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Johnny Weir, Minka Kelly And Others Make Us Hopeful For Love In 2012

While Russell Brand and Katy Perry’s split on Friday put a damper on our celebratory mood over the weekend, we are happy to report that other famous couples are doing their best to renew our faith in romance. Here’s a little round-up of all the happy relationship news that happened over the weekend:

Johnny Weir and his lawyer boyfriend Victor Voronov got married. The figure skater tweeted, “I’m married!” on Saturday morning, and later told Real Housewives of New York vet Jill Zarin that they’d have a wedding this summer.

American Idol finalist James Durbin married his longtime girlfriend, Heidi Lowe, on Saturday in Santa Cruz. Their 2-year-old son, Hunter, was the ring bearer, and 85 guests attended the festivities, People reports.
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Pippa Middleton, Kardashians And Katy Make Barbara Walters’ Most Fascinating List

Ooooh, we can’t wait for these interviews! Barbara Walters announced nine of her 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011 today, and while we’ve certainly heard a lot from all of them, you just know there will be new, emotional dirt revealed when the special airs on December 14 on ABC.

Pippa Middleton, Katy Perry, the Kardashians and Simon Cowell seemed like pretty obvious choices. We kind of forgot about all that Donald Trump business earlier in the year, so thanks for reminding us, Babs. To some of us, the most fascinating thing Derek Jeter did this year was break up with Minka Kelly, but there are probably more sporty things he has to talk about. Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson also made the list, for reasons beyond just being adorable. And then the most fascinating person will be revealed during the show. (We’re confused by the numbers here — are the Kardashians all one person but Eric and Jesse are two people? Someone, please explain.)

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Who do you think should be #1? Courtney Stodden? Jub Jub the St. Bernard? Coco? Write in your candidates in the comments below!

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Derek Jeter And Minka Kelly Are Ovah!

Aww, breakups make us sad. Especially with these two, because after three long, Hollywood years together, Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly have split up. It’s not a nasty one, thankfully, as a source reveals, “The split was amicable. But they remain friends. They still really care for each other.” It isn’t just a rumor either because when contacted, Kelly’s spokespeople confirmed that the couple had indeed called it quits. Did work commitments have a part to play? Minka’s been busy shooting Charlie’s Angels which does put a damper on being the ever present girlfriend, right? Oh well, two supremely hot people are back on that market again. Tough luck, you two!

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Minka Kelly Is Sizzling In GQ


Stockings, garter belt, lacy bra and high heels all make for one very hot photo shoot. Minka Kelly poses for GQ this month and answers that one question everyone has been asking her. Is she or she not getting married to Derek Jeter? They’ve been throwing out dates for a while now so when’s the big date? Her only response was, ”I promise you, I’m not getting married in the next month.” That says a lot (not).

And what about that nasty airport scene? Minka apparently threw a fit because the crew on a Delta flight wouldn’t allow her to seat her dog next to her on the plane. A source wrote, “On delta flight 2863 from jfk to LAX right now and Minka Kelly caused such a f-ing scene about her dog not being able to be on seat w/ her that the pilot had to come out before we even left the gate.  She called boyfriend Derek Jeter and handed phone to him to try and rationalize w/ the seven flight attendants it took to calm her down…”

That sounds like one intense flip out.  Minka clarifies her stance in the interview explaining, “Do people think that somewhere in my brain, I think Derek can save me from someone telling me my dog can’t fly? If that’s the way I worked, he would have left me a long time ago.” Not a complete denial but when she’s looking like that, no one’s complaining.

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