by (@shalapitcher)

Snooki’s Shore Shower And 4 Other Gross Moments From Last Night’s Jersey Shore

By Rachel Zarrell

Last night’s Jersey Shore episode was called “Nothing But Nice,” but it should’ve been titled “Nothing But Disgusting” with all of the talk of Snooki’s nether regions, Mike’s unfortunate wardrobe malfunction and, well some straight-up pee. Here’s a countdown of the most nauseating moments:

5. Snooki Is a Carnival Ride: This was a quick moment, but a stomach-churning one nonetheless. While the kids are getting ready to go to Jenks for some mid-day boozing, Deena bounces on Snooki’s stomach with her junk in her face. Snooki says what’s on everyone’s mind: “I’m going to throw up!”

4. Snooki Is House-Trained: When all the bathrooms are taken, Snooki (the family dog) heads to the porch to squat beneath the stairs. Afterward, she attempts to cover the mess with some unfortunate soul’s shorts. “They pee outside and drink out of bowls, we don’t need pets.” Well said, Pauly.
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