David Carradine’s Widow Blames Movie Studio For His Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation

David Carradine & Annie

David Carradine‘s wife has filed a wrongful death suit against the movie producers he was working for when he accidentally died from auto-erotic asphyxiation. According to TMZ, Carradine was promised an assistant to take care of travel and scheduling while working on the film Stretch in Bangkok. The night of his death, Carradine was supposed to have dinner with the film’s director, only to be left behind when he failed to answer a phone call from the lackey. Told he had to “make his own arrangements that evening,” Carradine tied a rope around his neck and genitals and accidentally hung himself. Apparently, Annie feels the studio is to blame for not giving himself the actor something better to do.

We hate to laugh about a tragedy (Carradine was not only a great actor—seen Kill Bill?—he was also an early supporter of Martin Scorsese), but this lawsuit seems totally ridiculous. Unless Carradine was considered a danger to himself and required round-the-clock supervision (which goes well beyond the “industry standards” the studio allegedly failed to live up to), it doesn’t sound like his unfortunate demise was the outcome of their negligence so much as the actor’s lack of good judgment. It’s a good thing she waited a year after his death to file this thing—David’s spirit needed time to get over his initial embarrassment before hearing about this.

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Brother Wants FBI To Investigate David Carradine’s Death

david & keith carradine

David Carradine‘s family has asked the FBI to take over the investigation of the actor’s death in Bangkok, unsure it was caused by a sex act gone wrong. “They’ve done it because of the conflicting reports and the nature of those reports that have given the family great pause,”  brother Keith Carradine‘s attorney Mark Geragos told Larry King Friday.

Carradine’s interest in bondage has been detailed by his former wives, but many questions remain unanswered—and the family wants the possibility of foul play to be investigated. “David was very interested in investigating and disclosing secret societies…What that means is connected to martial arts and his interest in martial arts,” said Geragos. “And so there is a suspicion that if there was some foul play, that that may be the first area where they should look.”

Thai police say they will allow the FBI to assist their efforts to prove the cause of Carradine’s death, but only as observers. While the FBI has no international jurisdiction, they occasionally investigate American deaths on foreign soil when crime is suspected.

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Did David Carradine Have Money Trouble?


A new report suggests that David Carradine, who was found hanging in his Bangkok hotel room on Wednesday, was suffering from financial problems right before his sudden death.

“David had been trying to make some fast cash doing personal appearances and things,” a source said. “It was a rough year for him, and he was a big spender and always in debt, but he wouldn’t have killed himself over finances. He wouldn’t have hung himself, that was too much effort. His ego would never have let him do that.”

His wife and children are reportedly “deeply baffled” by the sudden death and many around him find it hard to fathom that he would kill himself.

“I don’t believe he would have killed himself,” said actress Bai Ling, who co-starred with David in Crank: High Voltage. [Source:; Photo: Getty Images]


David Carradine Found Dead, Possible Suicide


David Carradine, star of the classic Kung Fu TV series and films like Kill Bill and Death Race 2000, died in a Bangkok hotel yesterday. A maid reportedly found Carradine sitting in a wardrobe with a rope around his neck and other parts of his body. The actor, 72, was in Thailand for a film shoot.

Carradine, who appeared in over 200 movies and TV shows in his career, had previously spoken of suicide to the press, though no medical report or suicide note has been released. Carradine is survived by his wife Annie, four siblings (including actors Robert and Keith Carradine), as well as daughters Calista and Kansas, from a previous marriage.

UPDATE: Carradine’s rep is claiming that his death was an “accident,” not suicide. The BBC originally reported that the rope was found around his “head and genitals” before changing the phrasing to “head and body,” potentially suggesting auto-erotic asphyxiation.

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