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Diablo Cody: On Life In The Public Eye And “Feeling Sorry” For Miley Cyrus

Diablo Cody‘s new film Paradise opens in theaters today, and it tells the story of a sheltered, religious young woman named Lamb (expertly played b y Julianne Hough) who survives a plane crash and decides that not only does God not exist, but she must shed her naivety in the most morally corrupt place on earth: Las Vegas. Of course she finds friends, adventure and a tattoo parlor along the way, all while exploring what it means to reinvent oneself through sex, drugs, booze and a little bit of porn. It’s an all to familiar tale that played out recently in the public eye, when Miley Cyrus dumped her kid star persona for…you know.

We asked Diablo what she thought of people who go through a transformation like Lamb’s, but in the public eye. Check out her answer – and her thoughts on Miley’s very public twerk-formation above.

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Lily Collins In Talks For New Evil Dead Role

Horror movie remakes? Yawn. Horror movies remade with gender reversals? That sounds a little more interesting. Horror movie remakes with gender reversals starring a genuine up-and-coming talent with a script revised by a lady who knows how not to write smart girl roles? Yes, please! That’s why we’re intrigued by the report from that Lily Collins is in talks to star in the new Evil Dead movie, in the role that’s kind of based on the character Ash originated by Bruce Campbell in the Sam Raimi flicks.

And yeah, that’s the very same Evil Dead, due out in April 2013, whose script was recently revised by Diablo Cody. According to Bloody Disgusting, Lily would play Mia, a girl who’s staying in a remote cabin with friends who are helping her detox after a recent drug overdose. “She begins acting insane, so it comes as no surprise that nobody believes her crazy claims of coyote dogs and trees attacking her!” B-D reports. What’s actually happening, of course, is that a demonic force has been unleashed from a Book of the Dead in the house. Oops!

We like the idea of how diverse Lily’s career is looking so far. From Abduction to Mirror, Mirror to The Mortal Instruments to Evil Dead. We’re just crossing our fingers that filming for this one doesn’t interfere with the first TMI movie, City of Bones, which should begin sometime later this year.

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Which 2011 Trends Will We Regret In 2012?

Happy New Year, Fablifers! As we wrap up our Best of 2011 lists, we wondered what our future selves will think about the past year’s big trends. In fashion, there were a whole lot of animal prints, mismatched ’90s-reminiscent patterns, super-high heels, super-low-cut gowns, see-through gowns, missing pants, giant fur vests and a whole lot of geriatric-looking outfits. All sorts of ladies died their hair pink or applied Steven Tyler-ish feathers to their locks. Men continued to wear mustaches and beards. On the Internet, TMI Twitpics went to a whole new level (thanks, Anthony Weiner). On TV and in movies, nostalgia reigned, while in books, it was all about fear for the future.

We asked some prominent tastemakers which 2011 trends they think we’ll regret someday soon and got a surprisingly diverse response.

“Planking!” Questlove declared. “I don’t get it.”
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Young Adult’s Patton Oswalt, Jason Reitman Do Their Part For Texter-Free Theaters

OK, so we’re still a little bit mad that Patton Oswalt was whisked away before we got to talk to him at the New York premiere of Young Adult last week. Also, that Charlize Theron’s publicist gave us the evil eye when we asked Charlize about vampires. But whatever, we really, really liked the movie. And Patton steals the show as the man who was literally crippled by high school’s cruelty and tries to act as a voice of reason for Charlize’s nutso character, Mavis.

Anyway, when we were sent this video by Young Adult director Jason Reitman and Oswalt, we decided to share it with you. It’s a spoof on the viral video PSA released by the Alamo Drafthouse theater chain, which purportedly features a recording of a possibly drunk, definitely angry patron who was kicked out of the theater for texting during the movie. We think Oswalt does a fine impression of her. How about you? (Side note: As annoying as it is to see someone texting in the theee-ater, I’d probably be more pissed off about having my movie viewing interrupted by an usher forcibly removing the culprit from his/her seat.)

Also, did we mention we liked Young Adult? Watch our red carpet interviews after the jump.
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Young Adult Authors Shouldn’t Take Young Adult Personally, Says Diablo Cody

When the first images from Young Adult surfaced on the Web earlier this year, showing Charlize Theron looking bedraggled in her sweats and Mickey Mouse shirt, clutching a Pomeranian in a carrier and a Victoria’s Secret bag, several young adult authors I know took to Twitter immediately. They seemed torn between being excited about the existence of a movie about their profession, especially one written by Diablo Cody and directed by Jason Reitman, and slightly horrified by the idea of being depicted as ladies who can’t be bothered to brush their hair and put on a decent pair of pants before leaving the house. And then when they learned Charlize’s character, Mavis Gary, is kind of a crazy stalker who can’t let go of her high school years, they were a bit worried.

“I watched [the trailer], and I was like, ‘Oh, this is going to give my profession a bad name!” Mortal Instruments series author Cassandra Clare told TheFABlife last week. At the same time, she added, “I really want to see it, because when will there be another movie about a young adult author?”

But Cody, who calls herself “the Sweet Valley superfan of all time” and is writing an upcoming adaptation of Sweet Valley High, is pretty sure there won’t be a huge outcry from the YA author community. “Mavis is one of a kind. I don’t think it’s an indictment of young adult authors as a group. It’s just this one lady is a little bit off-kilter,” she assured us at the movie’s New York premiere. And though she previously only knew Sweet Valley creator Francine Pascal, “since this movie has been screening, I have met some [YA authors] that have come out of the woodwork, and they are all into the movie, so I’m glad.”
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“Sweet Valley High” Gets Cody’d

Diablo Cody

We were pretty obsessed with the “Sweet Valley High” books growing up – 16-year-old twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield and their perfect size-six figures and blonde hair were all we aspired to be. (We are totally Team Elizabeth by the way – Jessica was too much of a bad girl for us to emulate, the way she dated seniors and dyed her hair black that one time.) Lucky for us, Sweet Valley is coming back, and it’s getting the Diablo Cody treatment.

Cody has signed on to write and produce an adaptation of the books series which ran from 1983-2003. While the books we know an love were quintessentially 80s, we’re curious to see how Cody’s adaptation plays out – will the sisters have dueling blogs? Will their older brother Steven run an ironic tee-shirt business? Will Elizabeth’s nerdiness shift from straight-A studiousness to comic-book geek chic? We can’t wait to see how Cody revives one of our favorite series. We can only hope she’ll start on “The Babysitter’s Club” next. [Photo: GettyImages]