Which TV Doctor Would You Actually Trust with Your Life?

Which TV Doctors Would You Trust with Your Life?

-Megan Meadows

Between all the hot love triangles and insane medical conditions that happen multiple times an episode in a TV hospital, would you actually trust any of these incredibly attractive people to be your real doctor? So, they know a lot of medical jargon we can’t always follow, but when push comes to shove you probably wouldn’t want some of these fictional docs as your own (lookin’ at you, Doogie Howser.) Read more…


What Outlandish Kickstarter Projects Would The Stars Of Wish I Was Here Like To Crowdfund Next?

By Melissa Smith

Zach Braff’s new movie Wish I Was Here takes the meaning of independent film to a whole new level, thanks to the 46,520 fans on Kickstarter who provided $3.1 million for the project. At the Sundance premiere, the stars of the film were so excited by its success, they were already thinking about what future outlandish projects they might milk out of Kickstarter.

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Paul Rudd, Stacey Dash, Please Join The Clueless Reunion On Suburgatory

It was announced back in December that Alicia Silverstone would be guest-starring on Suburgatory for four episodes this spring, playing a love interest for George, played by none other than her Clueless co-star Jeremy Sisto. For some reason, people just started getting excited about the reunion of Cher and Elton this week. We’re guessing that like us, people are just catching up on the excellent ABC comedy that comes close to rivaling Awkward. as one of our fave teen shows on the air right now (don’t worry, Vampire Diaries, you are a category of your own). Anyway, in the interest of fantasy casting on a quiet, pre-Oscar Friday, we decided to dream up ways to bring other alums from the 1995 classic to Chatswin. (We assume Brittany Murphy would hover over all proceedings as a well-meaning suburban angel. RIP with the homies, Tai.)

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Zach Braff Is Not Dead, And Funny Too

Zach Braff was supposed to be dead? We must have missed that rumor along with most of the world, but it’s pissed off the actor so much that he made a YouTube video to, er, prove he’s not. The Scrubs star filmed the half angry half amused tirade from the set of the hit TV show to dispel the hoax news that he’d committed suicide, which started when a Twitter feed linked to a fake CNN page.

Zach’s not-dead performance is pretty funny, as he says: “If I was going to do it myself, it do it the way that everyone else would – with pots and pans. He said I died in my 32,000 square foot home in Beverly Hills… I’m not Oprah.” Even better, it ends with Donald Faison singing an R’n’B version of Wing Beneath My Wings.  Moving!

“To the douchebag that started this, you win my first ever ‘Douche of the Day’ award for making my mom upset,” Zach adds. What’s more, that “douchebag” has gone on the original page to defend his actions, explaining it was something to fool his friends back in 2007, and wasn’t meant for public consumption, only something happened with the bandwidth etc etc.  He ends by optimistically reaching out to Zach via Twitter and Facebook. Got a feeling those friend requests won’t be OK’d, though!