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Is Robert Pattinson Really Doing Okay? Yeah, He Says, And Parties In NYC To Prove His Point

Robert Pattinson Parties At Soho House

Robert Pattinson wants you to know he’s doing fine, guys. After his sexy Cosmopolis premiere pop-upclassy appearance on the Daily Show and his New York Stock Exchange bell-ringing, it was time to sit down, along with his director, David Cronenberg with Showbiz Tonight. When asked whether he was doing okay — since reports of him wallowing and boozing it up are rife — he succinctly replied, “Yeah” and laughed! The reporter even admitted he looked “absolutely fine”, to which he said, “Since the first Twilight, you enter this kind of realm where… you get stuff reported about you, and it’s weird.” Cronenberg added, “It’s a very abstract realm that doesn’t have a lot to do with personal reality” following that up with “People think they know what’s going on but they don’t know what’s really going on.” Robert continued the vein of thought, saying, “You start having a total disassociation … On top of that, loads of people just make it up anyway so it doesn’t make any difference.”

And then, when the interviewer asked one last time, if he was really okay (as in really, really okay, RPattz), same answer. “Yeah.” You heard it guys. And you can see it too, not just in the video, but in the photographs of him above, looking like some sort of ’90’s heartthrob, in a backwards cap, heading out of Soho House last night. With a very over-enthusiastic security dude, we might add. He looks just fine, like he’s had a couple of drinks even! Bonus picture after the jump, which illustrates our point!  Read more…

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Robert Pattinson’s Stock Exchange Appearance Proves Operation “Career After Twilight” Is In Full Effect

David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange

Long before that Kristen Stewart thing we don’t want to talk about, and even as the steady stream of Breaking Dawn – Part 2 promo pics and teasers began to flow, Robert Pattinson was on a mission. Not to alienate the Twilight fans who made him a household name, but to reel in a whole new audience as well — the film-critic types, the artsy folk, the Wall Street types who’d never be caught dead watching sparkly vampires — with his sexy, weird David Cronenberg film Cosmopolis. We saw it in his European magazine interviews, his Cannes appearances and, of course, in the sneak peeks of the film itself.

And though the rest of us got pretty distracted by his Twilight-entangled love-life woes, the past two days are proof that Pattinson will not be sidetracked from his goal. He gamely showed up for the New York premiere of the movie last night, and was an amazing sport for his appearance on The Daily Show. He knew we’d all tune in to see what he’d say about Kristen, and yet he managed to end the interview on his terms, challenging Twilight fans to help make Cosmopolis a huge success at the box office. And this morning, he and Cronenberg took part in the time-honored tradition of people from all sorts of walks of life ringing the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange. Sure, there are probably plenty of Twi-hards buying and selling stocks and bonds on Wall Street, but it’s also a big push to make Rob’s own stock rise as an actor who can appeal to all kinds of crowds. Also, he made his typically adorable range of faces throughout the appearance. Enjoy!

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Robert Pattinson Gets The Woody Allen Seal Of Approval

Robert Pattinson attracts attention from Woody Allen

Looks like we’re not the only ones with Pattinson fever (yes, we’re convinced it’s a real thing)! Cosmopolis director David Cronenberg has a tight loving grip on Robert Pattinson and now Woody Allen is gushing about how he would love to work with the Twi-star! At the NYC premier of Woody’s new film To Rome With Love, he told that he “wouldn’t hesitate” to work with R-Patz. He thinks that Pattinson is “a wonderful actor. I’ve seen him act and interviewed on television. I find him charming and amusing and if I ever had anything he was right for I wouldn’t hesitate for a second!”

What an amazing compliment from one of Hollywood’s biggest directors. As if we didn’t think Pattinson was going to make it, he’s got both Woody and Cronenberg hooked and wanting to bring him even higher than vampire fan worship. During a recent Q & A at a London Apple Store, Cronenberg said he chose Pattinson to be in Cosmopolis because he ” just thought it would be wonderful to hear this dialogue spoken by wonderful actors, and I stumbled accidentally across Rob.” And of course, he fell victim to the old Pattinson charm. “The charisma that he has is obvious and is necessary for this film as his character is in absolutely every scene,” Cronenberg continued. “You have to have someone who has the chops, and is interesting and charismatic.”

Wow, our Twilight boy has a bright future ahead of him and we seriously can’t wait to see what’s next!

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Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Julianna Margulies Make A Literal Splash At Cosmopolis Premiere

Kristen Stewart, Tom Sturridge, Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, Julianna Margulies at the Cannes premiere of Cosmopolis

From what we can tell, David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis is not the side-splitting comedy of the summer. And yet, the photos coming out of the photocall and premiere of the film at Cannes make it seem like the fest’s funniest event yet. Maybe that’s due to star Robert Pattinson’s relentless red-carpet face-making. Or due to the fact that it was pouring at the premiere, and the celebrities in attendance, like Julianna Margulies, could do nothing but laugh at how drenched their gorgeous gowns were getting.

Other random celebs mugging for the cameras at the premiere included Cuba Gooding Jr., Bonnie Wright and Kelly Rutherford. Model Natasha Poly showed the most daring amount of skin at the event, but she had a surprising rival in the side-boob game: none other than Kristen Stewart, in a plunging red Reem Acra stunner. She arrived ahead of her boyfriend and was instead on the arm of pal (and her On the Road co-star) Tom Sturridge.

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Robert Pattinson Freaks Us Out With David Cronenberg Homage, Talk Of “Balls”

Robert Pattinson in Premiere France

According to translations of the French Premiere magazine, it was Robert Pattinson’s idea to do a photo shoot re-creating scenes from David Cronenberg’s films to honor his Cosmopolis director. And by “honor,” we mean remind us how truly freaky films like Videodrome (which inspired the photo above) are, and how freaky Cosmopolis promises to be. The accompanying article includes this prize RPattz quote (via Us Weekly): “Filming Cosmopolis with David changed something in me. … It gave me balls.”

Robert Pattinson in Premere
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Cosmopolis Teaser Trailer: Maybe More Twilight-y Than Robert Pattinson Planned

Remember that time in Twilight when Edward Cullen was a jaded young billionaire who liked to play with guns and have dirty sex in his limo on the way to get his haircut? Um, well, no. Robert Pattinsons not really channeling his sensitive hero to play Eric Packer in David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis. From what we can tell after seeing the teaser for the movie, a French-subtitled version making the rounds today, he’s playing someone harder than a vampire’s glittery skin. “Show me something I don’t know,” he tells the half-naked woman pointing a gun at his chest, his accent kind of reminding us of Robert De Niro’s in Taxi Driver.

What we do know is that, as much as RPattz may want to shed Edward Cullen and attract a new audience to his work with his role, the Twi-hards are going to follow him through whatever left turns he takes in his career. Witness Cosmopolis’ surprise win in MTV’s Movie Brawl in January. The dark twistiness of a Cronenberg film may come as a shock to some Twilight fans, but not to those grownup ones who, after all, are devoted to a series about young people who drink blood to live forever. So now we’re going to play a little game called Twilight/Not Twilight with this teaser.

1. Not Twilight:

A half-naked lady.
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Rob Wraps Cosmopolis, Celebrates With Cast In Toronto

Robert Pattinson (and his bodyguard), Paul Giamatti and director David Cronenberg celebrated the end of Cosmopolis at Charlie’s Gallery in Toronto last night. Our favorite Brit hung out with cast and crew, chatted with pals and smoked outside. Next up for Rob is Comic Con in San Diego, and then we hope he takes a nice long vacation. The guy’s been working nonstop for years now and he deserves a little break. Maybe a trip back home to London, perhaps?

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Meet Sarah Gadon, Robert Pattinson’s New Cosmopolis Co-Star

Talk about a big break. In the past few hours Sarah Gadon has gone from “who?” to “you know, the girl playing Robert Pattinson‘s estranged wife in Cosmopolis.” Not only is it every actor’s dream to be cast alongside the hottest living human – it’s every person with a libido’s dream. Lucky! The movie details 24 hours in the life of billionaire businessman Eric Packer, played by Pattinson, in which he rides around in a limousine, nails a lot of women, and tries to outwit men who are after him after he scams his clients out of their savings. Did we mention he has a lot of sex?

Gadon may be a relative unknown, but she’s been acting for years. A native of Canada, the almost 24-year-old has appeared on such shows there as Being Erica and The Border and done voice-over work for cartoons. Perhaps her best known work to date is in Are You Afraid of the Dark?, a Canadian show which aired on Nickelodeon, beloved by every kid alive in the 90s. She’s also previously worked with Cosmopolis director David Cronenberg on the film A Dangerous Method. We’re into Sarah solely because she had a role in Charlie Bartlett and was in a movie about the Manson family. Dark and dark!

Clearly Sarah has the resume to play the part, but will she be able to handle all the gossip, rumors and fans that comes along with working with Rob? As much as we’d like to think the insanity surrounding him will subside after Breaking Dawn (clearly, he is hoping for this too), we doubt that will happen – especially when he keeps making movies with so many hot sex scenes (hello…Remember Me, Bel Ami, Water for Elephants). Have we mentioned the sex yet? Have we? We have? Oops.

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Producers Seek Oscar-Nominated Directors For Breaking Dawn

Ed and Bella

The Twilight series may be enjoying massive commercial success and enjoy a rabidly devotional cult, but there’s still one thing it’s failed to achieve: prestige! According to some hot gossip from EW, Summit Entertainment is trying to rope an Oscar-nominated director to classy up their adaptation of the final book, Breaking Dawn, which will likely be split into two movies. Among those mentioned were Milk director Gus Van Sant, Lost In Translation‘s Sofia Coppola and ShowgirlsBill Condon, with Van Sant confirming he had been contacted.

Anyone who’s read (or even just read about) the final Twilight novel knows how far it steps from the Pacific Northwest vamp romance of the first book, with one heck of a birthing scene in store for Kristen Stewart and some seriously creepazoid activity from Taylor Lautner‘s Jacob. Judging from their decision to contact Coppola and Condon rather than hailed horror-heads like David Cronenberg or David Lynch (both of whom have respectively delivered monster babies in The Fly and Eraserhead), the producers may be looking for someone who can make this gothic garishness as pretty as possible…and not scare away those who came for romance. With shooting planned for this Fall, it shouldn’t be long before we get a name.

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