by (@hallekiefer)

Is Drew Barrymore Pregnant? Please?

Drew Barrymore always struck us at the celebrity who would make the most fun mom, and with any luck, we’re about to find out if we’re right! Allegedly! TMZ snapped a shot of the Barrymore and her fiance Will Kopelman leaving a doctor’s office last week; clutched in the Big Miracle actress’s hand is what appears to be a sonogram. Drew’s publicist had no comment when asked about the contents of Barrymore’s womb, but the fact her rep’s comment wasn’t just “No! Are you kidding me? No! What?” gives us a little hope!

“Drew is so motherly,” a source told People last month. “Will would like to be a dad. Family is so important to him.” While, of course, there could be another medical reason for Drew to have a sonogram, the fact that she carried it so openly in public makes us think it’s related to some happy baby time news, rather than, say, a bowel obstruction. On a related note, may we never have to have type the words “Drew Barrymore” and “bowel obstruction” in the same post again. Amen.

[Photo: Getty Images]