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Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Devon Aoki Are A Couple


Joseph Gordon-Levitt did good! He’s obviously come a long way from 3rd Rock from the Sun taking the lead in indie-gone-huge films like (500) Days of Summer. Now, the actor’s romantic graph seems to be sky-rocketing as much as his career. Joseph’s dating Devon Aoki, a drop-dead gorgeous Japanese-American model/actress. You remember her as the super-hottie in 2 Fast 2 Furious and Sin City.¬†She’s also the Benihana heiress.

They were spotted kissing at the Bing party at Boa Steakhouse in LA. A source told The New York Post, “They were holding hands, kissing and telling everyone they were a couple.” Aoki previously dated rocker¬†Lenny Kravitz and Gordon-Levitt was in a relationship with Julia Stiles.

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McLovin Turns Heads At Starlet-Filled Ronson Party

Paris, McLovin, Nicole

There were a ridiculous amount of hotties at Charlotte Ronson‘s Spring Cocktail Jam in LA last night: Paris, Nicky, Nikki, Nicole, Mischa, Devon, Shenae, Stephanie, Brittany, Peaches, Olivia, even Slash! So hopefully one of these ladies got her hooks into Christopher Mintz-Plasse (better known as McLovin), who strode mightily to the event in an all-black ensemble perfect for backstage tech work, a spontaneous bongo jam on the campus quad in 1955 or night prowling. Dude should start rocking between-jobs goatees, if he’s physically capable of growing facial hair. Get a look at LA’s finest party people—those who can attend a Samantha Ronson acoustic performance without getting violent, at least—in the gallery below.

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