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Get The Look: Celebrity Shopping List

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While it might’ve just been another scorching-hot, midsummer week for us laypeople, the stars were out and about, doing celebby things! Things like attending Leo DiCaprio‘s Foundation Launch in Saint-Tropez (Cara Delevingne), posing at a the Guardians of the Galaxy premiere (Zoe Saldana), and Taylor-Swifting in the streets of New York (Taylor Swift). The best part? They all looked spectacular while doing it. Read more…

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Jessica, Kim, Rita And More: Which Star’s Been Rocking Paris Fashion Week Most? You Decide!

Celebrities: Paris Fashion Week

We’re sorry we’ve been ignoring Fashion Week this time around. The shows in Paris are in full swing and we thought mid-week would be a nice time to do a little round-up. Because where there is couture, there are celebrities. All vying for front-row, of course. We’ve gathered the top six stars visiting, because they were either, super well-dressed or, stuck out like sore thumbs. We’re talking about you, Rita Ora. That’s what the singer wore to the Chanel Spring-Summer 2012 shows. With Alexander Wang leather lace up boots. Not particularly politically correct, Rita. Kim Kardashian decided to channel a very chic Parisienne at the Stephane Rolland show, while Jessica Alba‘s chic little outfit and bright coral lipstick made us smile at Christian Dior.

Celebrities Paris Fashion Week

Rounding up this sartorial crew are Salma Hayek, Diane Kruger and Rosamund Pike. We’re in love with Salma’s Giambattista Valli Fall 2012 collection claret dress worn, where else, but to the Valli couture showing. Diane pushed the boundaries as usual at the Chanel showing, looking like a French schoolgirl, while Rosamund’s sunny smile and enviable boots were the talk of fashionistas at Dior. But who are you talking up? Whose fashion was smashin’? Let us know, folks!


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High Heel Heaven Alert! We Present The Top 25 Most Amazing Celebrity Shoes Of 2012

The Top 25 Most Incredible Celebrity Shoes Of 2012

Are you the sort of person who scrolls down to see what shoes celebrities are wearing when you see an outfit that interests you? Then this is the list for you. Even if you aren’t a shoe fanatic, this is still a fun exercise, to be honest. We’ve compiled together our list of the top 25 most drool-worthy heels, platforms and boots spotted on celebrities in 2012. And to make it even more interesting, when you visit the gallery below, we’ve put pictures of the shoes first, with the celebrity reveal right after, so you can have a go at guessing who the gorgeous heel, platform, pump, bootie or boot belongs to! The caption on each celebrity reveal will also tell you what brand the shoe is and where and when it was worn. All our favourite celebrities are in there: Beyonce, Kristen Stewart, Emma Stone and a whole host more.

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A couple of spoilers, though. We won’t tell you the color of the shoes so you can still have a guess when you look through the pictures. We adore Mila Kunis‘ Christian Louboutin ‘Pigalle’ and Miley Cyrus‘ Jimmy Choo ‘Tippi” pumps, respectively. Bella Thorne‘s Miu Miu platform booties are to die for, as are Rooney Mara‘s YSL ‘Tribtoo’ slingbacks. Have a blast figuring out which is which. We wish you a happy and well-heeled rest of 2012!

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The Host Trailer Shows Us 10 Essential Elements Of The Stephenie Meyer Adaptation

We’re looking a little worse for wear this morning after the emotional night that was the last Twilight premiere, but thanks to Open Road Films and our friends at MTV, we have the perfect pick-me-up for the morning: Evidence that the next Stephenie Meyer adaptation could be just as thrilling as we think Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is. As anyone who’s read The Host knows, it presents a number of challenges to director Andrew Niccol — if you get one element wrong in this alien-invasion love story that takes place in a high-tech future and a primitive underground bunker, it could be cheesy, heartless or both. But the trailer that debuted this morning provides some reassurances that the movie we’ll see on March 29, 2013, will get at least 10 important things right.

1. The romantic backstory between Melanie Stryder (Saoirse Ronan) and Jared Howe (Max Irons).
The Host features a romantic backstory

2. The desperation of feeling like you’re the last people on Earth. Read more…

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Aren’t Chanel Events Meant To Be Well-Dressed? Not Exactly, Say Hollywood’s Ladies

Chanel celebrated the 80th anniversary of Mademoiselle Chanel's jewelry collection

I grew up thinking that Chanel was the epitome of elegance that I had to inspire to. The day I bought my first Chanel lipstick, I also bought a cake to celebrate. The day I got my first Chanel bag, I went home and pretty much fainted with joy. Thats the thing about the brand — you think tweed, and pearls and couture that makes the world go round. So when I heard about the do celebrating Chanel Fine Jewelry’s 80th anniversary of the ‘Bijoux De Diamants’ collection in New York City, I knew we were going to hit the fashion jackpot. Instead, we hit the crackpot. But first, the least offending looks. Blake Lively, you are f— gorgeous so what is your deal with bad dresses. I do not understand why she wore something that resembles a night-gown? The dress is from Chanel’s Fall 2012 Couture collection and she wore it with pewter Christian Louboutin pumps. But she still looks amazing right? I keep looking at her face and hair and can’t help but sigh. My big peeve is that satin wrinkles horribly and this outfit has fallen prey to some major creases. As did January Jones‘ gown. Love the red lip and the Chanel braclets, but her black-and-white gown needs a serious iron. Jessica Paré rescued us from creasing hell with a suit that looks tweedy and demure enough to be Chanel’s steez, so thank you Jessica. Anyone else here thinks she could have done something more exciting with hair and makeup?

Chanel Fine Jewelry’s 80th anniversary of the ‘Bijoux De Diamants’ collection

Now let’s get to the more …. experimental looks. Diane Kruger’s black-and-blue metallic strapless shift is from the Chanel Spring 2013 collection. But it’s ill-fitting and her breasts look like they’re being squeezed to death. No harm in more alterations, guys. Then we get to the crazy that is Rose Byrne. I can’t even. What is that? Three-quarters, sheer, fringes … just, NO, Rose. And Elle Fanning, you are adorable. But you aren’t Amish.

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Katie Holmes Reconnects With Dawson’s Creek Love Joshua Jackson Following Tom Cruise Split

Cast your minds back to 2001 dear readers. Back to a time when Katie Holmes was the adorable dream girl next door. She was on Dawson’s Creek, young, happy, and didn’t seem totally zapped by an impossibly high-profile celebrity marriage. Don’t you just want to pretend that the intervening decade didn’t happen? Well now you can! Apparently the actress has reconnected with her Dawson’s Creek costar and former onscreen/off screen love Joshua Jackson. Are Pacey and Joey finally going to be together forever, just like we were hoping back in season four!?

Errr, probably not. First of all, there’s the small matter of Joshua’s girlfriend of six years, the lovely Diane Kruger. But the two old friends did get reconnected recently following Katie’s split with husband/megastar Tom Cruise. Jackson spilled the details on Canada’s George Strombolopolous Tonight. “Like any old friend, it was like, ‘Oh, hi how are ya? What’s going on?’ ‘I had a kid.’ ‘Yeah, that’s crazy, I heard!’” he says. “It was nice, it was very nice, actually.” The pair dated for a short time back in 1998, and apparently remained friendly after the split. But they drifted during her time with Cruise, who also put the kibosh on a proposed Dawson’s Creek reunion movie.

“[Producers] were begging her to sign on for a reunion movie,” a source told Us Weekly. “Tom said absolutely no way and thought going backward would be bad.” But now that she’s off Cruise control (zing!), perhaps the film will come together after all. Right, Joshua? Right?! “Well, we killed the show so I don’t think that’s ever going to happen, he continued. Nooooooooooo! But wait, he does throw us a hopeful lifeline. “Never say never. If I’m out of work for enough years, absolutely. We’ll be old and grey and nasty by the time [that happens].”

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Top 5 WTF Fashion Moments At Cannes This Year

The 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival wrapped up this weekend, and not a minute too soon. Our brains were starting to feel the fatigue due to the influx of too many premieres and too much fashion. But now that it’s over, we’re feeling a sort of fond affinity to a couple of gowns that stand out in our minds, not because they were best-dressed or worst-dressed, but because we emitted some very loud WTF’s when we saw them. So, without further ado, and because we like your WTF’s much better than our own, we’d like to present the top five of this exalted list to you.

1. Diane Kruger: This is Christian Dior Couture, guys. We want it. Even though we’re screaming WTF, we covet it. Only, Diane, the Victorian Era called. It wants dibs on the bustle next time.

2. Jada Pinkett Smith: Toy Story 2 was on television on rerun Sunday yesterday. We realized that if the evil Emperor Zurg had a consort, then we’d vote for Jada in this Paco Rabanne number as the number one pick for the part. She’s so AWESOME she’s beyond WTF. And could inflict real plain with those shoulder pads!

3. Kate Upton: Worn at the amfAR “Cinema Against AIDS” gala, this is just … no. It may be Louis Vuitton, but Kate … WTF? She looks like a box. With grandmother hair.

4. Cheryl Cole: Call the police! Someone murdered Big Bird and attached his remains to the bottom of Cheryl’s Stephane Rolland dress. R.I.P Big Bird. Also … WTF?

5. Freida Pinto: A box of glitter pens exploded on the bodice of her Michael Angel gown. The peplum is an origami exercise gone wrong. The slit is trying to be Angelina Jolie. WTF, Freida?

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Jessica Chastain And Salma Hayek Go Glam, Shia LaBeouf And Tom Hardy Go Grunge This Weekend At Cannes

As weekend hit the 65th annual Cannes Film Festival, it seems like the gals and the guys took very different approached to the dress code. Starlets like Jessica Chastain, Mia Wasikowska and Cheryl Cole stepped out in gorgeous floor-sweeping gowns, and A-list actresses like Salma Hayek and Diane Kruger hit the red carpet in bosom-bearing low cut couture that left photographers screaming for more. The guys, on the other hand, seemed to take significantly less care on their appearance. Shia LaBeouf looked scruffy with a half-beard and his long unruly mane slicked back, while Gerard Butler also shared the five-o’clock-five-days-later shadow. But the king of the WTF fashion this weekend was Tom Hardy, who took grizzly to new heights with greasy-looking hair, unabomber beard, and a thousand-yard-stare that makes us wonder if he swam the Atlantic to attend the festival. Check out more glitz, glam and grunge in the gallery below!

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Eva Longoria, Diane Kruger, Jada Pinkett Smith And More Take The Plunge At Cannes

Eva Longoria, Diane Kruger, And More Wear Low Cut Gowns To Cannes

The 65th annual Cannes Film Festival is now in full swing, and some of the biggest stars in the world have flown across the pond to strut their stuff in the riviera sun! We’ve already brought you the most incredible styles of the opening day, but the celebs are definitely not running low on daring styles. We’re starting to wonder if there was some kind of dress memo, because lately a large number of lovely ladies have been venturing out in veryyy low-cut gowns. From actresses Eva Longoria and Diane Kruger, to rocker mom Jada Pinkett Smith and model Eva Herzigova, these past few days at Cannes have been brought to you by the letter “V.” You know, as in “deep v-necked.” Check out more plunging necklines and other fashion favorites in the gallery below!

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