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Lena Dunham Knows What You Want, And Now She’s Finally Giving It To You

Naked Lena Dunham Kissing Donald Glover On Girls

“You wanted this.”
“I wanted this so bad.”
“And now you’re getting it.”
“And now I’m finally getting it.”
“It’s about f***ing time.”
“It’s about f***ing time.”

Lena Dunham had herself a NIGHT last night, didn’t she? Not only did the series that she created, Girls, win the Golden Globe for Best Television Series: Musical or Comedy, but Dunham herself upset the likes of Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Julia Louis-Dreyfus to take home the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series: Musical or Comedy. As momentous as those victories were, perhaps her most triumphant moment of the night came before the opening credits of the Season 2 premiere of Girls on HBO even rolled. We’re referring directly to the image and the dialogue above, in which a naked Lena Dunham is getting down with a naked Donald Glover, giving a not-at-all-subtle “Eff you” to all the critics who blasted her last season for an alleged lack of racial diversity on her show.

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You’re Pretty Sure You Hate Girls, But Let’s Help You Reconsider Before Season 2 Starts

It seems to us that vast majority of people who hate Girls haven’t actually seen the show. Not that there aren’t plenty of people who tuned in for the first season and decided it wasn’t for them; they just don’t happen to be the people who seem to really loathe it. If you know for sure you hate Girls and yet haven’t actually watched it, or you saw the first ep and bailed, indulge us for a few minutes when we try to explain why you should tune in to the show’s second season. Open your mind and heart to this reality!

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The To Do List Red Band Trailer Checks Off Everything We Want In A Teen Comedy

Guys, this is looks good. Like Mean Girls good. Immediately following the announcement that it would premiere February 14, 2013, the To Do List trailer ticked off all the things we want to see in a teen movie. Things like Bill Hader, Donald Glover, Alia Shawkat, Rachel Bilson, and skorts. Most importantly, the To Do List has Parks and Rec‘s Aubrey Plaza as the goody-goody nerdlinger protagonist, who tries to put some notches on her belt before going off to college…with hilarious consequences! It goes without saying there will be hilarious consequences, right? So go on and watch the (sort of NSFW) trailer. It perfectly fulfills all our teen comedy needs. Needs like:

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The Only Thing Cuter Than This New Best Coast Video Is Its Director Drew Barrymore

A Best Coast video directed by Drew Barrymore starring Chloe Moretz, Alia Shawkat, Miranda Cosgrove, Donald Glover and that Teen Wolf dude (Tyler Posey), you say? Why that sounds like some sort of hipster-twee hurricane of awesomeness! Indeed it is, bested only by the behind the scenes video which features a glorious amount of Drew’s signature lispy-ness. Bonus: Chloe Moretz describing actor-y things with the kind of sincerity only a 14 year old can possess.

Check out the lovely video for “Our Deal” above and the behind the scenes video below the jump. We’re embarrassed to tell you this, but we got choked up at the end. Damn you Moretz/Drew/Teen Wolf dude!

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March Celebrity Madness: Vote For Your Favorite Stars In Our Sweet 16!

The FABLife given you 64 celebrities to vote for in our March Celebrity Madness polls this month…and now comes the madness! Today we’re tackling the top half of our Sweet 16 to find out who will advance to the Elite 8 on Wednesday. These stars have all proven victorious in their division, but it’s up to you who gets a step closer to being our ultimate icon of FAB. You’ve got till 10am EST Tuesday to make your voice heard, so vote now and vote often!

Scott Disick may have beaten Justin Bieber and Kanye West to win Celebrity Bad Boy, but sexy Scot Gerard Butler managed to push past Robert Pattinson to take Boneworthy Brit. Who wins this round?

More March Celebrity Madness polls after the jump, including Christina, Colfer and a Kardashian!

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March Celebrity Madness: Here Comes The Sweet 16!

We’ve given you 64 celebrities to vote for in our March Celebrity Madness polls this month…and now  comes the madness! Starting Monday we’ll pit the winners of the last two week’s polls against each other until we’ve  found our ultimate FAB icon (click on the bracket above for a closer look at who’s competing). Here’s what we’ve got in store!

Monday, 3/28: Gerard Butler (Boneworthy Brit winner) vs. Scott Disick (Celebrity Bad Boy winner), J-Woww (Jersey Shore Star winner) vs. Christina Aguilera (Teen-Pop Troublemaker winner), Chris Colfer (Gleek winner) vs. Donald Glover (Community Cutie winner), Khloe Kardashian (Kardashian winner) vs. Irina Shayk (SI Swimsuit Model winner) – Polls close 10am EST on 3/29

Tuesday, 3/29: Bruno Mars (Singer-Songwriter winner) vs. Hailee Steinfeld (Acting Ingenue winner), Mila Kunis (Hot Actress winner) vs. Matt Damon (Man Of Action winner), Katy Perry (Pop Queen winner) vs. Kingston Rossdale (Celebrity Baby winner), Ryan Gosling (Hot Actor winner) vs. Jesse Eisenberg (Social Network Stud winner) – polls close 10am EST on 3/30

Wednesday 3/30: Butler or Disick vs. J-Woww or Aguilera, Perry or Rossdale vs Gosling or Eisenberg, Mars or Steinfeld vs. Kunis or Damon, Colfer or Glover vs. Kardashian or Shayk – polls close 10am EST on 3/31

Thursday 3/31: The Final Four! – polls close 10am EST on 4/1

Friday 4/1: The Championship Round! – polls close 10am EST on 4/4

Take the weekend to wrest your wrists, because there will be plenty of clicking to do come Monday!


March Celebrity Madness: Round 4! Who’s Your Favorite Community Cutie?

The FABLife is playing March Celebrity Madness this month, putting 64 of our favorite stars into brackets and having you vote to decide our ultimate FAB icon. First we’ll be pitting four similar celebs against each other in the divisionals, with the winners pairing (and squaring) off in our Sweet 16 until only one is left standing. It’s just like the NCAA, except…ok, it’s nothing like the NCAA.

Our fourth category concerns the cult smash Community, clearly one of the coolest comedies on TV, containing one of the cutest casts as well (that’s called “alliteration,” fyi). While it pains us to leave the rest of stars off the poll (especially the exceptionally alliterative Gillian Jacobs and Chevy Chase), we had to go with Soup server Joel McHale, Mad Men minx Alison Brie, shoulda-been-Spider-Man Donald Glover and darling Danny Pudi for our featured four (it never gets old, folks). The polls don’t close until Friday, March 25th, so vote early and vote often!

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