Avril Lavigne’s Ex-Husband And Current Boyfriend Have Crazy Weekends

It sucks to be associated with Avril Lavigne this weekend. Her most recent suitors – ex-husband Deryck Whibley and her current flame, Brody Jenner were in the news this weekend for having a series of unfortunate events unfold around them.

Whibley’s drama was actually pretty serious, the Sum 41 musician  landed in the hospital after being involved in a bar brawl in Japan. He was allegedly attacked by three people and suffered a slipped disc in his back, although the injury didn’t prevent him from playing the Summer Sonic Festival on Saturday and Sunday against doctor’s orders. The attack is still being investigated by police.

In less dangerous but equally tragic news, Brody Jenner debuted a new hairstyle this weekend, a mohawk with an “A” for Avril shaved into it. Yikes. At least the “A” will grow out, but Brody and Avril are still stuck with their matching tattoos that they got in Vegas earlier this year. To be fair, none of us expected a Brody Jenner relationship to last this long, so maybe it really is love.

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Avril Lavigne And Her Sk8r Boi Brody Jenner Get Matching Tats


When Avril Lavigne hung out with Brody Jenner and his mom over Easter weekend and we thought aww, young love, that’s sweet. They took their relationship up a notch this weekend, however, reportedly getting matching tattoos during a trip to Las Vegas. Fortunately, they weren’t of each others’ names. That would be way too permanent.

The couple, who still refuse to be photographed together despite all their public make-out sessions and dinners together, apparently flew to Vegas on Friday and, after some clubbing and noshing, decided to check out Mario Barth’s King Ink where they both got lightning bolt tattoos. Avril got hers on her forearm (in addition to a tat of the number 30), and Brody got his behind his ear. And lest you think that Avril’s ex-husband, Deryck Whibley is upset about Avril moving on, a source says “He thinks Brody is a good guy and that it’s great the two of them are doing well.” Jayde Nicole and all her artificial parts were not available for comment.

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Avril and Brody certainly aren’t the first famous couple to declare their love with matching ink. Does “Winona Forever” or “Billy Bob” come to mind? Check out our massive gallery of celebrity tats below.

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Avril Lavigne And Deryck Whibley Feuding In The Studio


Divorcing couple Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley collaborating on an album together was probably not the brightest of ideas. However, they thought they were different. Although they announced their split in September of last year, the former couple are still working on Avril’s album together – but it’s not going so well! Avril was supposed to release her next album, Pink Crust, in November of last year. That date was moved to “early 2010″ which is now looking  more like “mid-2010.” Let’s just take a moment to note that the name of the album is Pink Crust – I mean, clearly, this was doomed from the start.

Deryck is producing the new album, an apparent ode to some rare STD, and a music producer close to the project reveals that there is all kinds of drama going on trying to get this done. “The first eight songs, Avril and Deryck worked with a lot of love and it came easy. But there’s three or four more to do and they just ain’t feeling it. It’ll be a terrific album if they can put this aside for a month or so and concentrate on what matters – the music,” the source said.

It’s hard to whistle while you work when your rocker ex-husband is demanding tons of dinero from all the hard work you have put into your music and fashion lines! Under California law, the money needs to be divided fairly between Avril and Deryck. Not the best circumstances for a healthy working environment. [Photo: Getty Images]


Avril Lavigne And Deryck Whibley: Done?


They just celebrated their third anniversary last month, but sources say Avril Lavigne and husband Deryck Whibley are heading for divorce. The New York Daily News has reported that, on several occasions this year, Lavigne and Whibley have gone out solo, each making public appearances and taking trips without the other. In fact, the couple hasn’t been spotted together in public since last December.

Lavigne seems to be taking time to party with girlfriends and revel in her time alone, most recently in the Hamptons where she was spotted dancing and hanging out with various guys at several clubs. The couple was married when Lavigne was 21 and Whibley was 26 – sounds like this may just be a case of tying the knot too young and wanting to sow those “Sk8r Boi” oats. [Photo: GettyImages]