working with the superstars. Otherwise, I won’t work as an actor. I’m sorry. I don’t have to, and why shouldn’t I get what is commensurate with what my market will bear today? It’s not the salary I used to get, and I don’t care if I play a supporting part. Fine. I’m reasonable…But I’m not going to work for nothing, and I’m not going to work for people who are unknown. I can’t do it.”

Um, wow? At least this explains why poor Justin Timberlake is in film voicing Boo-Boo in the new, terrible-looking Yogi Bear movie that comes out this week—he’s the opposite of an unknown, that’s for sure. We’re comedy nerds who grew upon Ghostbusters and Trading Places, but if Aykroyd is rich enough that he doesn’t actually have to work, and he’s not willing to work on small, low-budget projects, we’d rather he just didn’t make films at all. Especially not when they look as awful as Yogithe tagline is (unintentionally) the funniest thing about it.