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What Happened? Child Stars We Thought Would be Hot Adults!

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Let’s be honest, puberty isn’t kind to any of us. Weird things happen to chins, hair gets fuzzy, voices get squeaky and deepen (especially awkward if you’re a girl). But it’s normal! As non-celebrity civilians, we learn to develop stellar personalities to distract from the acne and move on with our lives. Not so easy for child stars. For kids and teens whose careers depend on their adorability factor — who can support their entire family for a year with their dimples — losing their cutie-pie good looks can be disastrous. Look at The Brady Bunch’s Susan Olsen. As Cindy Brady, the lisping daughter with the boing-boing blonde curls, she was a star. But sadly, she grew up to look like a tough-but-lovable bartender in a biker-themed pub in San Fran. Or Tevin Campbell, who was prom-date-perfect as a tween/teen R&B hottie. Now, he’s more “creepy evangelical minister” than pinup.

Whether it’s substance abuse issues (Eddie Furlong), awkward styling (Lark Voorhies), or both (Leif Garrett), these ten celebs look totally different than they did as child stars. Check out how much these formerly cute A-listers have changed!

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Edward Furlong Arrested For Domestic Violence, John Connor Curse Continues

Edward Furlong was arrested for domestic violence at LAX

Christian Bale and Thomas Dekker, you might want to watch your step in the coming months; the terrible year of John Connors continues. Edward Furlong, who played Connor in Terminator 2, was arrested early this morning at LAX for felony domestic violence after grabbing his girlfriend’s arm in an argument, leaving visible marks, TMZ reports. At press time, the 35-year-old actor remained in jail with bail set at $50,000. Earlier this year, Furlong, who has struggled with addiction to cocaine and heroin for years, claimed he was robbed by a man in L.A.’s Skid Row. In 2011, he was jailed for violating a restraining order that kept him away from his estranged wife.

And just to recap what’s happened to the other John Connors of the world. In May, Terminator 3′s Nick Stahl checked himself into rehab after an episode in which his wife reported him missing and he was spotted hanging around Skid Row too. He then went missing again, but eventually returned home and was attending AA meetings. Read more…


Who Wants To See The American Pie Reunion? Probably Not The Stars Who Went To The Original Premiere

American Pie lovers (all both of yous) will be happy to hear the news that most of the film’s stars have signed on for one more sequel called American Reunion. It’s not that we hate the movie—we actually quite enjoyed it when it came out—but any goodwill toward the film was lost with each subsequent sequel (American Pie 2, American Wedding) and spinoff (American Pie Presents Band Camp, American Pie Presents The Naked Mile, American Pie Presents Beta House, American Pie Presents The Book Of Love) that came out of the franchise. But now, there will be (at least) one last hurrah.

American Reunion has signed every major actor from the film (though Alyson Hannigan is still a maybe) to reprise the roles they played in the 1999 film, with Jason Biggs, Eugene Levy, and Seann William Scott among them. If you weren’t really paying attention back then, this movie was a phenomenon, a must-see blockbuster that was unprecedented for its raunchiness, which explains the star-studded turnout at its premiere twelve years ago. We unearthed some amazing photos from that hot summer night in 1999 of some serious A-listers at the premiere and it made us wonder: Would these people be caught dead at the premiere for American Reunion? Probably not, but check out the gallery and see for yourself.

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Edward Furlong Jailed For Violating Restraining Order

That picture is how our brains felt when we heard that Edward Furlong was jailed for violating a restraining order today. The Terminator 2 actor was in court this morning for a processing hearing when a judge found that he had violated his probation by coming within 50 yards of his estranged wife Rachel Kneeland. Furlong had be ordered to stay away from his wife in November after driving repeatedly past her house, threatening suicide and refusing a drug test. The two have a three-year-old son Ethan, who luckily is too young to access the internet and witness his dad’s most-recent run in with the law.

The actor just narrowly stayed out of prison for the Green Hornet premiere last night, joining co-stars Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz in L.A. for the event. After the judge made his ruling, Furlong was cuffed around 11:30 a.m and held with bail set at $75,000. We’re sure he’ll will be out in no time, and we approve of Rogen busting out the Green Hornet costume if Furlong doesn’t immediately head straight home.


Edward Furlong Getting Divorced

Edward Furlong

Occasionally when a celebrity dies, we have that really awful reaction where we think, “That person was still alive?” The same goes for certain celebrity marriages, divorces and births – they fly under the radar just long enough to baffle our pop-culture-following minds and we’re like, “Really? That happened?”

Having said all that, ladies and gentleman, we regret to inform you that after three years of a marriage we didn’t know existed until today, Edward Furlong is getting divorced. Furlong and his wife Rachael Bella, who have a toddler named Ethan, met on the set of an independent film and were married in 2006.

Furlong is best known for his role in Terminator: 2 Judgment Day and for that Aerosmith video where he crashed a car into a wall. Bella has had roles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Tru Calling and ER. [Photo: WireImage]