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Ryan Lochte, Diane Keaton or Daenerys Stormborn: Who’s Having The Best Week Ever?


Look, a lot of people had a pretty good week last week. Some people even had a great week. But how can you tell who had the Best Week Ever? Well, you could tune in to Best Week Ever tonight, April 26, at 10/9 C to find out or you could live your life wandering in the darkness that is not knowing. That said, you could also check out these behind-the-scenes clips and vote on Who Is Having The Best Week Ever!

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The Top 25 Fictional Stoners In Cinematic History

While the negative effects of smoking marijuana have been portrayed on film for over seventy years, the current age of stoner-friendly cinema can largely be credited to one Judd Apatow. As the unofficial ringleader of the Frat Pack, he wrote, directed and produced a veritable bumper crop of pro-Mary Jane films over the last half-dozen years or so. Films like Knocked Up, Pineapple Express and Superbad worked very hard to smash the stigma that the Reagan administration attached to the cannabis plant, and their tremendous success at the box office unquestionably played a role (albeit, likely, a minor one) in the “Legalize It” movement that is slowly gaining steam in both Red and Blue states.

Although Apatow had nothing to do with this weekend’s release of the latest entrant in the stoner-friendly canon, the medieval fantasy Your Highness (get it?), we here at TheFABLife figured now is as good a time as any to countdown our all-time, Top 25 fictional stoners in cinematic history. From the trailblazing likes of Cheech Marin to the nonsense-spewing Jay of Clerks fame, from the highly paranoid/confessional behavior of Nicole Kidman’s character in Eyes Wide Shut to the perpetually buzzed Wooderson in Dazed and Confused, we hope you enjoy this look at cinema’s most baked characters, maaaaaan!

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These Lakers Are Making Me Hungry


Celebrities are often seen lurking courtside at the Staples Center for L.A. Lakers games. Sometimes you get your traditional cool celebs like Jack Nicholson and Leo DiCaprio just chillin’ in the stands, sometimes you get the mind-blowing combination of Chloe Sevigny and Pauly D, and sometimes you get a bunch of people who are so starving they don’t care who sees them stuff their faces. At last night’s game, there must have been something in the air that was making people feel hunger pangs, because everyone was chowing down. Take a look at who was eating what as the Lakers defeated the Cavs.

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Rachel McAdams Looks Gorgeous At Morning Glory Premiere

We have an irrational love for Rachel McAdams, so forgive us if we fawn over her for a moment, we think she looked great at the premiere for her latest film last night. McAdams is currently starring in Morning Glory, which looks to be the kind of movie you and your parents will end up seeing together over Thanksgiving because while it stars McAdams and hot hot Patrick Wilson, it also has Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford to bridge the generation gap. (McAdams and Keaton already starred together in The Family Stone, and dammit if that’s one of those good-bad movies we can’t help watching that every time it’s on HBO.)

While we love McAdams’ look on the red carpet, and we’re also kind of a fan of Diane Keaton’s leather dress, some of the other celebs look a bit wind-swept, no? (We’re looking at you, Hoda and Harrison.) Check them all out below.

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The Worst Oscars Red Carpet Fashion Of All Time

Stars have hair and makeup people, trainers, and stylists. But even an army of experts cannot save some celebrities from showing up in horrifying outfits on Oscar night. From Bjork‘s infamous swan dress to Trey Parker and Matt Stone dressing in drag to costume designer Lizzy Gardiner showing up with American Express cards all over her body to Whoopi Goldberg‘s bizarre jumpsuit and cape getup, rarely does an Oscar ceremony pass without some crazy star wearing a red carpet tragedy. Check out our gallery of the worst Oscars red carpet fashions of all time! [Photos: Getty Images]

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