What Happened To Your Favorite Supporting Cast Members from ’90s TV Shows?

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The ’90s are gone, but we’re still clinging to the decade’s greatest television shows thanks to Netflix binges and cable syndication. Everyone remembers the series’ big stars, but what about those supporting characters all diehard fans will never forget?

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Tiffany Gets T.P.’ed For Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid

Ok, we know Tiffany‘s career is kind of a joke, but whoever wrapped her in gray toilet paper when nobody was looking is really, really mean. It must have taken all the restraint in the world for Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid co-star Deborah Gibson to not pull on the bottom and watch Tiffany spin around in total confusion. And we’ll just assume attendee Dustin Diamond didn’t get close enough to do it, because self-restraint is the last thing we associate with him.

What’s that, you say? “What other ghosts of the late ’80s popped up at the Syfy movie’s premiere”? Check out the gallery to see the current state of Taylor Dayne, Alan Thicke and—wubba wubba wubba—“Downtown” Julie Brown!


Screech, Left Out Of SBTB Reunion, Pens Tell-All Book


Poor Dustin Diamond (forever known as Screech Powers, the ultimate ’80s nerd from Saved By The Bell). At that post-SBTB fork in the road, all his former co-stars went one way and sadly he took a wrong turn. His most recent work has included a sex tape, and a turn on Celebrity Fit Club, but even more depressing than that, he was left off the People magazine cover touting the SBTB reunion. Way harsh, People. Screech was the guy’s opus, his one big thing.

Diamond may have the last laugh though. Over the course of the past year he penned a tell-all book about life on the teen tv show’s set, a book which promised insider info including, “sexual escapades among cast members, drug use, and hardcore partying.”

On the one hand, wow! On the other, ew! The autobiography, originally set to be published by Gotham Books, was dropped from that imprint because, well, they found it just as sketchy as we do. Luckily, for those of you who really want the hot Zack Morris/Kelly Kapowski details, Canadian company Transit Publishing has picked it up and will release it in September. [Photo: GettyImages]

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Screech Gets Sued Again

We once spent a great deal of time watching Celebrity Fit Club, and thus can declare this with the utmost authority: Dustin Diamond is a total douchebag. He’s the worst kind of reality TV villain in that watching him is the least enjoyable part of the show, and he lacks the cunning and wit to really play the part.

He’s struggled with financial drama for a long time (just where did all that Saved By The Bell cash go?) – in 2006 he faced the foreclosure of his house and tried to raise money by selling t-shirts. And, ya know, he made that porno. Now the idiot formerly known as Screech is being sued by a local energy company, after neglecting to pay his utilities bill on his Wisconsin home. Diamond currently owes $2,079 to We Energies, and has until April 15th to respond to the lawsuit.

Any reality TV producers out there need a washed-up actor to round out their cast?   [Photo: GettyImages]