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Jason Segel And Judy Greer Get Childish At The Jeff Who Lives At Home Premiere

In his new film Jeff Who Lives At Home, Jason Segel plays a thirtysomething named Jeff who lives at home (shocker!). He resides in his mother’s basement to be precise, where he exists as an emotionally stunted “man-child” who lounges his life away staring off into space. But if you think that this is pretty much a documentary on Jason’s day-to-day life, think again. The dude’s got too much stuff to do!

“I think those character are more of a reflection of who I was in my early twenties,” the surprisingly serious funny man admitted to VH1 News. “I work too hard to really indulge in that anymore. I think I did four movies last year, and I wrote two of them. I don’t really have time to screw around anymore.” That’s right, he’s busting his hump to bring us hilariously heartwarming comedies…with a dose of nudity thrown in for good measure. “[A] present for the ladies,” he says.

Co-star Judy Greer, on the other hand, isn’t above the odd childish trait every now and then. Just don’t try and get her to talk about it!

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Ed Helms Talks The End Of The Office

Fans of NBC’s The Office were cautiously optimistic when star Steve Carell departed the series last spring. Although quite clearly the heart and soul of the show, many hoped that the incredibly strong ensemble cast would carry the series through at least a few more successful seasons without the hapless Michael Scott at thte helm. But sadly, it already looks as though the remaining Dunder Mifflin crew is starting to splinter. James Spader has announced his exit after a year on the show as office jedi Robert California. Show writer and actor Mindy Kaling has an uncertain future on the show, depending on whether her her pilot is picked up over at Fox, and head-writer Daniel Chun has signed a deal with rival network ABC.

VH1 News caught up with current Dunder Mifflin boss Ed Helms while he was promoting Jeff Who Lives At Home last weekend. In addition to talking about his new film, Helms opened up about how he’d like the see The Office wrapped up when the time finally comes. “I hope whatever it is — I hope it’s after a nice long run and has a real celebration of the amazing cast.” We have to admit, even as the cast starts to pursue other opportunities, we’ll still be sad to say farewell to the prime-time mainstay that’s been bringing laughter to homes (and offices!) for nearly seven years. Even without Carell, The Office has always left us smiling and satisfied.

That’s what she said.

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Hangover Part II Stuntman Sues Over On-Set Brain Injury

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. is now facing a The Hangover Part II lawsuit filed by a stuntman who allegedly suffered “significant brain injuries” during a stunt on the movie’s set in Bangkok. Stunt actor Scott McLean was doubling for Ed Helms in a car chase sequence,  when the car he was riding in was hit by another vehicle that skidded out of control. And here we thought the most horrible part of that movie was seeing that poor monkey nibbling on a severed finger. That’s still a close second!

According to McLean’s lawsuit, it was allegedly the movie’s stunt coordinator Russell Solberg who made the decision that lead to the crash. “Solberg commanded to the driver of the automobile in which plaintiff Scott McLean was a passenger, that the speed of his vehicle be increased significantly to a speed unsafe for the stunt, thus resulting in a major collision,” the suit claims. McLean subsequently had to be airlifted to Australia and has been there ever since recuperating from what his rep says are “likely permanent brain and physical injuries.” This whole sad incident sure makes the whole Mike Tyson tattoo lawsuit look really stupid. Like, even stupider than it already looked.

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Josh Groban Gets A Guest Spot On The Office

The producers of The Office are really pulling out all the stops to try and fill the vacuum left by Steve Carell. Guest stars are like CPR for elderly sitcoms, and the end of last season was loaded to the brim with big names, including Will Ferrell, Kathy Bates, Ricky Gervais, Will Arnet, Ray Romano, and more. Plus James Spader has been tapped for a recurring role on the show, but as Dunder Mifflin’s new CEO and not Carrel’s replacement, as previously assumed. And it looks like the parade of guest stars is about to continue with Josh Groban.

The pop-opera crossover heartthrob (and mom favorite) will appear as the brother of Ed Helm‘s character, Andy Bernard. Andy is a passionate a capella singer, so we have our fingers crossed for a hilarious in-office duet! Groban has been flexing his comedy muscles lately, playing  a small but memorable role as Emma Stone’s douchey boyfriend in this summer’s Crazy Stupid Love. The flick starred none other than Steve Carell, so who knows..maybe that’s how Josh got the Office job in the first place. We’re excited by all of these famous faces showing up around Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch, but we just hope the show go the Love Boat route and drive the guest stars into the ground.

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Summer Movie Guide: Boob Tube Stars On The Silver Screen

As temperatures rise and blockbusters flood the movie theaters, prepare to swim in celebs who became household names via the boob tube. While some have since established themselves as movie stars, we grew to love them on a weekly basis from our couches.

A brunette version of Gossip Girl‘s Blake Lively will play leading lady opposite Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern. Mad Men‘s January Jones will trade her 60s housewife getup for a shimmery push-up bra for her role as Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class. Ever the uptight but lovable nerd, The Office‘s Ed Helms will reprise his role in The Wolfpack in The Hangover: Part II. This summer’s token fluffy comedy Monte Carlo features plenty of TV’s hottest stars such as Glee‘s Cory Monteith, GG‘s Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy, and Wizards of Waverly Place‘s Selena Gomez.

Before the heat and humidity makes us all flee to the movie theaters for relief, check out what TV stars to keep an eye out for in this summer’s biggest flicks.

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Celebrities Roll In For The Hangover Part II Screening And After-Party

They all came in droves to watch the The Hangover Part II! And by “they” we mean every type of celebrity. The supermodels showed up—Selita Ebanks and Alessandra Ambrosio. The fashion designer showed up—Calvin Klein. Even figure skater Johnny Weir turned up! The screening was  held at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema in New York City, with an after party at The Top of The Standard.

The cast—Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianaki —held court with director, Todd Phillips. They were probably quite pleased with the mixed bag crowd who showed up, including the likes of Zach Braff, James van der Beek, CiaraIvanka Trump and Russell Simmons. For the full 411 on who was there, check out our gallery below.

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Mike Tyson’s Tattoo Artist Sues Over Hangover Part II Ink

Did you know you can copyright an ill-advised tattoo design? Neither did we. Whoever owns the rights to “pouting Tasmanian Devil” or “yin yang symbol with a rose draped over it” should know they could have a lot of money coming their way, now that Mike Tyson’s tattoo artist is suing Hangover Part II filmmakers for using his design without permission. Thank goodness “crudely-drawn dragon” isn’t a copyrightable image, or else everyone in our high school would be completely bankrupt by now.

As you can hilariously see in the Hangover Part II trailer, Ed Helms‘ character awakes to find himself branded with Tyson’s famous face ink, an homage to the boxer’s cameo in the first movie. Now tattoo artist S. Victor Whitmill, who gave Tyson the tattoo in 2003, is suing Warner Bros. for violating his copyright. In addition to an undisclosed amount of money, Whitmill is attempting to prevent the film from even showing the design. Doesn’t he realize the more people see it, the greater the chance that some drunken frat will collectively decide to get it etched into their face as well? And you know what that mean. Cha-ching! Get that hideous tattoo money!

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New Hangover Part II Character Posters Look Like Sweaty, Regrettable Fun

If the Hangover Part II trailer didn’t give you enough of a sense of what the sequel, opening May 26, will be like, the new Hangover Part II character posters really convey the grimy, panicky good times in store for the Wolfpack. In the promo ads, Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Justin Bartha, Ken Jeong and Zach Galifiankis are joined by the film’s break-out star, an adorable monkey in a jean vest. Add to these photos the fact that director Todd Phillips commissioned an original Hangover Part II song from Glenn Danzig, plus the news that The Notebook director Nick Cassavetes is replacing Liam Neeson in the role of a grody tattoo artist, and we’re counting on the movie being one filthy, nearly hallucinatory good time.

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The Amazing Hangover Part II Teaser Trailer Drops, Stars Monkey In A Vest

Strap on your satchels and locate your infants; The Hangover Part II teaser trailer is here! Featuring Ed Helms with a Tyson-esque face tattoo and Bradley Cooper smeared with filth, this sneak peek at the gent’s trip to the seedy underbelly of Bangkok for Stu’s wedding is exactly what we dream about when we take our little tiger snooze.

The film, which hits theaters on May 26, looks like it’s in great shape after the whole Mel Gibson being replaced with Liam Neeson Hangover debacle. Other guest stars include Juliette Lewis, Mamie Van Doren and Bill Clinton, as well as Community’s Ken Jeong reprising his role as Mr. Chow. The question in our mind, of course, is which furry, hilarious creature is going to steal the movie this time: Zach Galifianakis or that adorable monkey wearing human clothes? Its little pants are camo!