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Snow White And The Huntsman Amasses All-Star Cast, Including Supermodel Lily Cole

Hats off to the casting team in charge of Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen Stewart‘s next film which is currently in the pre-production stage in London. Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron and Sam Clafin are headlining alongside Stewart, but the supporting crew is equally as A-List. Bob Hoskins, Ian McShane, Eddie Izzard and Eddie Marsan (OMG have you seen Sherlock? See Sherlock!) have all signed on board to play dwarfs. Just this weekend it was announced that Hurt Locker actor Sam Spruell and supermodel Lily Cole have also joined the film as Finn, the Queen’s “henchman” and Greta, respectively.

The latest additions to the cast highlight Universal’s impressive job at rounding up talent for the film. Theron is an Oscar winner, Hoskins is Oscar-nominated, Hemsworth is set to be the next big action star, Stewart is arguably the most sought after actress of her generation, Claflin is an adorable newbie with an impressive resume and Izzard is an iconic comedian. Well played, Universal.We hope the star power translates into screen magic for the film, which goes intro production in the fall and will be out in theaters next summer.

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The Costume Designers Guild Awards Get A Little Loud

Anna Paquin, Emily Blunt and Mona May

Was last night Hot Mess Night and no one told us? While the Character Approved Awards were confusing passerby in NYC, the Costume Designer’s Guild Awards was bringing the noise in Beverly Hills. Ladies like Anna Paquin, Emily Blunt, Kristen Bell and Anna Kendrick—not to mention fashion-forward fellows like Eddie Izzard and Alan Cummings—were on hand to celebrate those who keep actors looking great on screen. While you’d expect such stylists to make a big impression on the carpet, some—we’re looking at you (and quickly looking away), Mona May—might have been trying a little too hard. See who wore what in the gallery below.

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